Cafe 426

“Go and prepare again!”

With such a mess up on the equipment, as the lady boss of the Setouchi group, the expression on Seto Ren’s face is not very good.

Shame! It really lost the face of Setouchi group!


The lady boss gave her order. After wiping the sweat from his forehead, Mr. Masa turned around in a hurry. This time, he’s going to prepare it himself, so as to not make any more mistakes!

“Forget it, just get me suitable clothes, I have my own weapons.”

In this situation, Li Yalin really wanted to tsukomi out loud. But after a while, he just sighed, feeling a little weak.

The guys in the Setouchi group are really unreliable. It is thanks to Ren Aunt and Mr. Masa that they can go to this day. Forget it, don’t waste time.

To be fair, if it weren’t for the outfit he was wearing was really unsuitable for sneaking in, there would be no way to explain it in case it was soiled in the battle, Li Yalin would have go in directly.

Since there’s nothing he can do, he still have to wait a while.

“Yalin, you have a weapon?”

Hearing what Li Yalin said, Seto Ren suddenly showed a puzzled look, but she quickly come to a realization.

Since he has the ability to make a large bag of bombs disappear, he naturally has the ability to hide weapons. Is this the wonder of magic?

“Yes, I can take it out anytime.”

Seeing Seto Ren showed a confused face, but then her eyes showed a look of sudden realization. Li Yalin also nodded without giving much explanation, as long as he gave this Ren aunt a reassurance.

Mr. Masa didn’t spend too much time since the request was so simple. He quickly got the clothes Li Yalin requested. After he changed into an outfit suitable for diving into combat, the infiltration operation could officially begin!

“What the…”

Since he’s going to sneak in, he must act secretly. Otherwise, wouldn’t he be seen if he just walk around?

However, when Li Yalin quietly came to the target area according to the route provided in advance, he was keenly aware that someone had waited here early.

No… to be precise, it was a seashell!

Maki! The professional killer of Setouchi group is waiting for his arrival in a half-kneeling posture!

“Yalin young master!”

Yes, Maki knelt on the only way to sneak into the Yoshino group, waiting for Li Yalin. And when he opened his mouth in surprise, she also raised her head that was originally bowed down.

“Yalin young master, please allow me to follow you on this mission!”

Stopped by Maki, Li Yalin was still wondering what was going on. But as she opened her mouth, he fully understood her intentions.

Not reconciled to being rejected by him, so she’s waiting here for him?

This little guy is surprisingly persistent.

“I should have said it clearly, I don’t think I have to repeat it a second time, right?”

Although very surprised, Li Yalin did not intend to agree to Maki’s accompany. Because his impression of her in anime was too deep, he always had a kind of resistance to this little guy.

Who made her not only dangerous, but also terrible personality? Such a guy is definitely not suitable to be treated as a friend.

As for being in his harem… don’t even think about it, does anyone really think she can be a good wife?

“Yes, Yalin young master. But even so, I want to go with young master.”

Rejected by Li Yalin again, Maki didn’t show any surprise on her face. On the contrary, her expression at the moment was very determined, as if she had made a certain determination and would not stop if she did not achieve her goal.

This means that if Li Yalin never agrees, she intends to kneel here and not get up?

“Give me a reason, otherwise, I would turn back now to find Ren Aunt.”

Li Yalin couldn’t help but sighed seeing her persistence. He rejected Maki, mainly because he didn’t want to have intersection with her and would rather keep a distance. It is best not to meet in the future, so as to save him trouble.

But now it seems that such an idea seems very unrealistic, at least right now, it is really difficult to leave this little guy behind.

What makes her insist on so much?

Is she that unwilling to be left behind?

“I want to do my part for Sun ojou-sama! This time the Yoshino group really annoys me. If I can, I want to kill those bastards myself! Please Yalin young master!”

Well, the facts are not as Li Yalin thought. The reason why Maki persists is not because she is unwilling, but because she wants to do something for Sun.

In Setouchi group, it is estimated that only Sun does not know the true face of Maki. And because of this, she just treats this little guy as an ordinary good friend.

So naturally, Sun’s simplicity and kindness warmed Maki’s gloomy heart. Although it is impossible for her to change, she always hides her own nature in front of Sun.

It can be said that Sun is everything in Maki’s life. Then this time, Setouchi group was attacked by Yoshino group, and even Sun was regarded as prey. This naturally angered Maki and touched her bottom line.

It’s a pity that even as a killer, it is difficult for her to assassinate all the senior members of the Yoshino group alone. So if she want to do something for her Sun ojou-sama, she can only seize this opportunity in front of her.

That is Li Yalin!

For this reason, she would not hesitate to kneel down in front of Li Yalin, just to be able to contribute!

“You are honestly…”

Li Yalin actually had a headache when Maki reveal her true feelings. Although he was very resistant to this little guy in his heart, it would make him look heartless if he refuse her after everything she said.

If nothing else, he has nothing to say seeing her sincerity.

“Whatever, you can follow me if you want. But let me tell you in advance, don’t make any unnecessary moves, and at the same time suppress your temper. Don’t cause trouble, otherwise, I would not tolerated you!”

After pressing his temples, Li Yalin still failed to refuse Maki after all. In fact, he couldn’t help it. Otherwise, he would really have to go back and let Seto Ren take this little guy away.

Since he had no other choice, let her follow him. But even so, he still have to warns her in advance.

After all, this guy is not only a bad personality, but also quite impulsive at certain times. If something goes wrong because of her impulse, then he won’t care even if she is Sun’s friend!

“Yes! Yalin-sama!”

Seeing Li Yalin finally relent, Maki couldn’t help being overjoyed. She did not express any dissatisfaction with his warning.

In her opinion, as long as she can be in this operation and do things that are beneficial to Sun ojou-sama, it is enough. As for other things… she simply couldn’t care less!

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