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This time, the vanguard of the Yoshino group was eliminated and the two brothers Yoshino Satoshi and Yoshino Isamu were captured, which seemed to be a big victory, but in fact, the Setouchi group’s crisis was not eliminated.

After all, the Yoshino group dared to invade Tamano city not only because of their ambition, but also because there is another force behind them, and this is the most troublesome part.

So even if the vanguard was eliminated, even if the key figures of the Yoshino group were captured, the confrontation between the two yakuza groups is still not over. Rather… there may be even more fierce battles in the future.

This is something that Li Yalin felt Seto Ren needed to prepare for.

In addition, about Yoshino Satoshi, Li Yalin can also see that he is very smart. Although he is still young, as long as he is given time, he will definitely grow into a boss soon. Once he controls the Yoshino group, his existence will inevitably bring a huge crisis to the Setouchi group.

After all, the Setouchi group’s IQ is really low. Expect Seto Ren and Mr. Masa, the rest… all of them are a bunch of reckless people!

And Mr. Masa, although he is also very smart, with the loss of his memory and his loyalty to Seto Gozaburo, even if he knows that Seto Gozaburo’s decision is wrong, he will not say anything and just blindly obey, which invisibly constraints on his ability.

In this case, the future of the Setouchi group is really worrying.

If things go on like this, it is only a matter of time before the Setouchi group is annexed by the Yoshino group. Perhaps in three to five years, perhaps in a decade or two, but in the end, the Setouchi group will not be able to compete with the Yoshino group in its current state.

There is no choice but to weaken the opponent since our own side is not capable. So Li Yalin made a very serious suggestion, Yoshino Satoshi this guy… can’t stay alive!

“This… I am afraid it will be difficult. If Yoshino Satoshi is killed, Setouchi group and Yoshino group may evolve into an endless battle…”

Li Yalin’s suggestion is very pertinent, and Seto Ren herself knows it well, but she also has her own difficulties. It’s okay to eliminate the vanguard of the Yoshino group, but if the young master of the Yoshino group is killed, it is tantamount to cutting off the bloodline of the Yoshino group. In this case, the angry Yoshino group may come out, and then it may really become an uncontrollable situation.

So the decision of killing him or not must be made after careful consideration.

“Uh… well, let’s put this matter aside for the time being, I will ponder about this after I go back, to see if we can have a better solution.”

Li Yalin also knew about Seto Ren’s difficulties, so he didn’t force the matter, just nodded and set it aside.

After all, Yoshino Satoshi cannot be killed yet, so perhaps a better solution can be found in this case.

“Thank you Yalin… you have done so much for us…”

Seeing Li Yalin nodded and fell into deep thought, obviously thinking about the Setouchi group, which made Seto Ren even more moved.

To be honest, Li Yalin was caught in the crisis of the Setouchi group only because of an accident, and to put it bluntly, he was only pulled into this mess. He saved Sun, only to be bound by the rules of the mermaid, and finally evolved into the current situation.

It is not an exaggeration to say that they met each other in passing, but he was so dedicated to helping the Setouchi group.

How can Seto Ren not be moved by this?

Subconsciously, Seto Ren held Li Yalin’s hand again. In this small space, her eyes had already started to redden.

This boy has done so much for herself and everyone in the Setouchi group!

“It’s nothing, as Sun’s onii-chan, this is what I should do.”

The hand was held tightly by Seto Ren, Li Yalin’s expression was stiff at the moment. Not that he was shy, but he always felt that the interaction between himself and this beautiful madam in front of him seemed to be too much.

After all, in the end, she also has a husband and a daughter, and her daughter is still his own imouto. He feels it feels wrong with such an interaction happening in such a relationship.

Although it stands to reason that certain incest plots should not happen, and Seto Ren’s preferred type of man is not someone like him, but what if something really happens?

What should he do then?

How would he face Sun?

Li Yalin is not confident about his own control, so it feels like he should keep a good distance from Seto Ren.

That’s right!

He must keep his distance!

Withdrawing his hand in a subtle way, and then mentioned Sun’s name, so Ren aunt should be able to converge a little?

“Yeah, it’s great to have you as Sun’s onii-chan.”

Although Li Yalin made a hint, it is a pity that Seto Ren didn’t seem to notice it. At least her expression didn’t change at all but instead continued to speak according to his words.

“But… just to be Sun’s onii-chan, I’m not too satisfied.”


Seto Ren not only followed Li Yalin’s words, but even continued on this topic.

Not satisfied with being Sun’s onii-chan? Then what do you want? Do you want me to become Sun’s father? Your husband is not dead yet!

Well, at this time Li Yalin should not tsukomi, but he can’t help it. In front of Seto Ren suddenly showed a look that only you can satisfy me, it really made his imagination ran wild…

Cough, calm down! Quickly pick up the lost integrity!

“Otherwise… Yalin just marries Sun. I really hope to have a son-in-law like you.”

As predicted! Seto Ren still didn’t give up on matching Li Yalin and Sun. But as a mother-in-law, isn’t it a bit wrong for her to talk to her favorite son-in-law in such a state?

Has the originally seemingly incestuous plot suddenly turned into the plot of an ero novel?

“Sun and I are still young, it’s really hard to think about marriage. No one knows what will happen in the future. Why don’t we discuss this later and consider it again.”

Facing Seto Ren, Li Yalin’s cold sweat was brimming at the corners of his forehead. He only felt fortunate that the drive to the festival venue was not too far. He can free himself as long as he survived this period of time.

But this torturous time is really too painful. He could only keep perfunctory and use various excuses. In the end, Seto Ren was not able to succeed.

When he arrived at his destination and finally got out of the car, he took a long breath.

Is his integrity finally preserved?

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