Cafe 430

“Satoshi young master, Isamu young master, what are you…”

“We are going out for a while, don’t follow us! Remember, don’t go into the room either, all return to their posts and stand at attention!”

“But Satoshi young master…”

“Don’t you understand my words? Get the hell back!”


Li Yalin naturally needs the cooperation of Yoshino Satoshi and Yoshino Isamu to leave this place. Seeing Li Yalin make the knife disappear like some magic trick, and then change it into a P220 which he put into his waist. Yoshino Satoshi knew that he was really in trouble this time.

There was no way out, both his own life and his brother were under threat, and Yoshino Satoshi could only ‘compromise’ and acted according to Li Yalin’s orders.

Dispelling the left and right guards and walked out of the courtyard of Yoshino’s group. Being taken away so easily is simply a hard slap directly to the face.

“It would be hard for you guys to take us away. Although I ordered them not to enter my room, they will still quickly find out something wrong. They will immediately rush out as soon as they find something is wrong. We won’t be able to go far.”

Perhaps it was because of this sense of humiliation that Yoshino Satoshi could not help but open his mouth even after leaving the courtyard of Yoshino’s group.

As he said, the situation just now is too bizarre, his men are not fools. Once they find out that the situation is not right, they will soon be caught up even if they came out now.

Perhaps by then, there will be a stalemate, and even endanger the lives of Yoshino Satoshi and Yoshino Isamu. But if something were to happen to them, the mermaids of Yoshino’s group would not let go of Li Yalin and Maki.

Then it will become a lose-lose situation. Yoshino Satoshi said this because he wanted to continue to break Li Yalin’s psychological defenses.

Still didn’t give up?

Looking at Yoshino Satoshi beside him, Li Yalin’s face could not help but reveal a smile. This guy is smart, but some things can’t be thought of by being smart!

“Why are you smiling? Isn’t my second brother right?”

Li Yalin’s smile makes the Yoshino brothers very uncomfortable. Especially Yoshino Isamu, he raised his eyebrows directly. If it were not for his second brother, he would have already punched Li Yalin in the face.

“No! Something is wrong!”

Yoshino Isamu is not happy with Li Yalin’s smile. But Yoshino Satoshi is different from his brainless brother. From that smile, he can see Li Yalin’s self-confidence. So… what is the source of this self-confidence?

Sensing that something was wrong, Yoshino Satoshi turned back. But at the very moment he did so, Li Yalin pressed the remote control button he had already held in his hand.

With the sound of successive explosions, the original simple and beautiful Japan courtyard turned into a sea of ​​flames in an instant.

The vanguard of Yoshino’s group who invaded Tamano city was killed in a series of explosions!


From the first bomb explosion, Yoshino Satoshi’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink. And by the time the courtyard was reduced to a sea of fire, his eyes had completely lost their color.

It’s gone…

The elite vanguard of Yoshino’s group was wiped out!

“I am going to kill you!”

Unlike Yoshino Satoshi’s disorientation, Yoshino Isamu’s mind was already filled with anger. He did not consider any consequences at all. He had forgotten that there was a Maki hidden behind him, and even forgot about the mighty water cannon.

There is only one thing he wants to do now -that is to kill the guy in front of him, no matter what means are used!

“Kill me? Maki!”

Yoshino Isamu who loses his mind rushed straight like a bull. The smile on Li Yalin’s face instantly turned into a sneer as he gave the order, and before Yoshino Isamu could reach him, a water cannon blasted him precisely in the back.

As expected of the mermaid, they got a tough body. He didn’t die from being hit by Maki’s water cannon.

It’s just that even if he didn’t lose his life, the back that was hit by this water cannon was enough to make Yoshino Isamu suffer. He was lifted off by the huge impact in an instant, and when he landed again, his back was already a bloody mess, it was miserable.


Seeing his younger brother was knocked down by a blow, Yoshino Satoshi could not help but let out a cry of sorrow. But before he could take two steps forward to check on his brother’s injuries, the gun in Li Yalin’s hand was already pressed against his head.

“Yoshino Satoshi, for the sake of your life and Yoshino Isamu’s, I advise you to behave so you can save your life. Otherwise, I don’t mind killing your brothers here!”

With just one word, Yoshino Satoshi didn’t dare to do anything rash. Because he could feel that Li Yalin said this without any emotion, he was serious!

What’s more, he can kill so many people in the Yoshino group without any change in his face, he is simply a cold-blooded killer! In the face of such a killer, his life can be decided in just one word.

Yes, Yoshino Satoshi was very angry. As the second young master of Yoshino’s family, he has become a prisoner of others, and his subordinates were killed. If possible, he really wanted to resist like his brother!

But smart people value their life. His brother has set a good example for him, and he… didn’t want to end up like that!

Ruthlessly biting his lips, even biting his lip to bleed. But in the end, he remained in place, not daring to make the slightest movement.

“Good, just be obedient.”

Li Yalin nodded in satisfaction at Yoshino Satoshi’s good sense. As for Yoshino Isamu, who was lying on the ground in a bloody mess, he just took a casual look and ignored it.

“Ren aunt, I’m done here. Let someone pick me up.”

After making Maki watch Yoshino Satoshi and drag Yoshino Isamu to a secluded alley like a dead dog, Li Yalin took out his mobile phone to contact Seto Ren.

Everything went smoothly as planned, and all he needed to do now was to wait in peace.

“Okay! I’ll pick you up now!”

Seto Ren knew about the explosion in the courtyard of the Yoshino group, but she wasn’t clear of the specific situation. So even though she was anxious, she had to hold back her thoughts of contacting Li Yalin, afraid that her own rash action would bring him trouble.

So after getting in touch with Li Yalin, she can finally put her heart down!

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