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“What’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”

Although Uomi briefly lost her composure due to the surge of fans, she quickly recovered.

The Uomi student president, who was in a calm state, easily saw the flash of despondent in Li Yalin’s eyes.

What on earth is going on?

Although she occasionally likes to tease Li Yalin a little and often acts like an older sister in front of him. In the end, Uomi still cares about him very much, especially when he is not feeling well.

Clearly has achieved unprecedented success, Li Yalin and the girls have become the hottest idols in the district and the whole empire. Why did he still show that look? Is there something he can’t figure out?

“Nothing. Actually, I was just wondering if we need to continue to stand on the stage of this music festival.”

Facing Uomi’s concerned gaze, Li Yalin first shakes his head slightly and then gave a helpless smile.

What is his condition now?

It’s probably the feeling of emptiness that arises when the goal you’ve been striving for is accomplished.

“Are you okay? Are you sick?”

When she heard this from Li Yalin, Uomi put her hand on his forehead to see if he had a fever from talking such nonsense.

And she was not satisfied with just putting her hand on it, next she even leaned forward and tried to put her forehead against Li Yalin’s head.

Big sister, look at the occasion, there are so many people around watching!

“I don’t have a fever.”

Somewhat speechlessly blocking Uomi’s body in front of him, Li Yalin’s expression became even more helpless. What does this elder sister think?

“Seriously, isn’t the reason why we made this school idol is to promote the school? But now, our goal is considered a success, right? From today onwards, Eiryou High School’s name will probably spread throughout the empire, to such an extent that we will definitely not worry about the student population in the future.”

“Since we’ve achieved our goal, is there any need to stay on the festival stage?”

In order to prove that he was not really having a fever, Li Yalin told Uomi everything that was on his mind without waiting for her to ask.

Since the beginning, he is not very interested in becoming a star idol. The glitz and glamour on the stage can certainly give people a very refreshing feeling, the cheers of the audience on stage will also make people feel exhilarated, but in the end, it is not something irreplaceable.

Even if he can’t become a dazzling star, it won’t have an impact on his life. Rather, it will have a greater impact on him after he becomes a star!

Previously, he had to do it because there was a task. But now that the task is completed, it means that there is no spur, no goal, it is reasonable to lose motivation.

“Are you going to give up?”

Uomi was shocked to hear Li Yalin say this. She did not expect that Li Yalin would have such an idea.

Does this mean that he is ready to give up? To give up the honor of having just gained everything and just go home?

“How can that be. In fact, I just feel a little bit emotional. We have come this far together, how could I give up so simply.”

Sensing Li Yalin’s feelings makes Uomi nervous. Maybe he can give it all up, but not her!

Yes, Uomi has put all her energy into this and has even made up her mind that after graduating from high school, she will do everything she can to help Li Yalin grow his idol agency.

But before she could do her best, Li Yalin has given up. Wouldn’t all her effort be useless then?

Today, the existence of the idol club of Eiryou High School is far more than just revitalizing the school.

Li Yalin could feel Uomi’s mood, so when the student president-sama looked at him with nervousness and concern, he also showed a calm smile.

Yes, he did feel lost after completing his task and was not as motivated to attend the festival as he was before, but that doesn’t mean he would give up.

If he really wants to give up, how else can he face the girls who have accompanied him to this day?

“You… you scared the hell out of me!”

Uomi was really shocked because of Li Yalin and finally calmed down after hearing the words that he would not give up. She then punched Li Yalin’s chest lightly with a clenched fist.

He’s not trying to scare her! She just took it too seriously!

“Although I don’t plan to give up, I would not focus much on becoming an idol in the future.”

This time Li Yalin wasn’t going to give up, but again, there was something he wanted to say to Uomi.

As he thought before, he will not particularly put in mind about idol if there is no task demand. He didn’t mind occasionally perform, but he had no desire to become a real star idol.

After all, there are many paths before him. What he needs most is not to become an idol, but other paths!

It should not be overstated that the path of idols is the least helpful to his future!

Yes, Li Yalin is a mangaka, light novelist, and game company owner. As long as he publishes the script given by the system, he can use this to open the lottery and obtain the weapon, skill, items in the script. What help he can get from being an idol?

Except for getting some tasks and completing them by chance, it seems that there is nothing more, right?

What’s more, apart from these, what he values more is to enhance his own strength.

After relaxing for so long, it’s time to be more enthusiastic and work harder, isn’t it?

“I understand, you are a genius…”

Although Uomi cannot know what Li Yalin really thinks, she can understand what he means. In the eyes of student president-sama, Li Yalin is a true genius who has many paths to follow besides the path of an idol, and his achievements in other fields are not inferior to being an idol at all.

So Uomi can only sigh after shaking her head gently.

“You can do whatever you want, but I just hope you don’t completely give up the path of idols. As long as you are still here, you are our backbone. I don’t want to say anything extra. You just need to know this.”

In the end, Uomi said these words to Li Yalin, which is also completely from her sincerity. In the face of such a frank student president-sama, could Li Yalin say no?

Of course not!

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