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“So I must be lucky.”

After listening to Uomi student president explanation, Li Yalin raised his mouth slightly. Although his way of knowing Haruka is indeed full of drama, collision in the first meeting and become classmate of the next table after transferring school, it seems they are fated to be together. But what Uomi just said still makes him feels very happy to be a rare male friend of Haruka.

Yes, Haruka’s favorability in his heart is quite high. To say that after transmigrated into this world, the girl he wanted to date and marry the most, Minami Haruka is definitely the first choice.

“It seems that you really like Minami Haruka-san.”

As expected of Uomi student president who is good at observing others? Li Yalin didn’t say much but she can guess his thoughts with just his expression.

Hearing her words, but surprised Li Yalin.

Is his expression is so easy to read?

“A beautiful girl like Minami-san, most people would like it.”

Fortunately, Li Yalin will not be shaken by Uomi student president’s one or two sentences, at least on the surface he has to be calm but also respond with ease.

Otherwise, living for almost thirty years before transmigrated will be in vain.

“Yalin-kun is really different from young and inexperience on the surface, you seems like a very mature schoolboy.”

Seeing what she said was properly answered, the expression on Uomi student president’s face reveal some surprise.

At least in her opinion, Li Yalin’s reaction was completely different from what she thought.

“Mature, huh…come to think of it, Uomi student president came to me today, wouldn’t really just want to take me around school, right?”

Li Yalin didn’t intend to stay in this topic. In fact, he has already walked a considerable distance with Uomi. As a popular figure in the school, Uomi student president can be described as a high profile, even Li Yalin also attracted many curious eyes.

He doesn’t want to be stared at so tightly, so he hopes that she explain her intention quickly.

Yes, as Li Yalin said, he doesn’t think Uomi is so relaxed and has nothing to do, really come to take care of him especially.

There must be a catch here!

“Nothing much, I just want to see what my future husband looks like.”


Li Yalin thought about the reason why Uomi student president finds him. In fact, he has come up with many possibilities.

Unfortunately, in the end, he still sighed that he has too little imagination. Because he never expected that Uomi student president would say such words.

He is completely dumbfounded now because of her words.

Future husband?

According to Uomi student president, she means… him?

How is this possible!

“A very good expression, I’ll take it.”

Li Yalin was dumbfounded, but Uomi student president responded very fast. She took out her phone and take a photo of his stunned expression.

“I will keep it well, hmm… I’ll just use it as my desktop screen.”

Take the picture of Li Yalin stunned expression, Uomi student president immediately presses the phone button and quickly sets this photo as her desktop screen.

And this made Li Yalin a bit speechless.

What exactly is going on?

Uomi is not an easy going girl. Although her character is terrible, she is not going to make such a joke with a schoolboy she just meet.

The most important thing is that Li Yalin doesn’t think he is her type.

It is for this reason that he is even more puzzled. What is this situation?

“Uomi student president, can you explain it to me?”

Although Li Yalin tries his best to stay calm, but it is a pity that he failed, he really can’t calm down in this situation!

How did he become the future husband of Uomi student president? It doesn’t make sense at all!

“Why? Am I not eligible to be Yalin-kun’s school wife?”

While Li Yalin pressed his temple in distressed manner, but it seems Uomi student president didn’t want to explain her intention. On the contrary, tears suddenly appeared in her eyes, just like being abandoned by Li Yalin.

What is this all about?

School wife?

Why did the plot suddenly changed from my future wife students president?

“Uomi student president, I think you should calm down, can we have a good chat?”

To be honest, Uomi student president suddenly speak with such words is not what troubled him the most. In fact, what troubled him now is the burning eyes around him!

Even if his conversation with Uomi is very low voice, no one should be able to hear it, but the actions of the two can’t deceive people. Especially Uomi’s tearful look, everyone will think he is bullying her.

In order to prevent the situation from getting out of control, he need to have the upper hand against Uomi student president.

At least his priority now is to appease Uomi student president.

“Yalin-kun is really amazing to remain calm after seeing girl crying.”


Li Yalin was indeed trying to appease Uomi, but before he could come up with a better way, Uomi had completely recovered her expressionless expression.

Not only that, she even praised Li Yalin.

That was just… an act?

Li Yalin would be too stupid if he didn’t catch up now.

He actually get fooled!

“Sorry Yalin-kun, I couldn’t help but want to tease you since you leave so fast in the morning.”

Usually, it’s understandable that Li Yalin will got angry in this situation. After all, Uomi plays tricks on him first.

But before he could speak, Uomi apologized to him with her hands folded. After all being said and done. If Li Yalin still pursues this, it will makes him looks narrow-minded.

This students president-sama really likes to block others words, huh.

“Just because I leave quickly in the morning, Uomi student president deliberately come to tease me?”

Li Yalin really felt like crying and laughing now. He could never thought that Uomi as the students president would be this bored.

Should he cry over this?

“Don’t get me wrong Yalin-kun. I’m not that narrow-minded. I’m just in the mood to tease you, my real purpose of finding you is…”

Against Li Yalin dumbfounded face, Uomi shook her head first and then her expression suddenly became serious.

“Actually to take care of you!”

What happen next is Uomi raised her right hand then pointed directly at Li Yalin opposite her, and said such a powerful sentence.

Take care of me?

Staring at Uomi’s pale fingers, Li Yalin subconsciously pointed to his nose.

The hell?

Isn’t this his first meeting with Uomi student president? Why did she deliberately come to take care of him?

Don’t tell me… this is Uomi student president’s trick again? Is this the follow-up of the school wife just now?

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