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“Onii-chan, you are back!”

When he finally returned to the festival, Li Yalin was not greeted by his companion, nor his imouto Sun, but Lunar, who had just set a sibling relationship, and theoretically has not been fully recognized.

This little Yandere girl, maybe because of Sun’s presence, her sense of competition is so strong. Seeing Li Yalin’s arrival, she will be the first to dash out, tightly wrapped around his arm, announced her sovereign position.

Sun frowned subconsciously at Lunar’s actions but didn’t say anything. But Sun didn’t say anything, Seto Ren at the side sighed softly.

She is thinking hard as a mother to help match this pair of children, but her own daughter didn’t work hard for it. Can’t she learn from Lunar? Nowadays, an imouto who wants to be pampered is very popular!

It’s a pity that Sun could not understand the meaning conveyed in her mother’s sigh. Seeing the scene just now, she just instinctively felt uncomfortable, but after a period of discomfort, it passed away and she didn’t think too much of it.

Sun’s future path of love still has a long way to go, and it will inevitably stressed Seto Ren.

“Onii-chan, is everything going well?”

Although she did not express her attitude towards Lunar’s hogging of Li Yalin’s arm, Sun was still very concerned about the Yoshino group. Although she had seen him return safely, she still couldn’t help but ask him about it.

“Yeah, it went well, you don’t have to worry Sun.”

Faced with Sun’s concern, Li Yalin also smiled and nodded. There was no need to let this simple-minded imouto know about the dangers of this trip, but the good news of success still has to be shared with her.

At least this way, it can give her a peace of mind.

“That’s great.”

With Li Yalin’s affirmative answer, Sun’s face also showed a big smile. Just as Li Yalin had thought, she could finally set her mind at ease.

Everything was going well, and that was the outcome she most wanted to see.

“By the way, where Yui-chan and the others? Did they go out to play?”

After comforting Sun, Li Yalin looked around and found that only Sun and Lunar were still in the tent, the rest of the girls were missing. Even Kohinata Yukari was not here, did they stroll around the festival?

“Yes, everyone went to the festival. Lunar is going to be on stage later so she’s staying with me.”

Li Yalin guessed right, everyone did go to the music festival. After all, they are a group of young girls who love music. Even if the first day’s show is inferior to the next two days, it does not hinder their interest.

Had it not been for Lunar’s upcoming debut and Sun’s worries about Li Yalin’s actions, they both would have gone along for the ride.

“That’s good, let them relax. Lunar will be on stage soon? Go for it.”

Since everyone has gone to the music festival, Li Yalin didn’t intend to bother them. They have just experienced a tense stage performance, so letting them relax properly would also ensure their condition in the next performance.

He also encourages Lunar for her upcoming debut, anyway, it was just a word of encouragement.

“Onii-chan, Lunar won’t lose to you, please enjoy my performance!”

Li Yalin’s words of encouragement made Lunar’s big watery eyes shine brightly. His encouragement seemed to be very helpful to her, making her felt confident in her own strength.

“Won’t you lose to me? Then I’m looking forward to it.”

Lunar showed such self-confidence, Li Yalin is of course also very curious about the strength of the mermaid. Among other things, Mermaid’s special ability alone can’t be underestimated.

One must know that as a mermaid, Lunar can sing ancient mermaid songs. It has been said that mermaid’s singing has the power to confuse people, and ancient mermaid songs also have the same effect.

It can be said that as long as Lunar is willing, give her a stage and a microphone, she can turn the audience of the entire music festival into her own puppet. In a sense, this ability is simply OP!

If Lunar really sings the ancient mermaid song on the music festival stage, then no one can beat her. Even if Li Yalin himself appears, it is absolutely impossible to be her opponent.

But… will Lunar really sing the ancient mermaid song?

Well, not really. Lunar just picked up the microphone and sang one of her songs with her superb singing skills, and then bowed off the stage without a moment’s delay.

Honestly, it was a bit of a surprise to Li Yalin. It’s not that Lunar can’t sing well. In fact, she did a great job and the audience responded very well. But… that’s the extent of the response.

It’s definitely a far cry from the Li Yalin group’s appearance on stage.

The reason for this effect is mainly related to Lunar’s performance. Even though her song is good, the quality is still limited. So no matter how good Lunar’s singing skills are, it is difficult for her to make a breakthrough.

Either it’s low, or the quality of the work is not up to standard. What a pity, Lunar has such a sweet voice.

“Lunar is amazing!”

After the end of the song, Sun also applauded and praised her childhood friend seeing Lunar return to the backstage.

To be able to sing on such a stage is already very impressive for Sun. It is totally on the level of an idol star.

“No… I’m still far from it. I thought that I could get an encore, but I still can’t compare to onii-chan.”

Lunar is not half excited from Sun’s praise. On the contrary, she lightly shakes her head with a somewhat discouraged expression.

Yes, Lunar was indeed a little discouraged. The audience’s reaction was enthusiastic, but that was all, there were not many calls for an encore. Even though she had already used all her skills, it’s still not enough.

Although she knows that there is a gap between herself and Li Yalin, the gap… is still too big.

If Li Yalin is not her onii-chan, the person she admires, with her character, she would have gone crazy with jealousy by now. But fortunately, she has become Li Yalin’s imouto, so she is not jealous, but she’s still feeling frustrated.

After all, she wants to be closer to her onii-chan…

“Lunar, your singing skills are already perfect and your emotional commitment is spot on. It’s a pity that the selected works are a bit lacking, otherwise the result would be much better.”

Seeing her frustration, Li Yalin also speaks out to comfort her. He was telling the truth. Lunar is indeed excellent. The only thing missing is a good work.

However, he didn’t expect that after his comforting words, the system would issue a task for him!

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