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What is this? Forced to join?

Li Yalin thought that this crisis could be easily lifted. But instead, he never expected that Uomi was waiting for this.

Was trapped directly, what can he say?

“I said Uomi student president… are you really okay with this?”

With a very helpless bitter smile, Li Yalin has already understood the meaning of Uomi, he can’t refuse even if he wants to.

“This can’t be helped. My secret has been known to Yalin-kun. Since I have no way to silence you, I can only tie Yalin-kun to my side, right?”

While Li Yalin is very helpless, but Uomi seems to be very happy, as if winning a fight.

Just… tied to her side?

“I’m not Uomi student president pet! Is Uomi student president really okay with this?”

In the first sentence, Li Yalin subconsciously tsukomied. And in his last sentence, he really doesn’t believe it.

According to his cognition, the character of Uomi student president should be the worse kind. Anyone who can get close to her can feel her lack of integrity.

What’s especially important is that a girl like her who likes vulgar jokes really minds her orientation being known?

No no no, of course not!

“Why do you think I don’t mind this kind of thing?”

Based on his understanding of Uomi, Li Yalin subconsciously believed that she should have no lower limit, but he ignored a problem. In practical terms, this is the first day he met Uomi. No matter what Uomi’s personality is, he should not be expose them immediately.

Because of this, problems arise.

“Yalin-kun seems to know me very well, this clearly our second meeting.”

With her hands behind her back, Uomi stared at Li Yalin in front of her with a smile, as if she saw something interesting.

And this made Li Yalin cant help but hollow laugh.

Not good…too much tsukomi!

“Well… I am just guessing. If I said something wrong, please don’t take it seriously.”

Now that he knows his mistakes, Li Yalin must of course remedy it as soon as possible. But Uomi believe his hasty explanation is another matter.

So, will Uomi student president believe his explanation?

“Guessing? Well, if Yalin-kun says so, then I think it’s a good guess.”

Well, Uomi obviously didn’t believe Li Yalin, but she didn’t plan to pursue it further.

She knows what it means to be enough, and how to achieve her goal.

For example, while Li Yalin was relieved now, he could not refuse Uomi student president invitation at all.

“Now is the time for freshmen to enroll, and our Eiryou High School student council is lacking in manpower. It would be a big help for us if Yalin-kun can join us.”

Uomi just let him off, but immediately said this again. In this case, what can he say?

In theory, he can’t refuse, but he must refuse because he really doesn’t have time to join student council now.

“That… it’s my honor to get invited by Uomi student president, but sorry I really can’t join the student council.”

Although it is difficult to speak, Li Yalin still has to apologize to Uomi.

“Oh? Why can’t Yalin-kun join the student council? Is it something hard to disclose?”

Uomi’s strategy is very successful, and she is also very confident Li Yalin would not refuse her, but she got the opposite result.

This made her very curious. She would not hear such refusal unless it was really inexplicable.

Does he really have any difficulties?

“You can tell me if you have any difficulties, I will find a way to help you.”

Uomi student president’s character is terrible, but it is also limited to people she close with that she like to tease. Beside her love of vulgar jokes, her other aspect is perfect.

Especially what she said now, it really raised Li Yalin’s favor… Of course, he didn’t hate Uomi from beginning to end.

“It’s actually like this. I have lost contact with my father now. I have to rely on my own financial resources. Apart from going to school, I am still working in a coffee shop I stayed. So I have no time for student council work.”

Uomi really wanted to help him. This is clearly seen by Li Yalin, so he explain it to her seriously.

Yes, now he not only has to play the piano at Rabbit House, but also reserves time to draw manga, if he also join student council…

He is not a superman, he can’t do so many jobs.

“So you have no time after school…”

After receiving Li Yalin explanation, Uomi was in deep contemplation and she seemed to understand Li Yalin’s difficulties.

However, she didn’t intend to let him go so easily.

“Yalin-kun has no time after school, I can understand. But lunch break… Yalin-kun should have time, right? And during school time, Yalin-kun should have spare time.”

“What do you mean… by those words Uomi student president?”

Hearing Uomi words, Li Yalin vaguely had a bad hunch in his heart. He still can’t escape after all?

“Well, Yalin-kun still join student council, but I will try to reduce your workload as much as possible. And also ensure that you can leave at any time after school, is this acceptable?”

With a slight smile towards Li Yalin, Uomi finally said something that made Li Yalin completely unable to refuse.

“Uomi student president, can I still refuse after you said all this?”

Li Yalin now felt that he couldn’t do anything but bitter smile. He can only take it since he couldn’t resist.

Anyway, he heard that Eiryou High School student council doesn’t have a schoolboy, so he won’t suffer a lose if he go there, right?

“Since that is the case, I look forward working with Yalin-kun.”

Seeing Li Yalin finally compromised, Uomi smiled even more. This matchup ended with her victory.

“By the way, Yalin-kun, you said something wrong.”

This is indeed a victory for Uomi, but she still had something to say to Li Yalin at the end.

“Anything wrong?”

Uomi’s sudden words made Li Yalin stunned, did he just say something wrong?

“I am indeed a shotacon as you said, but I have never consider dating you. According to our age, I am older than you. So with our family relationship, you should call me onee-chan.”

Li Yalin was completely dumbfounded when she said this. Now he has only one thought.

Is this really okay?

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