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“That little girl from Edomae’s family is here? Isn’t it a headache?”

After escaping the quarrel between the two mermaid girls, Li Yalin ran directly into the tent where Seto Ren was resting. Here, this beautiful madam happened to look at him with a smile, apparently already knowing everything.

“Don’t mention it, Lunar and Sun are like natural rivals, there’s no way to handle the relationship between them at all.”

As Sun’s mother, Seto Ren is of course very aware of the ‘hostile’ relationship between her daughter and Edomae’s only daughter. But as an adult, she is not likely to interfere too much. Instead, in her eyes, this is Sun’s special way of communication with Lunar.

Li Yalin was able to understand her thoughts too, so he just shook his head slightly, complained and then randomly found a place to sit down.

It is obviously a very exhausting thing when those two little girls arguing, it feels more tiring than walking on the stage!

The reason why he came to Seto Ren after escaping was not because her deterrence could completely solve those two trouble-maker, but because of the Yoshino group’s news.

Li Yalin knows that when Sun came to find him, Mr. Masa must have some direction!

What surprised him, however, was that just as he sat down and was about to ask, Seto Ren took the initiative before he could speak.

Seeing she got up and came behind Li Yalin, a pair of delicate hands suddenly massaged his temples, as if to relieve his fatigue.

“Ren aunt?”

Li Yalin was taken aback by this sudden ‘benefit’.

What’s going on?

“Relax, my technique is very good.”

Li Yalin was taken aback, subconsciously thinking of getting up. But Seto Ren’s voice suddenly sounded before he could do so.

“Those two little guys are bothering you, sit down with peace of mind and listen to me.”

Preventing Li Yalin from getting up, Seto Ren’s hands moved from his temples to his shoulders. The muscles that were tight because of tension surrendered to the powerful technique of this beautiful madam.

This is really… extraordinary enjoyment…

“There is news from Masa that the Yoshino group’s situation has been fully explored. But… Yalin, do you really want to take that risk? According to the government, the Yoshino group attaches great importance to their two young masters. The protection is quite strict, ordinary means had no way to get close to those two guys, let alone grab them.”

“The guys in the Yoshino group are not the nice sort. If there is an accident in this operation, Yalin, you are likely to lose your life.”

Following Seto Ren’s massage, information about Yoshino’s group was quickly revealed. It can be seen that Seto Ren was very worried about Li Yalin’s safety and still tried to persuade him in a very tactful way to give up this plan.

What a good woman, whether as a wife or as a mother, but…

“It is indeed very risky, but the rewards are also very generous. What’s more, as long as the hidden dangers of the Setouchi group can be solved, Sun can happily accompany her family. This small adventure is also very worthwhile.”

Li Yalin could feel the kindness of Seto Ren. But unfortunately, he had to take this risk!

Helping the Setouchi group to solve this crisis is only one of the reasons. More importantly, Li Yalin really wanted the reward from this task. With that reward alone, he would rather take the risk!

One must know that to upgrade the skill of the expert level to the master level, the required proficiency is very scary. If he does not have this opportunity, it might take many years to upgrade a skill to the master level.

But he can’t tell this to Seto Ren, and it is better to erect a taller image for himself in front of her.

“Yalin, you kid…”

Have to say that when Li Yalin said these words, even Seto Ren the lady boss of the Setouchi group who would not blink even if she stunned her own husband, could not help but be moved.

Subconsciously, her pair of hands that were massaging Li Yalin’s shoulders stopped. Although it didn’t take long for it to move again, Li Yalin could fully feel it.

“Thank you… Yalin…”


In the end, Seto Ren’s figure slowly bent down, but just as she was about to stick to Li Yalin’s back, suddenly, the curtain of the tent was opened, and Sun and Lunar walked in one after another.

At this moment, Seto Ren’s body suddenly leaned back like lightning, and after another second, her body was completely straight again. But the bare hands resting on Li Yalin’s shoulders still did not retract.

“You two finally finished arguing?”

Li Yalin could actually feel Seto Ren’s movement behind him. But he acted like he wasn’t aware at all, simply smiling and greeted the two imouto at the door.

It’s precisely at times like this that he can’t show any panic, otherwise it will definitely make everyone awkward.

“We didn’t quarrel.”

Regarding Li Yalin’s statement, Sun failed to understand. The airheaded mermaid girl didn’t regard her exchange with Lunar as a quarrel between rivals but felt that it was very normal.

Of course she will be baffled after hearing what Li Yalin said.

“Cih! I can’t be bothered to fight with her!”

While Lunar’s side, she’s playing tsundere, clicking her tongue while her hands on her hips, and looked up without looking on Sun.

This little guy obviously likes Sun and does a lot of things to get Sun’s attention. But she never wants to admit it, or that she hasn’t noticed her feelings at all.

As for now, in addition to Sun, there is another person who she really cares about, and didn’t use quarrels as her way of communication.


After expressing her disdain for Sun, Lunar suddenly made a very sweet voice, then rushed into Li Yalin’s arm with a very affectionate attitude.

It looks like an imouto acting spoiled to her onii-chan. But… this kind of imouto is too troublesome, right?

“Okay, Lunar, don’t be too spoiled, haven’t you said hello to Ren aunt?”

After tapping Lunar’s forehead, Li Yalin’s expression on his face was a little helpless. This girl… was really hard to handle.

Will it be really okay to become her onii-chan?

Although… this way of communication is also quite good. At least so far, no imouto can make him so tired like this girl, but it does not give him an indescribable feeling.

In other words, is this the imouto dreamed of by many siscons?

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