Cafe 428

To tell the truth, based on the dialogue between the two brothers of the Yoshino family, Li Yalin had already sentenced them to death in his heart. If they weren’t worthy of use, killing them would trigger an all-out war between the Yoshino group and the Setouchi group, he might have already done it.

But now, he still has to calm down and continue to pretend to be the delivery boy, listening to what else the two brothers would say.

At the same time, he was also looking for the right time. After all, he finally came in, he couldn’t just go out like this, right? So he’s going to move, and it will be in the next moment!

However, before Li Yalin can find the right opportunity, someone in his pocket can’t hold it.

Yes, Maki shot up!

Li Yalin could bear the dialogue between the two brothers of Yoshino, but Maki could not bear it. It should be said that she could not bear any bad things about her own Sun ojou-sama, that is her weakness, and no one can touch it.

Unfortunately, Yoshino Isamu’s words are so ugly that he treats Sun as an object. It would be weird if Maki can hold it!

“Damn! You two bastards! I’ll take your life! Killing technique! Water iron cannon!”

Before Li Yalin could react, Maki’s voice resounded throughout the room. The next moment, when she came out of his pocket, she set up her back shell and attacked the two brothers Yoshino in a thunderous manner.

The back shell behind Maki is not an ornament, but a shell-shaped water cannon that can fire a powerful water bullet. With just one shot, trees that as thick as a bowl can be snapped in half, not to mention hitting people on the body.

If it were not for this, Maki would not have become the secret killer of the Setouchi group.


“Protect the young master!”

Accompanied by Maki’s roar, several people in the room also reacted quickly. Especially the two brothers Yoshino Satoshi and Yoshino Isamu. Seeing the water shelling came, they dodged in a hurry.

It’s a pity that although Maki’s water cannons are powerful, its rate of fire is extremely slow. Ordinary people with a little more responsiveness can avoid them, not to mention the two brothers Yoshino who is a mermaid.

So although this blow looked menacing, the actual effect was only to make a big hole where the Yoshino brothers were.

He knew she would make things worse!

Seeing this scene, Li Yalin subconsciously slapped his forehead. Maki’s shot disrupted all his plans!

The most important thing is that since you decide to move, do it accurately! Besides, aren’t you a professional killer? Why the hell are you roaring before shooting? Aren’t you just give a signal to the enemy?

With her warning, the original surprise attack will only be reduced to a normal attack. Furthermore, shouting the name of the killing technique, have you not graduated from being a chuunibyou yet?

Tell me! Are you the spy sent by the Yoshino group to mess things up?

Well, now is not the time for tsukomi!

Because Maki’s sudden attack failed, several mermaids from the Yoshino group in the room reacted immediately. Yoshino 3 Heavenly King plus the unknown passerby mermaid were divided into two groups, and like a wave rushed to the two brothers of Yoshino, and the other two rushed to Li Yalin and Maki.

Well trained.


It’s useless!

In an instant, General Blade in a reverse grip appeared on Li Yalin’s right hand, and his left hand was also raised at the same time.


Unlike Maki, Li Yalin doesn’t have the hobby of using skills by shouting its name. So the fireball was created in an instant, and the next moment it smashed into one of the mermaid’s faces.

Oh right, this guy is the Taro who was kicked by Li Yalin yesterday. His injury was obviously impossible to get better overnight as his head was all bandages.

The result was not bad. When Li Yalin shot him with flame, all the bandages on his head burned, and the raging flames quickly spread all over his body, making him a burning man in an instant.

This effect… is not what movies and TV series can achieve. It was a realistic grilled fish scene!


As expected of Yoshino 3 Heavenly King. When the guy called Taro was burned, the other two guys immediately yelled. They even abandoned their own young master and rushed over with their katana.

However, just as the two men shouted and rushed towards Li Yalin, Li Yalin clenched General Blade in his hand. While the two guys rushed toward him, he lowered his body and then strike forward!

Horizontal Square!

Go all out!

That’s right, this is not the time to play around, and there’s no need to hold back. Since he makes a move, he must go for the kill!

Do they have many people?

Well! I like fighting in groups the most!


In an instant, light blue energy emerged from Li Yalin’s side. When he waved the General Blade, sword qi divided into four blasted towards the surrounding at a very fast speed.

And this scene was obviously completely out of the expectations of the two opponents, and a moment of distraction brought death as a result.

Yes, reality is not a game, there is no setting like a health bar. In the game, as long as one didn’t lose all their health, even if the head is chopped off, it will be fine. But in reality, if the head is chopped off, even the mermaid would become a dead fish.

The power of Horizontal Square is so powerful that when penetrated by this skill, there are only flop sounds, and the two of Yoshino 3 Heavenly King instantly became headless corpses and fell to the ground, and the hapless guy who was burned into a grilled fish was also cut down easily by Li Yalin.

As for the last passerby…

Your companions have died, so you can go with peace of mind.

Along with General Blade striking down, a fish head fell to the ground. Although it seemed to take a long time, it actually only took a few seconds.

Everything was done almost in a blink of an eye. The two young masters of Yoshino’s family didn’t even have time to exclaim. They were shocked to find that they had become fish on the chopping board of others.

“What’s going on? Something happened to the young master?”

“Go and protect the young master!”

With such a loud noise in the room, it doesn’t go unnoticed by the guards outside. Just from the noise of people outside the house, there is no doubt that after a few seconds, the door of the room will be opened.

But at this tense moment!

“Yoshino Satoshi, right? I think you should know what you need to do now?”

The blade of General Blade is on Yoshino Satoshi’s neck, and Maki’s water cannon is also aimed at Yoshino Isamu, who is still stupified. It can be said that the fate of the two young masters of Yoshino’s family is in their hands.

But… now is not the best time to kill these two guys. Keeping them alive now is more useful.

At least with them, they may be able to avoid the next big battle. Just don’t know whether they have the IQ to understand Li Yalin’s words.

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