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“Lunar, I think you should calm down.”

To be honest, Li Yalin really didn’t want to get too involved with Edomae Lunar. Especially the matter of becoming a brother and sister, it was very passive and sudden, it was very difficult for him to accept it for a while.

Even though he was a siscon, he will still feel resistance if she’s so stubborn about it.

What’s more, he also saw that Edomae Lunar didn’t really want to be his imouto. It was nothing more than a rivalry with Sun, trying to beat Sun and steal what she originally had.

What would he be in this situation? Isn’t he just being used as items for a showdown?

Although he has a good temper, his expression is still cold at this moment.

“You… what do you want to do?”

Seeing Li Yalin’s expression suddenly stiffened, with a touch of coldness in his voice. It made Edomae Lunar, who was still holding his arm shivered subconsciously, and involuntarily let go of his hand.

The change in attitude was so great that even a fool could see that Li Yalin was angry.

“I’m not doing anything, but to make sense with you!”

Li Yalin was pleased to see Edomae Lunar retreating. This girl is quite interesting. She is much easier to coerce than coax. She turns out to be like a bunny when he takes a hard line on her.

It’s pretty cute.

“I and Sun became brothers and sisters, firstly because of mermaid’s unavoidable rules, and secondly because of Sun herself.”

“She is a very gentle and sensible girl. At the time, her parents proposed to have us married. But I couldn’t agree because of personal reasons. At that time, she was willing to sacrifice herself and was unwilling to cause me trouble.”

“I am willing to be Sun’s onii-chan just for that one point and treat her as an imouto sincerely. This feeling cannot be produced in a few words, do you understand?”

“Family affection is not a transaction. It is not something that will arise even if I promise you. Even if I really agree that we can become brothers and sisters, ask yourself, can you treat me like an onii-chan? Can I really love you like imouto?”

“Although it is not very clear what happened between you and Sun, I want you to think carefully about whether the choice you are making is correct.”

Li Yalin is not the protagonist of the original work. He is not obsessed with this cute-looking but haraguro little guy. It is even more unlikely that Li Yalin will be charmed and become her admirer.

What he does now is explaining his thoughts very seriously and earnestly. And because of this, Edomae Lunar, who was still excited, instantly stunned in place.

Yes, she was really impulsive just now, wanting to steal Sun’s onii-chan. But when she thinks about it more carefully, there are thousands of people obsessed with her charm, but the man in front of her wasn’t like that. How would she snatch him from Sun if he was not taken by her charm?

The most important thing is that when Li Yalin said that family love is not a transaction, a certain heartstring in the heart of the haraguro girl suddenly trembles as if it has been hit directly to the weakest point in her heart.

I… am I wrong?

Is there anything in this world… that she can never get?

Clearly… she just want to have the same things as Sun…

“Wah… Lunar just wants an onii-chan, wants to be loved just like Sun… Lunar is a child that nobody wants… uah…”


Edomae Lunar was stunned for a while because of Li Yalin’s words. But after a while, big teardrops suddenly appeared from the corners of her eyes, and in a short while, it turned into wailing.

While crying, the little guy yelled loudly, which take Li Yalin by a surprise.

Hold on!

Why are you crying!

The tent here is not soundproof. What would he do if it was misunderstood by someone outside that he bully her?

“Sun …”

Li Yalin is really bad at coaxing girls. He doesn’t know what he should do now. He can only turn his eyes on his imouto for help, hoping that Sun can quickly appease Edomae Lunar.

Some kind of gossips might really appear if she keeps crying like this.

For example, a newcomer was crying within the tent of Li Yalin, the strongest idol of the new generation, already formed in Li Yalin’s mind!

This won’t do!

It can’t go on like this!

Sun, find some solution!

“Lunar, don’t cry, we didn’t blame you.”

Fortunately, although Sun is somewhat airheaded, she’s still very helpful at the critical moment. At least after comprehending Li Yalin’s eyes, she immediately went forward and gently hugged Edomae Lunar, helping her to wipe her tears while explaining to her in a soft voice.

“Actually, onii-chan just wants to tell you that family affection is not something that can be traded. If you want to have real family affection, you also need to be considerate to each other. Of course, onii-chan will not agree if you use this kind of threat.”

“But… is there really no way? I just want to have an onii-chan that can love me…”

Under Sun’s comfort, Lunar’s wailing gradually turned into a low sob. But that said, she still didn’t seem to give up.

Is her obsession so big?

“Onii-chan …”

Hearing Edomae Lunar’s sobbing, Sun subconsciously turned her gaze to Li Yalin’s body. Although there was an awkward expression on her face, there was also some expectation.

It was just onii-chan and not a husband, so it’s not something she can’t share. If Lunar really wants an onii-chan, Sun doesn’t mind sharing her onii-chan.

Although… she feels a little uncomfortable in her heart.


Li Yalin is also a little helpless in this situation. He is different from Edomae Lunar, who was weak against coercion. Instead, he’s weak against persuasion.

Edomae Lunar will shrink back when treated hard but will take advantage if other shown weakness.

As for Li Yalin, the less he is willing to admit defeat when he took a tough stance, and will not respond well if he has to soften his stance.

Li Yalin was in a difficult situation right now.

Since it has come to this, he has to rely on himself to choose what was placed in front of him very intuitively.


Well, seeing Sun’s expectant gaze and Lunar’s pitiful gaze, he doesn’t seem to have any other choice, right?

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