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In any case, he finally persuaded Sun and Lunar. Li Yalin was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. After dealing with the two troublesome imouto, the next step needless to say, go straight to the Yoshino group’s location and get things done as soon as possible.

And this requires the help of Seto Ren, the lady boss of the Setouchi group.

“Bomb… Yalin, what the hell are you going to do?”

Accompanied by Seto Ren, Li Yalin was on his way to the target location. During this period, he also asked Seto Ren to help him prepare what he needed.

Seto Ren was taken aback after he spoke of his words.

Infiltrate and kidnap people… it also needs a bomb? And with such a huge amount… this is far beyond the scope of yakuza gang wars!

“Since they have the courage to make trouble, then simply teach them a lesson they will never forget. Anyway, whether hacked to death by a knife or killed by a bomb, they are all dead after all. So… would this be an inconvenience to Ren aunt? If it doesn’t work, then forget it.”

According to Li Yalin’s idea, kidnaping the two silly sons of the Yoshino group is only part of the plan. To really hurt the Yoshino group, they must teach them a real lesson.

If the mermaid of the Yoshino group that invaded Tamano city this time is wiped out, and the two sons of the Yoshino group are kidnaped by the Setouchi group, no matter how ambitious the Yoshino group is, it won’t last long.

If they really succeed, the scale of victory will lean to the side of the Setouchi group, plus they will have more power in a negotiation, it should not be a problem to deal with the Yoshino group.


Even if it’s just mermaid yakuza, it doesn’t mean that he can act recklessly. If it gets out of hand, it will make things more troublesome.

He didn’t think much about this at first, but seeing the dazed look on Seto Ren’s face, he knew that his thoughts were a bit too ridiculous.

Setouchi group… also can’t afford to offend some people!

“For the trouble… we can still handle it. But Yalin, are you really going to do that? Although they are mermaids, they are also living beings. Can you… really do it?”

Although Li Yalin was thinking of the pressure that the Setouchi group will bear, it is clear that Seto Ren was thinking about different things from what he thought. Compared with the possible pressure, she is more worried about Li Yalin’s situation.

Although they are a mermaid, the difference between mermaid and humans is not very big. If Li Yalin’s plan is successful, it is equivalent to killing many lives with his own hands!

Such a burden is too heavy for an ordinary high school student!

Maybe Li Yalin won’t feel it now, but when life really disappears, it will definitely have a huge impact on his psychology.

It may even affect his life!

That kind of thing is not what Seto Ren wants to see. Compared with the current victory, she hopes that Li Yalin can spend his life happily with her daughter.

This… is a mother’s heartfelt wish.

“Ren aunt, you mean… would the killing affect me?”

Seto Ren’s thoughts were clearly conveyed to Li Yalin, and a smile appeared on his face because of this.

“I must admit that the feeling of taking life with my own hands is not pleasant. But if such an approach is necessary, then I don’t mind playing the role of an executioner.”

Although he can feel Seto Ren’s care, Li Yalin’s beliefs will not change as a result!

He is not a decisive character, and will not injure people at the moment of disagreement. He prefers a peaceful life than killing, but… this does not mean that he will be soft at a critical moment!

As early as in the world of Gakkou Gurashi, he was mentally prepared to kill people… and it was not his first time!

Despite his current life is very comfortable and peaceful, but who knows that the next task he needs to face, will it be the same as in the world of Gakkou Gurashi, to walk into another gruesome scene?

Therefore, he had already had the decision he should have. Killing the mermaid in the Yoshino group personally may affect his mind, but it will not shake him.

After all, he is no longer his older self!

“You kid…”

Li Yalin’s determination was far beyond Seto Ren’s expectation. She felt that she was not currently facing a 16-17-year-old boy, but a fully mature real man!

Although the image is completely different from the tough guy in her mind, he has an extremely powerful heart!

“It looks like… I can’t persuade you.”

With a light sigh, Seto Ren leaned back and shook her head gently.

Although she didn’t know if Li Yalin was pushing himself, she knew that she really couldn’t persuade him. At least he now had already made the necessary consciousness.

“If killing the mermaid in the Yoshino group won’t cause too much trouble, then Ren aunt, please help me prepare.”

Seto Ren’s attitude made it clear that she had given up persuading him. Li Yalin also smiled and asked her to continue to help prepare.

This time, he intends to blow them away!

“I understand…”

In the end, Seto Ren could not continue to persuade him, so she nodded silently, picked up the phone and notified her underlings.

Worthy of being a local snake in Tamano city, when Li Yalin arrived at the destination by car, all he needed had been prepared. Li Yalin, who was not unfamiliar with this stuff, quickly picked up one of them and fiddled with it.

“It’s not bad, although less than I thought, it should be enough.”

At first, the mermaid underlings of the Setouchi group didn’t understand what’s going on when the lady boss ordered these bombs. It was even more shocking to see a young man like Li Yalin, picking up the bombs after arriving at the scene. Everyone was in a cold sweat.

That is not a toy, but a bomb that can explode at any time! Everyone in this room will be wiped out if in some chance it detonates here!

Even Mr. Masa, who was the person in charge of the scene, could not help breaking out in a cold sweat. Everyone’s eyes were on the bomb in Li Yalin’s hand, for fear that he would become whimsical to kill everyone present.

However, these Setouchi group mermaid’s worries were completely unnecessary. After fiddling with them a bit, Li Yalin waved his hand, and then the big bag of bombs in front of him disappeared in an instant.

What happened?

Some magic trick?

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