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Li Yalin’s straightforward words did make Seto Ren stunned, but she soon understood what he meant.

As he said, Maki is indeed dangerous to some extent. Seto Ren knows the true character of Maki rather than being kept in the dark like Sun.

“I see, you actually saw her through Yalin.”

Looking at the dazed Maki, and then at Li Yalin with a firm expression, Seto Ren couldn’t help showing a smile.

“Since Yalin doesn’t trust you, Maki, you can stay on standby.”

“Eh? Why? Why Yalin young master doesn’t trust Maki?”

Seto Ren did not object to Li Yalin’s refusal. But because of this, Maki was very difficult to accept being thrown out of disagreement.

“Still trying to act? Or do you think… your acting skills can really deceive me?”

Although her true face was revealed by Li Yalin, Maki still expressed her doubts with a very cute appearance. But unfortunately, Li Yalin didn’t go along with her acting.

Everyone is a smart person, why are you still trying to act?

“Hah? As expected of the one who defeat the boss, you does have the skill, you can actually see through me!”

She’s truly a fellow with a bad personality, she didn’t hide it anymore after her acting was exposed. Maki’s originally sunny and lovely expression became gloomy and her bad tone make people uncomfortable.

And this is the true face of Setouchi group’s killer!

Yalin young master etcetera, it all just an act!

“Maki! Don’t be rude!”

Seto Ren reprimands her as soon as Maki showed her true colors. Although it was surprising that Li Yalin was able to see through Maki’s disguise, but this was not the reason she could be rude!

In any case, Li Yalin is her future son-in-law. He is also Sun’s onii-chan. He is the young master of the Setouchi group. So Maki as the subordinate, cannot be rude to the young master.

This is absolutely not allowed by Seto Ren!


Although Maki can do whatever she wants against outsider, she sincerely respects her boss and the lady boss. As soon as Seto Ren spoke, she immediately knelt to the ground, and her original arrogant head also lowered accordingly.

The reason for this was that she had already felt Seto Ren’s anger, and knew that she had just stepped on the bottom line of her own lady boss.

“Remember Maki, Yalin is Sun’s onii-chan and your young master. I don’t care about your character, but for Yalin, you have to maintain the same respect as you treat me and Sun, understand?”


The lady boss has give her order, no matter what Maki feels in her heart at the moment, she can only bow her head.

This is the iron rule of the Yakuza. Those who commit less serious offences will be expelled from the group, and would lose their lives if it was a serious offences. Although a rude remark may not reach that level, it is not something Seto Ren can tolerate.

“Okay, Ren aunt, no need to be that harsh. I will be leaving this place after solving the Yoshino group and it might be difficult for us to meet again in the future, this matter isn’t that much important.”

“As for my partner… I don’t need them, it’s just killing a few people.”

Li Yalin shouldn’t interrupt in this matter, but Maki will definitely have a grudge against him if he didn’t say anything now. Wouldn’t it be unfair If he was hated for this?

Although he don’t plan to have an intersection with her, and there is no need to act in partnership with her. But if he was inexplicably hated by a killer, forget it… he’ll take a pass on that.

This is a real world, not some kind of comedic anime that things often happens by chance and the protagonist will not die no matter what danger he faces. If that Maki really intends to assassinate Li Yalin, even if he is confident in fending off her assassination, but don’t forget that there are so many girls around him.

Even if he don’t plan to make a good relationship, he can’t displease her too much, isn’t it?

“Yalin, you… sigh…”

When Li Yalin spoke, Seto Ren showed a helpless expression. Because his words had already expressed his attitude, indicating that he was determined and her daughter’s future marriage become more vague, secondly, can he really say it so casually about killing people?

And while Seto Ren was helpless, the underlings mermaid beside her had their mouth wide open, looking at Li Yalin in total disbelief.

They are yakuza, fighting and killing is their destiny. As a yakuza, death is no stranger to them.

But even so, they won’t talk about killing so casually, especially in such a serious occasion.

You know, Li Yalin is about to sneak into the nest of the Yoshino invading team. Once a bomb is placed there, the enemy to be destroyed must be at least double digits or more. But to be this relaxed, is their Yalin young master some kind of professional assassin who doesn’t take human life seriously?

Who is the yakuza here!

“I said… Mr. Masa, I’m indeed going to sneak in secretly, but sneaking doesn’t mean it’s a ninja? Why are you giving me this ninja outfit for?”

Putting aside the impact Li Yalin’s remarks had on Setouchi group’s mermaid, the most important thing now is to perform the infiltration task.

And this time to sneak into the Yoshino group, in addition to bombs, Li Yalin needs a lot of things, such as changing clothes, such as weapons that may be used. After all, he can’t just use his stage costume in this infiltration, right?

However, just after Li Yalin collected the bombs and saw the clothes and weapons prepared for him, the black lines on his forehead immediately flowed down.

What is this?

Black ninja outfit? Makibishi? Kunai? Ninja claw?

Do you think I am a ninja?

Are you stupid?

He’s going to use these things to sneak into the Yoshino group? The most important thing is that you think he won’t be eye-catching if he use a black ninja costume during the day?

“This… I’m really sorry! This is our mistake!”

Seeing that Li Yalin’s look was not right, Mr. Masa was also a little dumbfounded. In fact, he also saw the pitfalls of these clothes and weapons, knowing that his own side was not prepared properly.

As the person in charge, Mr. Masa can’t do everything himself. He just left the matter of preparing weapons and clothes to his underlings.

It turned out the underlings in charge of the preparation was a ninja fan. He heard that their young master was going to sneak into the Yoshino group secretly, so he got a full set of ninja equipment.

It was indeed a complete set, but the problem is… this stuff wasn’t used for this!

Do you think I’m cosplaying?

Well, the tension created before was completely broken by this spoofed ninja equipment!

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