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For dumb Yui and the other girls, Kohinata Yukari has always taken her responsibility as a senpai very well, giving them help when they need it and never saying anything harsh, so everyone likes her and respects her very much.

So when Kohinata Yukari suddenly spoke up, dumb Yui and others had to stop even if they liked to play around.

Kohinata senpai has such a high status in their hearts!

The most important thing is that everyone can see right now that Kohinata senpai’s mood is not as good as everyone thought. They clearly won the gold trophy and the honor that the empire idol can’t expect. But why… senpai doesn’t look so happy?

Business… what kind of business is it?

“This time we were able to win the gold trophy, which is indeed very impressive, a great honor, and we are all very happy, right?”

Seeing the seriousness of Kohinata Yukari’s expression, the girls hurriedly came to sit in front of her, showing an open-minded attitude. And in front of several girls, Kohinata Yukari also spoke softly and did not hesitate to put forward the idea she had been considering, but did not explicitly say.

“Yeah, it’s like a dream.”

Although she felt that Kohinata Yukari was a bit serious at the moment, dumb Yui was never a child who could read the atmosphere. So even though the atmosphere was a bit gloomy, she still took up the conversation and answered innocently.

As she said, it was as if she was dreaming. How did she, who was just an ordinary high school girl not long ago, win the golden trophy that countless star idols in this empire had been longing for?

“Yes, it’s like a dream, but it’s not a dream, but a reality. We did get the gold trophy, and… I think everyone knows why we got this gold trophy.”

“I understand that everyone has been working very hard, but there are many people who have worked as hard as everyone else, so why don’t they get this honor and we do? Yes, it’s because of Yalin, and it’s only because of him that we are who we are today.”

“Speaking of which, the poaching of major entertainment companies has begun, right? Have many entertainment companies contacted you?”

“How much did those entertainment companies offer you in signing fees, do we want to talk about it first frankly and publicly? Well… The company that has offered me the highest signing fee so far is 300 million Japanese currency, and the lowest is around 200 million Japanese currency, how about you guys? How much is it?”

Is Kohinata Yukari unhappy?

Yes, she was unhappy and very upset!

The reason is actually very simple, just because of those ungrateful entertainment companies. They actually try to poach and dig her, and even offered her a high signing fee, as well as willing to pay all the breach of contract for her.

It seems that those entertainment companies are full of sincerity, with an annual contract fee of up to 300 million Japanese currency. This superior condition is undoubtedly the top in the district. Even if one looks at the entire empire, only those real superstars will be able to reach such a level.

But the question is, as Kohinata Yukari, who comes from a powerful family, is she likely to look at a few hundred million dollars as a signing fee?

No! That’s not even possible! Not only does she look down on this little money, but she even felt that the money-minded entertainment companies were humiliating her!

Do they really think that she will betray her peers for money?

Not to mention 300 million, even if it was 3 billion or 30 billion, she would never be swayed! She would never betray Li Yalin! Absolutely will not leave his side!


Kohinata Yukari won’t be swayed, but she can’t tell the minds of others. Especially dumb Yui and the other girls, who are so simple-minded and completely inexperienced that they really won’t be swayed when a large amount of money is placed in front of them?

Perhaps Kotobuki Tsumugi, who comes from a large family and has no concept of money, will not. But what about dumb Yui and the others?

Even though Kohinata Yukari was willing to trust everyone and believed that they would not choose to leave even if they were swayed, there were some things she had to say or else it would be very hard for her like something stuck in her throat.

And because of this, she finally said those words after going through further thought.

She felt that they should be frank about this matter, so as not to leave a knot in the future, which is not good for anyone.

At least… if someone really can’t stand the temptation of money and chooses to leave, she will sincerely bless her and hope she can live a better life.

After all, that would be considered a good breakup… isn’t it?

“Eh? Signing fee? But… no one contacted me.”

When Kohinata Yukari said this, the atmosphere of the scene was obviously a lot more serious, including dumb Yui, who looked like she wanted to say something, not as active as before.

Kotobuki ojou-sama is the only one who is at a loss as if she doesn’t understand Kohinata Yukari’s words at all.

Other entertainment companies poaching them? How come she never heard of it?

“No one contacted Tsumugi-chan?”

Kotobuki ojou-sama surprised everyone by saying that. As Kohinata Yukari said, everyone was indeed getting offers from major entertainment companies to join.

“On my side… the maximum signing fee is 200 million Japan currency.”

Surprisingly, MIO was the first to speak. She didn’t hesitate for a long time, almost for a moment, she answered frankly.

“But I have rejected them very clearly, and even if they are willing to pay a breach of contract for me, I don’t want to leave.”

Yes, MIO is indeed very open at the moment. Although she must admit that she was indeed tempted when she heard the signing fee of 200 million Japan currency. 200 million, how many basses can that buy? That’s a lot of basses to buy, isn’t it?

But after the temptation, her rejection was also very decisive.

She loves the current atmosphere and the feeling of connecting with everyone and singing together. With everyone’s company and Yalin senpai by her side, she can have the courage to stand on that stage and face the audience who also loves music.

As for giving her so much signing fee and making her an independent singer, she wouldn’t even think about that kind of thing!

So unfortunately, even if those entertainment companies are sincere, she will never say yes, never. Even if Li Yalin announces the dissolution of Cute Sound Idol Office, she will not join other entertainment companies.

This is the insistence of MIO!

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