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Since Uomi wants to maintain a sense of mystery, Li Yalin naturally has no way to ask her the truth about her seeing through Lunar. What else can he do? Have her tortured to make her confess?

Further questions can not be asked, then he can only turn his attention back to the stage of the music festival.

After the first round of the competition, the overall quality of the bands that appeared in the second round had clearly improved a notch. Although it was only in relative terms, at least these remaining band idols were finally considered a bit decent.

This is the case.

As they missed the second round, Li Yalin along with the girls could only act as spectators off the stage. However, as spectators, this did not prevent everyone from cheering for Lunar. After all, Lunar became Li Yalin imouto, and since they are their own people, they definitely have to cheer for their own people.

In fact, Lunar didn’t disappoint, as she won the second round by a wide margin and got her ticket to the third round of the competition.

It is worth mentioning that the song that Li Yalin gave her was not taken out in this round of performances, which means that she was planning to use it as a trump card for the most crucial moment?

A good idea indeed, as with her current opponent, it’s not really worth fighting with her full strength.

It is estimated that only Yalin’s group can put pressure on her.


With the end of the second round, it was not only the third round that unfolded but also a head-to-head clash between Li Yalin and Lunar. Not just competing for the only qualifying spot, but a battle of the tigers on the festival’s stage.

Well, it’s still a bit of an exaggeration to describe the third round of the first day’s debut as a battle of the tigers. Although those who made it to the end were all newcomers with real strength and potential for big hits, it’s a pity that they met Li Yalin and Lunar, these new idols were still more than a step behind.

Standing on that stage, singing βios song, no one would dare to compete with Li Yalin.

Such opponents far beyond their ranks can only be described as looking up. A competition with completely unequal strength can still be considered competition?


That’s just asking for a beating!

Along with the introduction of βios, the atmosphere of the festival was officially pushed to the top. When the song is over, the shouts of the audience can almost break through the sky!

According to the statistics, the ratings and hits of all the TV stations and websites that broadcast the festival live were at a new high at that moment. Countless pairs of eyes are watching the young boys and girls who are presenting wonderful performances on the stage. Li Yalin group’s name is truly known to countless viewers!

And what created all this is just a song!

As the audience roared, Li Yalin’s group didn’t end the song. Immediately after βios, it was aLIEz, which had already sung and was also very popular! On and off stage, in front of the TV, this kind of hot atmosphere still continues!

“It’s amazing… it’s so amazing. The number of followers on our official social media has increased from today buzz… my goodness…”

As a student president-sama, Uomi rarely loses her cool in front of outsiders, but today, she really lost it.

Although the festival was known to be a very good stage. But even so, the effect is indeed a little too much!

Before participating in the festival, Eiryou High School school idol’s official social media account had more than one million followers. But with Uomi’s hard work and the launch of excellent works, it is only a matter of time before it reaches two million followers.

But after today’s music festival, the number of fans on the official social media has easily exceeded the 10 million mark. And every time it is refreshed, the number of fans is constantly increasing, which is simply dazzling.

What does 10 million fans follower mean?

It can be said that this is completely comparable to the superstars of the Empire. While the world is vigorously developing the cultural and entertainment industry, it has also made many regulations within the industry. For example, zombie fans are completely eliminated.

Therefore, the number of followers of more than tens of millions of followers are all real, and every one of them is a real-name social media user, so this will be even more exaggerated.

In this case, with the current reputation of Li Yalin’s group, it is estimated that they will be able to make a lot of money by just receiving a few advertisements outside. If there is any commercial performance invitation, like singing on stage or something, the repayment they will receive would be insane.

Thinking about it this way, it makes sense that Uomi would lose her cool.

But unfortunately, while the success of the festival allowed Li Yalin and a few girls to successfully establish their roots in the entertainment industry, laying a strong foundation for a real rise to the top, Li Yalin’s mind was clearly not on it.

Tonight’s performance on the stage certainly made him very excited. But after the excitement, what he is paying attention to now is the news from the system.

The year-long mission to save Eiryou High School was accomplished at that very moment!

Yes, originally Li Yalin thought he would need more time to complete this task. After all, before participating in the music festival, everyone was also well-known but still did not meet the requirements of the system.

As a result, just by appearing on stage at the festival, the task was easily recognized as completed, and the system also gave out three chances to draw a lottery.


Yes, the task can be completed, and three more chances to draw the lottery. In addition to the three previously accumulated, Li Yalin can now draw six times in one go.

And he was not pitted by the system each time he draws a lottery. The prizes obtained are very practical, which certainly make him happy.

The main motivation for Li Yalin to practice with Kohinata Yukari and the girls of the light music club was to complete the task, which was the driving force behind the goal of winning the gold trophy at the festival.

But now, the task is suddenly completed, which means that Eiryou High School no longer has to worry about next year’s enrollment, and with it, Ousai Academy will also benefit from next year’s enrollment.

This means that everyone’s goals have been achieved. So… does it really matter whether they participate in the following music festival?

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