Cafe 429

“Don’t panic! I’m fine! Don’t come in!”

With the blade on the neck, the cold blade has already cut through the surface of the skin. The smell of blood in the air makes people feel nauseous. Anyone will feel dizzy at this moment.

However, Yoshino Satoshi the third son of Yoshino’s family is really smart. The more at such a moment, the clearer his mind becomes, and he fully understands Li Yalin’s intentions.

So just as the guard outside the door was about to break in, he shouted and gave orders to the outside.

He knows very well that if the door is really opened by the guards, then his ending may have been like Yoshino 3 Heavenly King, becomes a dead fish with a severed head.

As the young leader of the Yoshino group, he certainly does not want to die here inexplicably. In order to save his life, he must act according to Li Yalin’s will!

“Satoshi young master?”

Obviously, after hearing Yoshino Satoshi’s order, the noise outside the door disappeared instantly. But even so, the guards outside the door were still very worried. But due to the young master’s order, they did not dare to rush in.

“I said I’m fine! You just have to be at the door!”

Once again, he shouted to the guard outside the door loudly, and then Yoshino Satoshi’s gaze turned to Li Yalin.

“Who are you…?”

“Cut the shit if you don’t want to die. Especially your younger brother, if I hear him yelling or making any small movements, then I won’t show mercy!”

Li Yalin can see that Yoshino Satoshi is a smart person, and it is not difficult to talk to a smart person. As long as he wants to save his life, he dare not make any changes at this moment.

But Yoshino Satoshi is smart, and his younger brother Yoshino Isamu is a reckless man. The reckless way of thinking cannot be used as a reference to normal people’s ideas. God knows if he will be hot-headed and act rashly. So in this case, Li Yalin needs to use Yoshino Satoshi to check and balance Yoshino Isamu. In fact, this is the most appropriate way.

As for answering Yoshino Satoshi’s question.

Don’t argue, he is the winner, and the loser should be aware of being a loser and be a good captive!

“I understand. Isamu, don’t act rashly, listen to what your second brother says.”

As soon as Li Yalin said this, Yoshino Satoshi immediately realized it. In fact, he is now quite afraid of Yoshino Isamu doing things. After all, Yoshino Isamu is a rough man and is good at fighting, he may not lose if he makes a big fuss. But once he makes trouble, his head may fly in the next moment. For the sake of his own life, he must first settle his restless brother.


Before Yoshino Satoshi spoke, Yoshino Isamu really planned to resist. With his low IQ, he would definitely not be able to stand being restrained by others, let alone being targeted by Maki’s water cannon. Even like Yoshino Satoshi, he is certainly not afraid of being put on his neck by a knife.

However, Yoshino Isamu is not afraid of swords and guns, but he can be persuaded easily by his second brother. When his second brother speaks, he can only let go of his fanciful thoughts.

He has a low IQ but he really admires smart people, and his second brother is a smart man. So from childhood to now, he listens to Yoshino Satoshi the most, not even their elder brother can do that.

“Okay, we are now your captives. What do you want to do and who are you, can you tell us? Even if you want us to die, don’t make us a clueless ghost?”

After dealing with his brother, Yoshino Satoshi spoke again. Although he was in a dangerous situation, he was still testing Li Yalin’s identity.

“Who are we? Damn bastards! You ran to our turf to start a war, and then you have to ask who are we?”

Regarding Yoshino Satoshi’s temptation, Li Yalin didn’t mean to answer. What he needs now is for the young masters of the two Yoshino groups to cooperate and leave this place safely with Maki.

After all, he was in the enemy’s nest anyway. Even if he was in control of two hostages, it did not mean absolute security.

Outside the door, there must be a lot of experts in the Yoshino group. And listening to their stories, the Yoshino group mermaid who invaded Tamano city is far more than imagined!

However, Li Yalin didn’t intend to answer, but it doesn’t mean that Maki can hold it. For these invaders, she can’t wait to kill them right away!

As an intruder, you still ask who we are?

Kill you and you will know who the old lady is!

“You are from the Setouchi group!”


As soon as Maki spoke, Yoshino Satoshi instantly comes to a realization, at this moment, Li Yalin’s reprimand also reached Maki’s ears.

“Didn’t I tell you to not move without permission, but now you dare to reveal our identity so casually?”

“Yalin young master…”

“Cut the crap! When we go back, you can beg for forgiveness to Ren aunt!”

This is why Li Yalin didn’t want to bring Maki, she would screw things up when in a critical moment. Although this does not hinder the operation’s success, what’s wrong is wrong, this is what Li Yalin sees clearly.

However, he didn’t plan to stay on this matter. Maki’s problem is not suitable for him to deal with. After he goes back, he will hand it over to Seto Ren and let her handle it. As for now…

“As you can see, the second young master of the Yoshino family, since so many of you come to our site as guests, we naturally have to do our best as the landlord.”

“So I hope for the two young masters to cooperate with us and come with us.”

Li Yalin’s current task is to kidnap Yoshino Satoshi and Yoshino Isamu out from here. But with two people, it is definitely impossible to leave sneakily as the space ring can’t store living things.

Since he can’t leave secretly, then the only choice is to leave in an up-front manner. Anyway, there are two young masters from Yoshino’s family as hostages. Li Yalin wasn’t afraid that he can’t get out of here!

“Unexpectedly, there are such characters in the Setouchi group. But do you really think that breaking into Yoshino group’s site can take us two brothers away so easily?”

Having become a fish on the chopping board of others, Yoshino Satoshi is still able to remain calm, not even forgetting to disintegrate Li Yalin’s defense. It is indeed worthy of praise, but it is a pity that his words are completely useless to Li Yalin. Maybe someone else would be afraid of Yoshino group lion’s den, but he… would he be scared?

“I’m in control, and you can make your decision. Then, the second young master of Yoshino’s family, would you like to cooperate with us?”

The blade rests on Yoshino Satoshi’s neck, and Li Yalin’s words are more of a threat than questioning.

At this moment, whether Yoshino Satoshi is willing or not, he had no other choice. After all, the right to choose has not been in his hands from beginning to end!

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