Cafe 436

“You are Sun and Lunar?”

As expected of Uomi student president. When she adjusts her mind and really gets into the mood, she creates a quite difficult aura to resist.

Faced with such a Uomi, the two young mermaid girls were naturally stunned at once.

Who is this sister standing next to onii-chan?

Just now, when Uomi had a conversation with Li Yalin with her arms akimbo, both Sun and Lunar were watching. But because the distance is a bit far, and the voice of the two of them was not loud, they also did not hear the content of the conversation.

However, judging from the attitudes of these two parties, the relationship between the two is definitely not simple.

Because of this, when Uomi spoke, Sun and Lunar looked at each other unconsciously, and both of them flinched.

“Excuse me, you are?”

Subconsciously, Sun took a half step back, as if intimidated by Uomi’s aura, and even Lunar couldn’t help but shrink her neck.

However, they still want to know Uomi’s identity.

“Yalin didn’t tell you guys? I’m his onee-chan called Uomi Chihiro. Nice to meet you.”

Uomi’s first step was a success, as she first used her aura to calm down the two mermaid girls. But soon, instead of keeping this aura, she showed a gentle smile and said her name in a very gentle manner.

Of course, when she said the word ‘onee-chan’, Uomi unobtrusively emphasizes the pronunciation. Although Sun and Lunar may not be aware of it, they heard the key points.

Is she brother’s onee-chan?

Doesn’t that mean… she is also their onee-chan?

“So it’s onee-sama. Sorry for my rudeness. My name is Seto Sun. I just became onii-chan’s imouto yesterday. Please take care of me.”

After learning about Uomi’s identity, Sun bowed in a hurry and introduced herself formally.

After all, this is her brother’s onee-chan, so she can’t be rude as an imouto.

“My name is Edomae Lunar. Today I am onii-chan’s imouto. Please take care of me onee-sama.”

With Sun as an example, Lunar naturally understood what she should do.

Although she once said she only needed an onii-chan and did not care about Sun, who is also Li Yalin imouto, it was the opposite in front of this Uomi onee-chan.

This little guy surprisingly behaved better than Sun, that sweet smile is simply charming.

But this kind of charming smile seems to be not enough in front of Uomi.

“A very good child. Are you Sun? If you marry someone, you will definitely become a very good wife?”

“As for Lunar… very cute, but it also gives people a very naughty feeling, but also a good girl. I am very happy that we can be a family.”


When did our student president-sama have such insight? Just by looking at Sun and Lunar, she saw through them all?

When Uomi looked at Sun and Lunar’s face and said something like above, a blush immediately appeared on Sun’s delicate face. While Lunar, she could not help but tense up when she heard the word naughty, was finally relieved to hear the words that followed, and at the same time had a look of excitement and gratitude on her face.

He has to admit that Uomi is really skillful. But… when did they become a family?

Don’t act like you are my elder sister, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻!

Although Li Yalin was tsukomi in his mind, it didn’t stop Uomi from subduing Sun and Lunar. Rather, Uomi student president, soon had the two mermaid girls in her arms, willingly calling her onee-sama.

In every sense, Li Yalin should have a word with Uomi.

“Tell me Uomi student president, how did you see through Lunar?”

Li Yalin is not surprised by Uomi’s ‘tactics’. But how she sees through Lunar’s true character is a mystery to him.

Lunar’s acting skills are so good that it would be impossible for someone who is not really familiar with her to spot her true face, but Uomi can see right through her.

How does this work?

Lunar had to prepare for her second appearance so she couldn’t stay long. Li Yalin was eager to ask questions when she and Sun left.

“That little girl? She is not simple, but you also accepted her as an imouto, so you like a little girl with that personality?”

In response to Li Yalin’s question, Uomi unfortunately did not give an answer, but looked at him with a smile and asked him in return.

Although it seems to be smiling, our student president-sama feels quite dangerous at the moment!

“What do you mean I like a little girl with that kind of personality… I’m just… it’s just a mistake. Besides, Lunar is not a bad kid, she just has a bad personality sometimes.”

Sure enough, Uomi has indeed seen through Lunar. The so-called naughty is just a nicer way of saying, but also to save her face.

Lunar is keenly aware of this, and naturally so is Li Yalin, so the student president-sama is indeed very articulate.


Did you misunderstand something? I don’t have any special hobbies!

Also, why are you changing the subject? Don’t forcibly turn your gaze back on me!

“Speaking of which, you haven’t answered my question yet Uomi student president.”

Not wanting to dwell on the topic, Li Yalin was busy turning the conversation back on track. But when he asked again, Uomi put her index finger to her lips and shook her head gently at him.

“Even though the kid hides them very well, but she can’t hide it from me. As for why I can see through her… that’s a secret.”



When Uomi said the word ‘secret’, Li Yalin’s face was filled with black lines. What the hell!

However, just as his face was covered with black lines, Uomi suddenly spoke again.

“Haven’t you ever heard of a saying? Women who maintain a sense of mystery are the most attractive.”

How should Li Yalin react after hearing this statement?

Is mystery really a manifestation of the charm of a woman? There seems to be nothing wrong with it, but it seems that something is wrong.

Since she thinks it’s better to keep a sense of mystery, should he also keep a little more mystery in front of her in the future? After all, this kind of saying can be applied to a man too.

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