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“Ren aunt, why are you here in person? Just get some random people to come over and receive this kind of thing.”

In a short while, seeing Seto Ren hurriedly lead people, Li Yalin also rushed to welcome them.

As for the two brothers Yoshino behind him, let them wait honestly. Anyway, there are so many people around, they won’t be able to get away.

“I don’t feel at ease not coming in person, are you okay Yalin? Are you hurt?”

Facing Li Yalin, the first thing Seto Ren did was not to ask about the trip, nor did she look at the Yoshino brother. But instead reached out and touched all over his body, as if she was afraid he had been hurt in some way.

“I can’t be harmed by those bastards from Yoshino’s group, so don’t worry Ren aunt.”

Although he knew that Seto Ren was concerned about himself, Li Yalin’s expression was a bit awkward when he was being touched back and forth by such a beautiful madam.

What’s this about?

“Great… it’s good that you’re not hurt…”

Seeing that Li Yalin was really not hurt, Seto Ren finally withdrew her hand and let out a long sigh of relief, as if she had put down a big stone in her heart.

As for the awkwardness of touching Li Yalin’s body, it was completely absent, as if she had just done something trivial.

“Take these two guys back. With these two cards, we can deal with the Yoshino group more easily.”

Seto Ren didn’t care, and Li Yalin understood that his embarrassment was just adding to the awkwardness of the situation. So he turned his attention to the brothers Yoshino Satoshi and Yoshino Isamu as if nothing had happened.

“Yeah, with these two cards, we can really fight against the Yoshino group this time!”

Together with Li Yalin, they set their eyes on the Yoshino brother. At this moment, a fierce light flashed in Seto Ren’s eyes, which was completely different from her gentle madam image.

In the end, she is still the lady boss of the Setouchi group after all, and usually just hides her boldness well.

In terms of making decisions, even her husband, Seto Gozaburo, the boss of the Setouchi group, is far behind her!

“Let’s go back.”

At this point, the operation has come to an end. The annihilation of Yoshino group’s vanguard team will give Yoshino group’s boss a headache. As for the explosion in the courtyard, Seto Ren will also handle it well. All the trivial things afterward do not need Li Yalin to worry about.

All he needs to do now is to gather himself, change back into his clothes and take the car back to the festival’s stage venue.

Think of what just happened like a cloud, let it dissipate.

“Yalin, are you… really okay?”

On the way back to the music festival, Seto Ren was still by Li Yalin’s side. The two young masters of Yoshino’s family have been secretly transferred by the Setouchi group’s underlings to be used as cards against the Yoshino group in the future. While Maki, due to her unauthorized actions and recklessness in the operation, has also been sentenced to punishment.

But precisely because of Maki that Seto Ren also learned in detail all the actions of Li Yalin during this trip, so she was quite worried about his current state.

Unlike just pressing the bomb button, he had personally killed four Yoshino group mermaids, including the Yoshino 3 Heavenly King!

Will this affect him as he personally kills four people?

“Don’t worry Ren aunt, I’m fine. I’m not trying to be tough, I’m really fine.”

Li Yalin can feel Seto Ren’s concern, and personally killed so many people, whether there is no impact on him, he would not say it directly.

To say that killing so many people did not cause any psychological fluctuations to him is definitely impossible. After all, he is not a cold-blooded executioner, he can’t so indifferent after harvesting so many lives with his own hands.

However, he has already realized that this won’t be the first time he encountered this, and it is unlikely that it will be the last time. Perhaps in the future, he will face a battlefield that is even more tragic than this.

If he can’t even accept this, will he continue to be conflicted about this when he encounters a cross over tasks with similar scenarios in the future?

It will become a big issue if he failed to overcome this, and perhaps it will lead to his death.

So in any case, he has to be firm in his beliefs and not be easily shaken by the killings!

After all… he is a man with a Salvation system!

“But… sigh, okay. If you feel any discomfort or can’t figure things out, you must talk to Ren aunt, no matter what time, Ren aunt is the best person for you to talk to, understand?”

Li Yalin’s enlightenment, Seto Ren definitely didn’t know. Hearing his answer right now, she couldn’t tell whether he was acting tough or really not feeling it.

However, from Seto Ren’s contact with Li Yalin, she felt that it was mostly bravado. As in her eyes, Li Yalin was a very kind and good boy.

He is definitely not some cold-blooded murderer who is indifferent to life, and such killing will definitely cause great stress to him!

It was with this misunderstanding that Seto Ren became more concerned about Li Yalin, and even unknowingly, she had reached out and held Li Yalin’s hand.

If it’s really stressful, she doesn’t mind helping Li Yalin vent that stress!

“Okay, I get it. If anything really happens, I’ll talk to Ren aunt.”

Being touched by this beautiful madam before, and now she is holding his hands tightly. As a man who only looks like a teenager, but is actually close to 30 years old, the pressure is really big.

If she wasn’t Sun’s mother, he would have……


Must be calm!

“By the way, Ren aunt, although we caught the two sons of Yoshino’s family, we can’t be too careless. I heard beforehand that the follow-up reinforcements of the Yoshino group will arrive in Tamano city soon. So even if we solve the vanguard troops, our crisis is still not lifted.”

“You’d better interrogate the two brothers Yoshino about the specific situation. Yoshino Satoshi is very smart, so you must be very careful with him. Yoshino Isamu is an idiot. It is best to ask the two brothers separately, which will help to derive more information.”

“As for the future… Yoshino Isamu aside, I think Yoshino Satoshi is a big threat. Since we have caught him this time, we’d better not let him go back alive. A Yakuza organization led by a smart person is far scarier than a yakuza organization led by a reckless person.”

Li Yalin had to forcefully change the subject as the embarrassment continued.

Of course, he’s not just trying to ease the embarrassment, but he really needs to talk to Seto Ren about the Yoshino group!

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