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“We can be brothers and sisters, but Lunar, I must tell you clearly in advance that even if we become brothers and sisters, I cannot treat you as imouto immediately. At least… I can’t do it before certain issues are completely resolved.”

“As for the future… if you can become an imouto that I recognize, then I don’t mind having one more imouto.”

After taking a deep breath, Li Yalin then couldn’t help sighing again. He can only accept it since there is no other choice.

But despite accepting it, he must explain some things in advance. With Edomae Lunar, this little haraguro, everything should be laid open, otherwise she won’t understand at all.

As a siscon, Li Yalin is of course doesn’t mind having more imouto, but that doesn’t mean he can regard anyone as an imouto. At least the current Edomae Lunar has not yet been fully recognized by him.

Before that, it was totally unrealistic to ask him to treat her as imouto completely.

Although this is a bit hurtful, it must be clarified in advance!

“Recognition… means… I have to become like Sun in order to be recognized?”

After twists and turns, Edomae Lunar’s eyes couldn’t help showing a touch of joy. But her joy faded quickly because of what Li Yalin said.

Li Yalin had just said that he and Sun became brothers and sisters mainly because of Sun herself. In other words, he likes imouto like Sun?

So to get his recognition, she has to become a person like Sun?

Although Edomae Lunar thinks she is very good at acting, she still feels a little sad if she has to become Sun’s character to be recognized by onii-chan.

Is this the price that must be paid to get something?

“No, it’s not that you have to be like Sun to get my approval. What I mean by approval is to see your sincerity. Because I don’t want to treat you as a real imouto while you just treat me as an item to show off to Sun, do you understand?”

After hearing Edomae Lunar’s words, Li Yalin shook his head slightly. She misunderstood what he meant. His so-called approval is not so superficial.

As he said, it is not difficult to get his approval. It just needs to be sincere. If Edomae Lunar really treats him as an onii-chan, he will naturally be happy to have such a lovely imouto. Although… her character is not very good.

“No! I am not going to treat you as a show-off item! I won’t!”

As soon as Li Yalin said this, Edomae Lunar was busy trying to deny it. But Li Yalin waved his hand to stop her before she finished her explanation.

“Not just with words, but with actions. Whether we two will become brothers and sisters in the future also depends on the way we get along in the future.”

“As for now, let’s start with the first step.”

“My name is Li Yalin, as onii-chan, please take care of me.”

Stopped by Li Yalin, Edomae Lunar’s thought he doesn’t want to listen to her own explanation, but she did not expect to hear his next words.

It really caught her by surprise, but after a moment of panic, an unspeakable feeling suddenly burst out of her heart.

Is this… what it’s like to have onii-chan?

Is this what Sun has?

That warm feeling…

“Hmm… I am Edomae Lunar, onii-chan, please take care of me from today onwards.”

Subconsciously, Edomae Lunar found that her eye sockets were a little moist, and she raised her hand to gently wipe the teardrops from the corners of her eyes. Like having made some determination, she bowed towards Li Yalin.

Starting today, Lunar has an onii-chan!

“Great Lunar, in this way, we will become real sisters!”

Her own onii-chan was divided in half, which made Sun inexplicably feel uncomfortable. But as a Ninkyo, she also came with an airheaded personality. The discomfort did not last for too long and was quickly washed away by the joy for Lunar.

At this moment, she is sincerely happy for Lunar.

“It’s great, I am now Lunar’s onee-chan.”

While being happy for Lunar, Sun herself was a little excited. She and Lunar had been childhood friends for so many years, but she never imagined that they would become sisters because of Li Yalin.

As the onee-chan, she must take good care of this imouto in the future.

“Hah? Onee-chan? Why would I treat you as onee-chan?”

Edomae Lunar behaved very well in front of Li Yalin. But when it comes to Sun… it was completely the opposite.

That’s right, she really wants to have an onii-chan like Li Yalin because of Sun. But she wants onii-chan doesn’t mean that she agrees with Sun. Rather, she still regards Sun as her biggest rival!

Become sisters?

Is that some kind of joke?


Seeing Lunar’s face turned black as if stained with ink, Li Yalin couldn’t help but slap his forehead. Although he recognized this little guy as an imouto, her character was still a big problem.

As for Sun, she is not able to react. She thought that since she’s Li Yalin’s imouto, the same applies to Lunar. As brother’s imouto, it’s natural that they are sisters is not it?

Is there anything wrong with this?

Why didn’t Lunar consider herself onee-chan?

“Don’t get ahead of yourself! I only need onii-chan and not sisters! Especially you Seto Sun! Don’t even think of becoming my onee-chan! And even if it’s so, you should be the imouto!”

“But I am older than you…”

“Who said you are older than me? I am obviously older than you!”

“How could it be, I am older than you.”

“No! I’m older than you!”

It is said that women quarrel like ducks, and the two mermaid girls, Sun and Lunar, quarrel not much different, which is simply a headache.

However, the two of them have long been accustomed to such quarrels. In this case, it is really difficult for him to participate.

Seeing that the two mermaid girls were so noisy and didn’t pay attention to him at all, Li Yalin decisively moved to the door of the tent and quietly walked out while the two mermaid girls not paying attention.

Sure enough, the Stealth skill is awesome.

Decided! After completing this task, he would raise his Stealth to master level!

This skill is so practical!

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