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“It’s amazing that Mio-chan has such a high signing fee, my side only pays up to 150 million Japanese currency.”

Dumb Yui was surprised that MIO got a maximum signing fee of 200 million. In comparison, she was 50 million less than MIO.

“Although one hundred and fifty million is also quite a lot, I don’t know how to spend that much money, and I don’t want to leave everyone, so I also refused.”

Surprised at MIO’s 200 million, but dumb Yui was only surprised. In fact, for her, no matter how much money she has, she doesn’t know how to spend it, so she couldn’t have agreed to those entertainment companies’ poaching practices.

You know, the signing fees given by Li Yalin before have already caused dumb Yui a headache. After receiving the money, apart from buying a bunch of snacks, she couldn’t find a place to spend the money. In the end, she asked her mother to save the money, all thrown to the bank.

For such dumb Yui, it would be weird if those entertainment companies can dig her up with money.

“Why do you all got so much money! I only offered 50 million? Are drummers that unpopular?”

With MIO and dumb Yui’s poaching treatment out of the way, everyone’s eyes naturally fell on Ritsu. But it was at this point that Ritsu let out a sad cry with a melancholy expression.

That’s right, as she said, the maximum price the major entertainment companies offered for her was only 50 million.

But even though it was only 50 million, Ritsu was still impressed and was torn by this. Before deciding to turn down the offers from the entertainment companies, just because she will not betray her companions!

But despite that, when she heard that her companions had a terrifyingly high signing fee, she has a feeling of indignation.

Why is everyone so high and she was so low?

Do drummers have no human rights?

“Hahaha… Ritsu-chan only got fifty million?”

“It’s just a drummer after all.”

Ritsu’s screams did not elicit any sympathy, but instead, she was greeted with laughter.

Of course, it’s not to mock Ritsu. It’s just that the expression she just made was so odd, and with this topic, it came out funny.

Kohinata Yukari as the female vocalist of the band and Li Yalin’s partner is nothing wrong with poaching her to pay 300 million Japanese currency. MIO, although she is only a consonant and bassist, her delicate face still attracts a lot of fans for her, worth the 200 million signing fee.

Dumb Yui’s situation is similar to MIO. Although the offer is less than 50 million, she has that kind of value in the eyes of many entertainment companies, it is normal to offer that kind of price.

As for the last Kotobuki ojou-sama, she did not receive the offer simply because her family took protective measures for her and the entertainment companies could not contact her at all, which is why the situation occurred.

All of this is normal.

Then Ritsu’s tragedy is as much her fault as her injustice, it’s all her fault as a drummer!

Although Li Yalin deliberately gave time to several girls to perform in order to enhance their fame, and even Ritsu sang in person, in the eyes of those entertainment companies, she is still just a drummer with limited value, and 50 million is a premium.

Although it’s inappropriate to say them, this is reality, poor drummer girls.

“Okay, that’s enough. Or Ritsu-chan will really cry.”

After everyone had a lot of fun, Kohinata Yukari took the lead, and finally turned the topic off. Otherwise, Ritsu may storm out with grief and indignation.

After the joke was over, Kohinata Yukari faced the girls again and bowed to them with a very dignified gesture.

“Thank you for staying.”

“What are you doing Kohinata senpai?”

“That’s right, we didn’t do anything, why did you bow?”

Kohinata Yukari’s bow shocked everyone. After all, for these girls, they really do not think they did something remarkable, there’s no need to bow or anything.

“Actually, I’m really afraid that if you guys can’t resist the temptation of money and choose to leave at this time… That would definitely be a big blow to Yalin.”

“In addition to everyone’s own efforts, all we have is attributed to Yalin, who has brought us all the glory. Once someone betrays him at this critical moment, it will definitely hurt him even if he doesn’t say it on the surface.”

“I’m very happy that everyone chose to stay with him. I’m really very happy.”

For Li Yalin, Kohinata Yukari has given a lot of thought, and she knows very well how much effort Li Yalin has put on everyone, and he has always been leading everyone forward. If someone stabbed him in the back at this time, then she couldn’t imagine the consequences.

That’s why she was so angry when those entertainment companies try to poach her. Otherwise, with her personality, she will definitely not take the initiative to say these things to everyone.

But now, she can finally be at ease, so she is grateful to everyone for not being moved by money and no irreversible scene happened.

“Of course we won’t leave! This life is the happiest now!”

“That’s right! We still plan to move on to a higher level, how can we break up here!”

Regarding Kohinata Yukari’s mood, everyone can feel it more or less. Although everyone has never thought about betraying and leaving from the beginning, everyone still shudders when they thought of that scenario.

Even at this moment, everyone was very grateful that they were not tempted by money. Otherwise, it would definitely bring great harm to their respected Yalin senpai.

Even if it’s for Yalin senpai, everyone will continue to walk side by side together in the future!

After this conversation, the hearts of several girls are tightly united. But as the core figure of this incident, Li Yalin is not aware of all this.

He didn’t know about everyone being poached, let alone what Kohinata Yukari did for him. At this moment, he is studying the final capture of the Yoshino group. Because after the festival is over, everyone will leave for Tokyo tomorrow, and before that, he has to put an end to it!

The Yoshino group’s problem… it’s time to solve it all at once!

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