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“Infiltrate… what are you going to do onii-chan? What infiltrate? Is it dangerous?”

As an outsider, Lunar doesn’t understand what these people are talking about. But even if she doesn’t understand, she can still hear a few keywords -infiltration and danger.

Does this mean that the one she just recognized as onii-chan is going to face some danger?

At the thought of this, Lunar couldn’t help showing a nervous expression on her face.

“It wasn’t that a big of a deal. I think Lunar should also be aware of the recent conflict between the Yoshino group and the Setouchi group? I just plan to resolve this conflict. It’s no big deal.”

The Edomae family where Lunar is located is also a Boss-level mermaid organization. It wasn’t weak compared to the Setouchi group. As a mermaid, Lunar must have also heard about some things on mermaid yakuza, so Li Yalin doesn’t need to explain much, just a few words, Lunar should be able to understand.

“What? This isn’t a big deal?”

Yes, just as Li Yalin thought, Lunar is very aware of the recent conflict between the Setouchi group and the Yoshino group, and also understands exactly what pressure the Setouchi group is facing this time.

Because of this, when she heard that Li Yalin planned to resolve the conflict between the two mermaid yakuza himself, her expression immediately changed color.

How could this kind of thing be solved by an ordinary person?

“No! This is definitely not possible! I don’t allow onii-chan to take risks!”

Although they only just become a brother and sister, Lunar is very considerate of Li Yalin. At this moment, she is firmly opposed to Li Yalin’s actions.

Because in her opinion, Li Yalin, who is just an ordinary person participating in this yakuza battle, will definitely be crushed to the point that there are no bones left. Mermaid… not as good as the fairy tales were written!

“Lunar you…”

To be honest, Lunar’s resolute opposition was really beyond Li Yalin’s expectations. Even if he agreed to become Lunar’s onii-chan, he couldn’t really treat her as imouto all at once.

But now, Lunar seems to treat him as onii-chan sincerely. Completely beyond his expectation of just wants to snatch him away as an item to show off to Sun.

In terms of personality, Lunar is still very qualified as an imouto.

“I… I’ll call my dad right now. Isn’t it just the Yoshino group? Let my dad come, he will definitely get rid of those bastards immediately! So onii-chan, don’t participate!”

Lunar is not stupid. Li Yalin’s participation in the war between mermaid yakuza must be because of Sun. But at this moment, she did not have time to be jealous at all. Because in her heart, onii-chan is more important than that.

In order to stop the thought of her brother’s death, she even wanted to call her father for help.

You know, Lunar’s relationship with her Terminator dad has never been so good…

“Alright, calm down Lunar, things are not as bad as you think.”

Seeing Lunar take out her phone with the plan of contacting her Terminator dad, Li Yalin suddenly felt a headache.

He feels very happy that she would have this thought. But that uncle Terminator who is not good at expressing his mind but is also a daughter-con, it is better not to appear.

In Li Yalin’s mind, Lunar’s father’s trouble level can be equated with Seto Gozaburo’s. If he does come, trouble will surely come one after another.

Please Lunar, don’t give me more trouble!


She was blocked when she was about to make a call, which puzzled Lunar. She kindly wanted to inform her father to help. Why was onii-chan unwilling?

“I know you are worried about me. But Lunar, I am not as weak as you think. Just think about it, why would I be involved in the war between two mermaid yakuza if I’m just an ordinary person?”

Helping Lunar put the phone away, Li Yalin sighed lightly, and then quickly gave an explanation. He knew that if he didn’t clarify things quickly, Lunar would definitely not give up.

“Not ordinary person?”

Because of Li Yalin’s words, Lunar’s lovely eyes suddenly blinking, as if unable to react for a while.

Not an ordinary person… what does this mean?

“Magician, Magic-user, whatever you want to use. Anyway, your onii-chan is not an ordinary person, the mermaid of the Yoshino group is simply not a match against me!”


Perhaps Li Yalin’s answer is too exaggerated. At this moment, Lunar is completely stunned and can’t recover for a long time.



Aren’t they all legendary and mysterious occupations? Even mermaid needs to retreat to a terrifying existence that can use mysterious powers.

Her own onii-chan… is that kind of person?

How could there be such a coincidence in the world!

“Onii-chan is amazing, even dad was defeated.”

Lunar was completely dumbfounded because of Li Yalin. And Sun actually helped him by mentioning the fact that Seto Gozaburo was burned into a bald mummy yesterday.

And this also made Lunar’s mouth widened even more.

Onii-chan who she admitted and wanted to get his affection, is so amazing?

What is this?

Why did it feel like this is some kind of novel development?

Does that mean she’s the heroine?

“That’s pretty much it. Sun just exaggerated things when she said about taking risks. This time, I guess it won’t take a lot of time to solve everything. So don’t worry Lunar, I will be back soon.”

Putting aside what kind of unrealistic illusions occurred in Lunar’s mind because of such unrealistic development. For Li Yalin, after he held Lunar’s shoulders, he quickly stabilized her emotions.

He has said everything, and Lunar naturally has nothing to say, right?

“Sun, you and Lunar are waiting for me here, Ren aunt and I will take a trip. Also, don’t tell Kohinata senpai and the other. They are ordinary people who don’t know the truth, so remember not to leak anything.”

After calming Lunar, Li Yalin turned his attention to Sun again. Don’t forget that Sun also wanted to follow suit.

In order to keep her, Li Yalin also planned to make her look for Kohinata Yukari and others. She would definitely not refuse this kind of thing.

“This… I understand, onii-chan. Please leave everything to me.”

Sure enough, although hesitated, Sun finally nodded gently after a moment of thinking.

Since it is what her brother asked her to do, let’s work hard!

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