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He agreed to let Maki follow, which made Li Yalin feel a little helpless, and he didn’t know if it was a good thing or not.

However, he had agreed and did not intend to go back on his own word. He stretched out his hand to make Maki jump into his palm, then made a silent motion to her, and finally put her in his jacket pocket.

So now…

Let’s sneak in!

The old nest where the Yoshino group’s invasion team gathered was a relatively traditional Japanese courtyard. According to intelligence, this should be a property purchased by the Yoshino group in Tamano city. The price of this courtyard alone is quite expensive.

But because of this, Li Yalin is more convenient to act, and had no hesitation. At least he can blows up this place without worrying accidentally hurting unrelated peoples.

So after sneaking into this courtyard, the first thing he did was to secretly place the bombs in the space ring everywhere. As long he succeeded in his goal, he could immediately press the remote control in his hand to instantly detonate this courtyard.

Even if he can’t kill everyone, there will be very few that may survive.

By the way, because it is an old-fashioned courtyard, there are no monitors here, which greatly reduces the infiltration difficulty. If it were to be a place in a modern building full of monitors, Li Yalin would have a hard time.

“Yalin young master, that’s the room. The two bastard young masters of Yoshino group are in it!”

Although he reluctantly agreed to let Maki join, this little guy did have some use. At least with her, there was no need to worry about going to the wrong directions as she had just sneaked into this courtyard not long ago.

When the bombs have been planted, Li Yalin was also guided by Maki to the final target location. But there are six guys in black suits in the Yoshino group who are closely guarding this place. Even with Stealth skill, it would still be quite difficult to pass them to enter the room.

That being the case.

Try another way since a direct breakthrough can’t be used!

It was noon at the moment, which was probably lunch time for the two young masters of the Yoshino group. Several guys in suits wearing sunglasses were constantly delivering lunch boxes to the room.

Although they are in black suits and wearing sunglasses, it can be seen at a glance that these guys are the most bottom minions. They doesn’t look like the guards around them, so it shouldn’t be difficult to get them secretly.

So Li Yalin worked very fast. When everyone was not paying attention, he attacked the underling in a suit who was preparing to deliver a lunch box. He took off his clothes and changed into it, directly planning to make a frontal invasion!

Yes, Li Yalin’s approach is very dangerous. There’s gonna be a big fight once he was found out.

But in the current situation, he has no better way. He can only take risks. He’s gonna fight if he was really exposed. If shove comes to push, he will just detonate the bomb!

It’s just that if he does that, it will be difficult to catch the two silly sons of Yoshino’s group alive. So he can only try a little bit before things get worse.

“Yalin young master… is this really okay?”

Maki is very worried about Li Yalin’s plan of switching clothes and invade. After all, this is too risky and the possibility of being discovered is extremely high.

“Don’t talk, be careful, and listen to my instructions.”

Maki was worried, Li Yalin was also under pressure. It can even be said that he was fully prepared to go to war.

However, to his surprise, although he was stared at by the guards when holding the lunch box, they didn’t question him, just nodded and let him go.


That easy?

Earlier, Seto Ren said that the guards in the Yoshino group were quite strict so he thought it’s going to be hard. It turned out only their appearance looks very strict, but in fact it is quite lax.

He didn’t anticipate that he can enter the room so easily.

“Haha, the guys in the Setouchi group must be trembling with fright this time. They wanna fight us. Do they have that capital?”

“You can’t say that. Taro and the others suffered a big loss yesterday. We didn’t expect the Setouchi group to have such a trump card. We also have to guard against it.”

“Damn it! Had it not been for the intervention of that inexplicable guy, today we brothers could enjoy the Seto Sun chick! Damn it! Haven’t found out the details of that guy?”

“Nothing yet, but it shouldn’t be an ordinary person if he can defeat Taro and the others. The Setouchi group is also trying to erase the trace of that person. They have controlled Tamano city for many years. We are still at a disadvantage in terms of network resources.”

“Network my fart! We have sent so many experts this time, and we will continue to send more people later to gang up the Setouchi group. They won’t be able to do anything no matter what cards they have! This time we are gonna destroy the entire Setouchi group, let everyone know that only our Yoshino group is the strongest yakuza organization in Seto Naikai!”

“Well, everything will be in our hands as long as there are no accidents. Just hope that there will be no accidents…”

In this room, there are a total of six people. Two of them sitting in the head position, talking to each other.

Judging from the conversation’s content and appearance, the more stable person should be Yoshino Satoshi, the second-ranked IQ person in the Yoshino family. While the arrogant person should be the youngest member of the Yoshino family, Yoshino Isamu the strongest but with a low IQ.

As for the eldest son of the boss of the Yoshino group, he did not participate in this operation.

In addition to the identified Yoshino Satoshi and Yoshino Isamu, three other people in the room look very familiar. Upon closer inspection, by coincidence, aren’t these the three guys who he has beaten yesterday? What are their names again… oh right, Yoshino 3 Heavenly King!

And the last person… never seen him before. A fresh face and no information on him, so just treat him as a passerby for the time being.

Since entering the room, the conversation between the two brothers Yoshino has not stopped. They don’t care about Li Yalin’s arrival. It is estimated that he is regarded as the underlings who deliver the meal, so this undisguised conversation is also heard by Li Yalin clearly.


Too arrogant!

The Yoshino group’s invasion of Tamano city this time must have cards in hand. But to say that they will destroy the Setouchi group and become the strongest yakuza organization in the whole Seto Naikai, made Li Yalin secretly curled his lips.

However, this is not the most important thing!

What really angered Li Yalin was their insult. They were still hitting Sun’s idea? Even want to enjoy Sun?

You guys are so naive, have you guys asked me about Sun’s onii-chan?

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