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“Didn’t uncle Li mention it to you? Let you transfer to Eiryou High School and find me later?”

With the previous lesson, Li Yalin had to doubt the motive of Uomi student president. But it seems she react quite calmly.

And the uncle Li said in her mouth is…

“Uomi student president, what you mean is… you know my father?”

Li Yalin is passively transmigrated into this world and is completely alone, but don’t forget that he also has a system on him, a Salvation system that can set his identity.

Before he was able to live in Rabbit House, the system set his father and Chino’s father to be an acquaintance. Now, does the uncle Li in Uomi student president mouth is the same person?

Is it the system’s arrangement setting?

“It seems that uncle Li really didn’t tell you. He have obviously notified my father and let me take care of you.”

Seeing Li Yalin’s confused look, Uomi sighed helplessly.

“You may not know yet, the Li family and Uomi family are friends.”

“So it was like that…”

Faced with Uomi’s statement, what can Li Yalin say besides hollow laugh?

God knows how great the father that the system has set for him, not only knows Chino’s father, but also the Uomi family. To be honest, even if the the school director is ‘father’ old friend, he will not be surprised.

Anyway, it is the system fault! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

“How was it? Disappointed.”

Immediately understood the causes and consequences, Li Yalin naturally understood Uomi’s intentions. Since it is so-called ‘friendship spanning from generations’, she would come to find him is completely reasonable.

Just accepting this kind of setting all of a sudden made him feel a little bit headache.

Li Yalin was a little lost because of the setting. But whoever thought his reaction was received by Uomi’s keen eyes. For this reason, the little demon that had just been taken back from Uomi’s heart appeared again.

Come forward with interest, Uomi whispered such a word, and immediately let him shudder.

“Disappointed? Did I disappointed you?”

When Li Yalin recovered, he found that Uomi was less than half a meter away from him and could collide with him when she leaned a little more. This close distance naturally made him subconsciously step back half a step.

And Uomi said just now makes him also raised his eyebrows.

What’s he disappointed about?

“Disappointed that the fiancee is fake, don’t you feel distraught just now?”

In the face of Li Yalin’s doubts, Uomi’s answer was taken for granted. According to her statement, what she said just now was a lie and Li Yalin as the person involved should feel at lost.

Regardless, Uomi is a beauty after all.


To be honest, Uomi is indeed an anime character that Li Yalin likes. But that’s it. In reality, he really prefers the gentle and virtuous girls like Haruka.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that Uomi is bad. She is also a good woman who can work outside and do housework, but the problem is…her character is really a bit bad.

He would not hide from Uomi in the morning if not for this.

So Li Yalin had a favorable impression for Uomi. But to say he like her or feeling distraught, it has not reach that level yet.

That’s why Uomi’s words surprised him even more.

Why he have to be distraught?

“It’s okay, although I can’t be your future wife yet, but maybe I will consider dating you if Yalin-kun wants to pursue me.

Perhaps Li Yalin’s surprise was regarded as the default by Uomi. In short, Uomi may have said this to comfort him.

Consider dating?

With him?

No no no, this is simply impossible!

“Uomi student president, you must be joking. Aren’t you a shotacon? How could you consider dating me.”

This time, Li Yalin can’t help it anymore, subconsciously tsukomi out loud.

That’s right, the main reason why he believes that Uomi cannot be interested in him is mainly because Uomi is a shotacon, and he was originally a self-proclaimed otaku who is nearly thirty years old.

He subconsciously felt that he could not be Uomi’s type.


Li Yalin’s tsukomied. Looking at Uomi, she seemed to be petrified and frozen in place.

What is particularly critical is that her expression now seems to be dignified.

“Yalin-kun, please tell me the truth, how did you see through me?”

Uomi finally spoke after a long time with a serious expression.

No way. This secret of Uomi’s being a shotacon is only know to herself, even her closest person didn’t know!

However, her hobby was seen through by Li Yalin she just met today!

How did it get exposed?

How did he know?

Uomi really wants to know this answer.


Uomi student president with a serious expression really feels imposing. Li Yalin also feel guilty and cannot answer right away.

No surprising, what should he say? Telling Uomi that he knew her already, she is actually a character in anime?

You must be kidding!


“I feels… yes, right! I feels it!”

Seeing Uomi student president like this, maybe she will not let him go easily if he didn’t give her an explanation. In anxiety, Li Yalin can only find a reason.

“That’s how I felt when I first I saw Uomi student president, that’s all!”

It’s not so easy to find a random reasons to deceive her. At least for a short time, Li Yalin could not think of a good idea. He would not believe it himself the words he subconsciously blurted out.

So he regretted them after, and should think of something better.


“You feel it? What Yalin-kun want to say is you have a keen sixth sense?”

In theory, no one would believe Li Yalin’s hasty words, but Uomi seems to agree with this statement.

Does she want to let go of him?

“Yes! You are right. My sixth sense is very sharp.”

Now that he have found a way out, Li Yalin naturally immediately agree. It is best if this topic can stop here.

“I see. Since that’s the case, I’ll believe in Yalin-kun.”

“That’s great!”

“By the way, Eiryou High School student council is recruiting new members, we need talents like Yalin-kun who have a keen sixth sense. So Yalin-kun… you wouldn’t refuse student council’s invitation?”


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