Cafe 421

“It’s been a long time Mrs. Seto. Please forgive me for sending my regards this late.”

After being patted on the forehead by Li Yalin, Lunar frowned slightly. But she was determined to become Li Yalin’s imouto, hoping to be recognized by onii-chan. So after her onii-sama spoke, she immediately regained her image of being cute and obedient, and greeted Seto Ren very formally.

Although… such a serious greeting is really uncomfortable.

“It’s really been a long time, Lunar. Why did you call our Yalin onii-chan?”

She is her own daughter’s rival, after all. Seto Ren knows exactly what kind of temper Lunar is, so she doesn’t mind at all even if she gets such a somewhat uncomfortable greeting.

But for Lunar’s way of calling Li Yalin, she felt very strange. After all, she didn’t know what happened in the other tent.

“Because onii-chan knows my identity, so in order to protect my lives and onii-chan, we have become a family like Sun.”

Lunar in the well-behaved mode is really cute, and it makes people completely unable to find a single fault in her answer.

Even Seto Ren frowned subconsciously after hearing these words. But after a moment, she could only sigh.

“Is that so, good for you.”

Because she knows Lunar very well, even if she didn’t see what happened, Seto Ren could guess what had just happened. This shows that the daughter of the Edomae family is vying with her own Sun for onii-chan!

Although it’s just a brother now, who knows if it will become a boyfriend in the future? In other words, the daughter of Edomae may also become Sun’s rival in love?

It’s just that, Seto Ren couldn’t say it. She could only compliment a bit stiffly, obviously insincere.

“Eh? Mom, what do you want to say?”

Seeing her daughter’s rival had already put her arms around the future son-in-law’s arm, Seto Ren had the intention to stop it but didn’t have the power. With no other choice, she could only wink to her daughter to the best of her ability.

It’s a pity that Sun can’t comprehend her okaa-sama at all. It’s better to say that she showed a baffled look now.

What is her mom trying to express?

“It’s nothing… it’s just dust in my eyes.”

Her daughter’s reaction has left Seto Ren completely speechless and hopeless. Sun’s character is really not suitable for dating. Her future husband will be robbed if this continues!

Without her support, Sun’s future love journey is bound to be full of hardships and ups and downs!

In this case, her mother as to do it herself!

Sun can’t handle it alone, so let’s go with mother and daughter!

“Dust got into your eyes? I’ll help you blow it out.”

Sun didn’t know at all what Seto Ren was thinking at the moment. But when she heard that dust got into her mother’s eyes, the filial girl immediately stepped forward to help.

Except when Sun opened her mother’s eyelids and blew it, she didn’t see any dust. Instead, she blew Seto Ren’s eyes red.

“No, I can’t blow the dust off. Come help me onii-chan!”

Seeing Seto Ren’s eyes started to turn red, Sun couldn’t help but worry even more. She couldn’t do it so she could only turn to Li Yalin, who was on the side. But Li Yalin was dumbfounded when she asked him.


I blow it out?

Everyone with a discerning eye can see that dust didn’t get into Seto Ren’s eyes, that she is winking into her. Only a simple silly girl like Sun can be deceived.

If it was him…

How to blow?

And in the presence of Sun and Lunar, you girl is pitting your brother!

“Okay, the dust is gone. I’m okay now.”

Obviously, Seto Ren didn’t intend to let her favorite future son-in-law blow herself up in front of her daughter and her daughter’s rivals in love. So after a light cough, she decisively changed the topic.

“By the way, Yalin, I will prepare for you in advance what you need. Since we don’t plan to waste time, let’s set off as soon as possible.”

“Eh? Gonna heading out now? Will it be too soon?”

Seto Ren just wanted to divert the topic, but she didn’t expect that her daughter’s reaction was so big.

Sun naturally knew that Li Yalin was going to attack the Yoshino group. She just went to Li Yalin to inform him about it, but she did not expect that they would move so fast that it caught her off guard.

“Better hurry up. The sooner we get it done, the more it will free us from anxiety. A long delay may cause us more trouble.”

Smiling at Sun, Li Yalin gave her reassurance while telling the reason, otherwise Sun would have foolish thoughts.

“I see… Then I’ll go too! I want to fight side by side with onii-chan!”

Sun understood what Li Yalin said. But what they didn’t expect was that she also planned to go to war.

“Stop messing around! We aren’t playing around, I need to go alone. What if something goes wrong if you also go?”

Li Yalin understands Sun’s mind, but he can’t follow Sun’s will.

With Stealth skill, it is very simple for him to single-handedly break into the enemy camp. But Sun will undoubtedly be a burden if she goes with him. Neither of them will be able to run away if something bad happens.

So he can’t follow Sun’s will, Li Yalin can only refuse her cruelly. He wouldn’t mind if it’s anything else, but he won’t budge on this!


“Yalin is right, Sun, you are not suitable to participate. Not to mention that I have already chosen a partner for Yalin. Someone will sneak in with him, so don’t worry.”

Although she was sternly rejected by Li Yalin, Sun was still unconvinced. Despite her being airheaded, she’s unexpectedly sharp in some aspects.

She could feel that Li Yalin was doing it for her good. But because of this, she couldn’t just watch onii-chan taking risks alone.

However, before Sun could speak again, Seto Ren stopped her a step ahead of time.

As a mother, Seto Ren’s worries are the same as Li Yalin’s, she is afraid that Sun will take risks.

Aren’t all these efforts for the future of Sun? If Sun goes to put herself in danger, then would all their effort go to waste?

So in any case, Seto Ren will not allow Sun to go. She has to keep Sun firmly on her behalf. Anything else didn’t matter, except that nothing must happen to Sun!

On this point, Li Yalin and Seto Ren’s ideas are exactly the same. But to his surprise, Seto Ren even chose a partner for him.

Before, he planned to do it alone. With a partner… wouldn’t it be just a burden to him if he was with a partner?

Out of the question!

He didn’t need a partner!

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