Cafe 424

“Yalin young master… what did you do?”

When Li Yalin picked up the bomb and fiddled with it, the cold sweat on Mr. Masa’s forehead was shining. And now, when he saw the bomb disappear with his own eyes, his expression came even more astonished.

Although he knows that their Yalin young master has a deep connection with the witch, even the boss was overwhelmed when he let out a flame and eventually becomes a bald-headed grilled fish. But to suddenly make a big bag of bombs disappear was really beyond his cognition.

“Don’t worry, I have already put away the bombs. It’s just a little trick, so I won’t explain it to you.”

Where did the bomb go?

Of course, they are all taken into the space ring by Li Yalin. It’s too dangerous to carry this kind of thing with him.

However, there is no way to explain the existence of the space ring. In this case, keeping a sense of mystery is the most correct choice.

In fact, just as Li Yalin thought, when the mermaid underlings of the Setouchi group heard his words, they suddenly widened their eyes, with unbelievable faces, as if they had seen God.

He can make a big bag of bombs disappear with a wave of his hand?

Their Yalin young master is too scary, right?

“Yalin, you are really amazing.”

In this case, the only person who can calmly praise Li Yalin is Seto Ren alone. It is not that she is not surprised, but that she trusts Li Yalin very much and believes in her own eyes.

No matter how mysterious and powerful this young man is, but she can clearly see that he cares about her own daughter. So no matter how powerful or mysterious his ability is, she’s more than happy to help him. After all, the stronger he is, the higher the success rate of this operation, nothing better than him going back intact.

The only pity that Seto Ren feels is that although Li Yalin treats Sun very well, it is just the brother’s feelings for imouto. This feeling cannot be transformed into love and it makes her regretful to miss such a good son-in-law.

“Right, Yalin, let me introduce it to you. This is the partner I have prepared for you. You can go to the Yoshino group with her.”

Regarding the mysterious tricks shown by Li Yalin, it is enough for everyone to be amazed. For Seto Ren, the next most important thing is to introduce Li Yalin to his partner.

For Li Yalin, a partner is just a burden to him.

But just after Seto Ren introduced the so-called partner, he still fell into a brief dazed. After all, the appearance of this person did surprise him a bit.

“Hello, Yalin young master, my name is Maki. Please take care of me.”


The professional bodyguard and killer of the Setouchi group! Only thirty centimeters tall and a seashell as a main body. Although she is docile and obedient in front of Sun, she actually has a double personality. A person with a super bad personality has appeared!

Because he recalled the episode My Bride is a Mermaid, many memories of this episode naturally came to Li Yalin’s mind. Seeing the little guy with a small body, wearing a kimono and carrying a conch on her back, made him remembered all the information about her!

Speaking of dual personality, Sun, Lunar and this Maki have them. Regarding this, he won’t know if Mermaid is born with a dual personality. Li Yalin doesn’t want to tsukomi more.

So for the dual personality, Sun is Yamato Nadeshiko and chivalry at the same time, while Lunar is well-behaved and haraguro, each has its own characteristics. Except that Lunar’s haraguro is a bit of a headache, everything else is considered good.

But this Maki… after throwing away her pretending to be cute, there is only the word bad to describe what is left. In the original work, she directly referred to the original protagonist as a sea cockroach and wanted to assassinate the original protagonist all the time. It made her completely unfavorable to look at.

For such girl… no, fellow, all Li Yalin can think of is evasiveness!

Compared with this Maki, Lunar’s haraguro is not that bad at all! Rather, put these two together for comparison, Lunar’s little devil image can be sublimated into an angel in an instant!

Let this fellow be his partner… Ren aunt, are you serious?

“Despite her very small size, her strength is very strong. All the information about the Yoshino group is found by her alone. It’s the perfect choice to let her sneak into the Yoshino group’s territory with you.”

Seto Ren chose Maki as Li Yalin’s partner was out of kindness. As she said, despite the fact that she’s very small, her ability is actually superb.

At least as a partner and a guide for Li Yalin, she is the perfect candidate.

“I see, I understand. But sorry Ren aunt, I don’t need a partner.”

Although he understood Seto Ren’s intentions, Li Yalin decisively chose to refuse. Because in his mind, this little guy was no less dangerous than the guys in the Yoshino group.

Even if he is not engaged to Sun like the protagonist in the original work, in theory, he would not be Maki’s target. But sure enough, he still does not want to interact with this guy, more so to act together with her.

So in any case, he can only choose to refuse.

“Eh? Yalin young master thinks Maki will cause you trouble?”

Being so bluntly rejected not only shocked Seto Ren, but even the small, puppet-like Maki was also very puzzled. Is it because she was underestimated because of her size? Nevertheless…

“No, I just think you are dangerous… very dangerous. So sorry, I can’t partner with you.”

Li Yalin knows that the reason why Lunar has that haraguro character is mainly because she is too lonely. Her haraguro can still be changed, so even if he didn’t fully approve of her, he eventually agreed to make her an imouto.

It was also proved afterward that Lunar as an imouto, did indeed have the cuteness that belonged to her alone, and it would not be a shame to be her onii-chan.

However, this Maki, her character is really rotten to the bone, and can’t be changed at all! At least Li Yalin thinks he can’t do it.

So no matter how cute she is on the outside, he won’t compromise like Lunar. Even if… it’s just a partnership.

So in this case, it is better to be more straightforward and said anything in his mind.

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