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The song chosen by Li Yalin for Lunar is called Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau, the ED2 of anime Fate/Zero, which is quite an excellent work and is considered by some fans to be their favorite song.

Originally, Li Yalin planned to give this song to Kohinata Yukari to sing solo. But unfortunately, with Kohinata Yukari’s current singing skills, she is not yet able to handle the song perfectly, and it will take at least some more time to practice.

So now that the task requires it, let’s give this song to Lunar, who is in full control of the song with the vocal ability she just showed on stage.

Rather, Lunar is the perfect choice to sing this song.

As for Kohinata Yukari, although this song was taken away, Li Yalin still has more songs to compensate her. After all, she is his partner, so she won’t lose out to anyone.

“No! No need to change, just this song! I really like it!”

In Li Yalin’s opinion, this song is perfect for Lunar. But if she doesn’t like it, he can give her another song. But it looks like Lunar really loves this song. Li Yalin just said that he would change the song, her little head immediately shook like a rattle.

Just this song!

She already decides so in her heart!

“Okay, since Lunar likes it, I will give this song to you. But about the arrangement of the song and also the performance, I still have to discuss with your team. So you’d better get familiar with the song as soon as possible and sing it on the stage of the festival whenever possible.”

Since he decides to do it, he will do his best. So Li Yalin didn’t go anywhere for the rest of the day and spent all his time working with the team behind Lunar.

As expected of a wealthy person, the music team behind Lunar are all talented with extremely high musical literacy. In this case, it didn’t take too much time to get familiar with the song. When the second round of singing began, the running-in was officially announced.

And Lunar herself is undoubtedly a musical genius. In just a short period of time, she has already mastered the essence of the song, and the effect of her singing is not inferior to Li Yalin singing it himself.

Mermaid… really has a unique talent…

“My dear otouto, can you explain to me what is going on?”

By the time Lunar and the music team behind her had fully integrated the new songs, it was already afternoon and the two student presidents, Uomi and Amakusa, who had spent the day resting at the hotel, finally arrived at the festival venue.

Upon arrival, however, our Uomi student president said that she now needed a reasonable explanation.

This can’t be helped as when she woke up after getting a short sleep, she found that the hotel staff was so respectful to her, no… it should be described as fear.

She’s not some fierce monster, what is the meaning of this?

With such doubts, Uomi and Amakusa finally learned after some investigation that a group of yakuza had come to the hotel this morning and picked up their companion.

Note that it is picked up instead of kidnapped. This means that in the eyes of the hotel operator, the Li Yalin group, including Uomi and Amakusa sleeping in the hotel, are all people deeply involved in the yakuza. In this case, of course they have to be treated with care.

Was mistaken for Yakuza?

What the hell is this?

When they were in the hotel, Uomi and Amakusa were already very confused, but when they arrived at the venue, they were even more confused.

This clearly his first time to come to this Tamano city, and he somehow has two more imouto? And… both imouto’s involved with yakuza?

Do the imouto in your family know that you just randomly recognize imouto outside? Do I, as onee-chan, know?

“Who is your otouto… Well, just like what you just heard, I helped Sun, recognized her as imouto, and then recognized Lunar as imouto, it’s that simple.”

Li Yalin subconsciously tsukomi for Uomi student president who stood in front of him with crossed arms, act as onee-chan. But he can see that student president-sama is not in a good mood right now, and if he confronts her in this state, the consequences could be serious.

So with no other choice, after done with tsukomi, it is better to explain it obediently.

“It’s indeed very simple, but such a big matter, why you didn’t tell me last night? Or in your heart, your onee-chan’s existence is irrelevant?”

Although Li Yalin has made it very clear, Uomi student president didn’t let it slide. No, it should be said that she cares more about why Li Yalin didn’t tell her about this. It happened last night when he recognized Sun as imouto, but it turned out she was the last one to know.

How can Uomi let this slide?

“Your way of speaking… how it sounds like I’m a heartless man?”

When she said this, Uomi’s face was already full of resentment, which made several black lines appear on Li Yalin’s forehead.

Didn’t he just explain it to her? Why she make a big deal out of it?

“Humph! Isn’t it? Forget it, I’ll settle accounts with you later!”

Uomi snorted and planned to say something more, but at that moment, Sun and Lunar had already approached side by side, which finally made her restrain a little.

After all, student president-sama still has to maintain her image in front of outsiders.


When Sun and Lunar arrived, Lunar was very affectionate when she met Li Yalin, wrapping her arms around him every time they met, especially after she got a song that she really liked.

Her way of calling him is so sweet!


Compared to Lunar, Sun behaved very naturally. But even so, everyone could still see the closeness expressed in her attitude.

The fact that they only met yesterday has really turned into a loving family?

For this scene, the Uomi student president on the side is looking at the scene with displeasure in her heart.

Although Li Yalin getting an imouto has nothing to do with her. But the problem is… is it really just a sibling relationship?

The keen student president-sama has vaguely sensed a sense of crisis in these two girls. Lunar who is glued to Li Yalin’s side slightly better, but the girl called Sun… is definitely a formidable opponent!!

So at this time, Uomi who thought of herself as the onee-chan had to step up and make her presence felt!

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