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As Uomi said, Li Yalin is the backbone of the team. If he is gone, the hearts and minds of the team will be scattered, because after all, everyone has been moving around with him as the center.

Without him, would Kohinata Yukari continue to be an idol? Can dumb Yui and MIO still stick to their music dreams? Or will Uomi still be able to continue to work in the idol firm?

That’s impossible, so even if Li Yalin doesn’t focus on his work as an idol, his presence is still indispensable.

And this music festival, he wants to become the most dazzling protagonist!

The first day of the festival was the opening song for many people, but it was the arrival of Li Yalin’s group that sparked the atmosphere directly, which undoubtedly brought endless pressure to the real idol stars who performed in the next two days.

Facing such a strong newcomer, if one is not careful, one might be crushed off the stage, something that no established singer idol can accept.

It’s just a pity that no matter how hard those celebrities and idols try, they will still be crushed. This is the case on the second day, and the third day as well!

Even those long-established superstars are still no match for Li Yalin’s group on this stage, simply because they have a seemingly endless supply of classic songs in their hands, and there will always be new surprises waiting for everyone.

Especially on the third day of the music festival, Li Yalin’s group even competed with a well-known superstar in the empire, and the competition was over new songs.

Originally, the superstar thought that preparing three or four excellent new songs was enough for this festival, but did not expect that Li Yalin would sing English songs after Japanese songs, and then Chinese songs.

He has songs in all genres and languages at his fingertips, and the band’s style changes frequently, yet it gives a very harmonious feeling as if the band was born to fit any style.

Who can defeat such a powerful opponent?

In the end, even the superstar couldn’t help but lose, and it was because of that battle that Li Yalin and the girls around him finally topped the festival and took home the gold trophy that belonged to them!

Before that, except for Li Yalin, no one thought that they could really win the gold trophy. However, when the gold trophy was placed in front of everyone, they witnessed the honor that belonged to them. It made several girls can’t help but have red eyes.

It was like a dream to get such an honor, how could everyone not cry with joy?

They… got the gold trophy!

As a rookie band that has just debuted, it has become the top idol star in the district and even the empire within a short period of time. For many people, this experience is undoubtedly like the plot in the novel, which is simply unbelievable.

But unfortunately, this kind of plot is staged in reality. They have gained fame worldwide, Li Yalin’s group has rightly become the most admired idol of the young people of the district and even the whole empire.

The only one!

Because of this, with the end of the festival, countless reporters are vying to interview Li Yalin’s group. Many idol firms and entertainment companies hope to cooperate with Cute Sound idol firm. Some even secretly try to poach Kohinata Yukari, MIO and the others, offering big money.

Unfortunately, Li Yalin’s group left the venue after the festival ended, and when reporters wanted to interview them, they found no one at all. The entertainment company and the idol office sought cooperation, but all they got was a reply that the Cute Sound idol office needed to settle down and did not intend to conduct any commercial activities in the short term. While the pouching attempts were meet by failure, there’s no news at all.

Trying to act arrogantly? Waiting for a good price?

No one knows what the hell is going on.

“Tired… really tired…”

What is the situation of the Cute Sound idols who stole the limelight as the festival’s main attraction?

In the courtyard set up by the Setouchi group in Tamano city, dumb Yui is lying on the tatami in the room at the moment, rolling her body like a rice bug.

Three consecutive days of continuous high-intensity performance really exhausted them. Especially on the third day, it was really a hard battle, everyone tightened their minds. Now they finally won, the tense mind were finally let go, and with it came an unrelenting sense of exhaustion.

“Yui-chan, stop shaking, you are making me dizzy.”

Ritsu was not happy with Dumb Yui’s rolling around like a rice bug. She too is now as soft as a puddle of mud beside the wall, her eyes slightly squinted, as if she had the strength to open them.

“Don’t wanna! I’m going to shake it!”

Instead of stopping at Ritsu’s tsukomi, dumb Yui began to roll at a faster rate, almost as if she was going against Ritsu specifically.

And before Ritsu continued to speak, Kotobuki ojou-sama on the side suddenly brightened her eyes and became very interested in dumb Yui’s movements.

“Seems fun, let me join in!”

Clapping her hands together, Kotobuki ojou-sama came to dumb Yui, lay down beside her, and quickly rolled with her.

Great. It was just a single-person roll before, but now there is two-person cooperation. For Ritsu, the feeling of dizziness has naturally increased exponentially.

“Okay, Tsumugi-chan! You come to bully me too! Face my fury!”

Seeing dumb Yui and Kotobuki ojou-sama tumbling endlessly, anger springs up from Ritsu’s heart. Her originally muddy body sprang up instantly, and the next moment she lunged forward, the three girls made a mess.

“You guys… really, aren’t you really tired?”

MIO rubbed her forehead very weakly seeing the childish behavior of her friends, her face speechless.

If it was a normal situation, MIO would have gone up and given them punishment to let them know how scary her fists really are.

It’s a pity that she doesn’t have the strength to stop them now, so she can only use her words. If they don’t listen, then let them be, write it down in a small book, and then clean them up later!

“Yeah, about time. Now it’s time for us to get down to business.”

MIO did not have the strength to stop them, but it does not mean that no one but her came to stop them. In fact, just after MIO spoke, Kohinata Yukari who had been watching everyone with a very gentle attitude suddenly spoke at this moment.

It was precisely because of her words that the three girls who were still playing around immediately stopped all their actions. After all, for them, they can’t help but listen when Kohinata senpai spoke in person!

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