Cafe 434

Daily task: Help the frustrated imouto.
Task content: Come up with excellent work to reassure the frustrated imouto.
Task reward: Chinese song selection encyclopedia (1).
Task tips: One song for fifty songs, such a money-losing deal would only be done by the system.

When he sees the system task, Li Yalin didn’t know what kind of expression he should show. Should he tsukomi? Tsukomi it? Or hold down the tsukomi?

Whatever, he’s not going to tsukomi. As the system said, he won’t lose anything anyway, why not complete this task?

Why not have a reward that he can easily get?

Although it was a bit of a surprise, Li Yalin was really interested in the reward. The festival stage is open to the whole empire, the audience is still a bit too small if he just sings Japanese songs.

If he can sing a classic Chinese song on the final stage on the third day, then it will definitely add to the result as well, there is no doubt about it.

Then needless to say, isn’t it just to come up with a song, he can choose one in a minute!

“That being said, good work… it’s not that easy to get.”

Just as Li Yalin was accepting the system task, Lunar was also shaking her head. She could hear the comfort in his words just now, and she fully understood where her shortcomings were. But it’s not something that can be solved by knowing.

The world’s cultural entertainment is just beginning its renaissance. There is an acute shortage of good songwriters, and good work is not something one can get with money. In fact, Lunar spent a lot of money and finally got only a few mediocre works.

Of course, the so-called mediocrity here is compared with Li Yalin’s works. Compared to most of the current music works, Lunar’s songs are still relatively good. But… is it really that much to be proud of being the better ones from the poor ones?

If possible, Lunar would love to sing the mermaid poem from ancient times, the song that belongs only to the mermaid. But unfortunately, she only thinks about it but didn’t dare to sing it.

So she can’t do anything other than sighing now.

“Then… I have a song here, would you like to try it?”


Lunar was surprised to hear these words from Li Yalin when she was depressed about the work.

What did he mean by that?

Onii-chan… will let her sing his song?

The reason why Lunar wants to be Li Yalin’s imouto is that she is jealous of Sun. Another reason is her admiration for Li Yalin.

That’s right, it’s admiration!

In fact, in today’s music scene, Li Yalin’s songwriting is far more influential than his fame. He has proven himself with the quality of his songs each time he releases them.

Of course, there are a lot of people in the industry who say that Li Yalin is just a brilliant meteor and that it’s just luck that he can create a few good works, and that he will soon be exhausted of talent.

But in reality, there are still many singers who like Li Yalin’s work and hope to get his works, even include many big-name idols who have been famous for many years.

These days, a good song is really hard to find. It’s not something that money can buy!

Because of this, and being in the industry, Li Yalin has naturally had a great influence on Lunar, who has long admired him as a talented songwriter. Otherwise she would not have taken the initiative to visit him.

But to her surprise, she met Sun during this visit and became Li Yalin’s imouto by chance.

After becoming Li Yalin’s imouto, Lunar had thought about using this identity to ask onii-chan for songs. But the idea only crossed her mind for a moment and then she gave up.

It’s not that she doesn’t want good songs, but she doesn’t want to do that. She wants to be Li Yalin’s imouto simply because she wants affection, and it’s even better when the person who can give her affection is someone she admires.

But this affection will deteriorate if she asked for a song. Her behavior will take on a utilitarian nature, that will destroy the beautiful fantasy of affection in her heart.

So in the end, Lunar never thought about getting a song from Li Yalin. But Li Yalin unexpectedly brought it up himself.

“I think this song is quite suitable for you. Although it is not a classic, it is still an excellent piece.”


“How about I sing it to you first?”

Being able to get Li Yalin’s songs makes Lunar seem to be in a dream. A great piece of work that she had longed for is placed in front of her, and would even be sung by the onii-chan she admired.

Until the end of the song, Lunar was unable to recover from her trance. All of this was so dreamy for her, so dreamy that she didn’t believe it was true.

“It sounds so good, onii-chan is amazing.”

Compared to Lunar, who had been in a state of absent-mindedness, Sun didn’t think so much. She only claps her hands and applauds when she heard Li Yalin play and sing the new song himself.

As a mermaid, Sun is of course very good at singing, and her ancient mermaid songs are not only as good as Lunar’s, but even better. But in the end, Sun can only sing other people’s songs, and independently create a song is still a very new area for her.

Li Yalin, who is able to create such beautiful music, has naturally become the object of her admiration.

“This… can I really sing this song?”

It took a long time for Lunar to finally recover from her trance. Of course, this is more due to Sun. She would still be unable to recover If it weren’t for Sun voicing her admiration.

But even though recovered, Lunar still can’t believe it. As a debut idol, she naturally has the ability to appreciate the song that Li Yalin just sang, which is definitely a top-class work.

But… can such work really be sung by her?

At this moment, Lunar’s heart flashed a touch of unconfidence. This… is too precious!

“Of course, I just don’t know if you like it or not. If you don’t like it, shall we change another song?”

Li Yalin’s song is certainly a very good piece of work in Lunar’s eyes. But for Li Yalin, it is just a random song from his music library. It sounds good and all, but it’s not to the extent of being excellent work.

Rather, he would look for another song if Lunar doesn’t like it. He has no shortage of songs anyways, and with more tasks to come, he will probably have more and more songs on hand!

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