Cafe 442

“No follow-up from Yoshino’s group? What the hell are they doing?”

Two days have passed since the two sons of the Yoshino group’s family were captured. During these two days, there was no movement in the Yoshino group. No follow-up troops landed in Tamano city, nor have they shown any sign to the Setouchi group.

Yoshino group is like a silent lions, do not know when to reveal their fangs. It’s always the most difficult to deal with such a silent opponent.

Originally, Li Yalin felt that two days were enough for the Yoshino group to carry out a second counterattack. For this reason, he had made sufficient preparations, but in the end, it was all for nothing. It’s like hitting on cotton, it feels frustrating.

Seeing his leaving Tamano city was imminent, if he could not solve this matter and couldn’t get the task done, then his only choice is to stay, which was was exactly what he didn’t want to see.

Damn those Yoshino’s group! Don’t they have any bloodlust? They don’t intend to go to war?

“The spies we sent into Yoshino’s group have not sent back any valuable information. Now I don’t know what Yoshino guy is thinking, didn’t even give any orders. Is he planning to keep dragging it out?”

In response to Li Yalin’s complaint, Seto Ren, who was beside him, shook her head gently. She couldn’t figure out what kind of scheme the Yoshino group was playing. They obviously caught his two sons, but he didn’t even react at all?

This is totally unscientific!

“Let’s just fight all the way through! Let’s go straight to Yoshino’s lair! Let’s see if they can still act arrogant!”

While Li Yalin and Seto Ren were talking, Seto Gozaburo couldn’t help but beat the tatami mats in front of him. But his shouting, combined with his shiny head, makes him look really funny.

This is not the least bit deterrent at all! How can you, the boss, lead people to raid someone’s lair?

It was so funny he forgot to laugh!

“Not possible, don’t even think about it!”

Hearing her husband’s words, Seto Ren glared at him directly. Daring to say anything but didn’t use his brain at all. Can you go to the Yoshino group’s territory just because you want to? Are you stupid?

Tamano city is not nominally owned by the Setouchi group. Setouchi group just took over the city’s site, so Yoshino group sent a team to compete for a share of the resources, theoretically it is justifiable.

But if the Setouchi group sent people to the Yoshino group’s territory, it would be a real war between the two gangs. And if word got out, the Setouchi group would never be justified, but would be on the side of the invaders.

Therefore, even if it is known that the Yoshino group invaded Tamano city to test the Setouchi group’s bottom line, which something that the Setouchi group can take advantage of in the future. In the current situation, one’s own side definitely cannot choose to actively invade.

The battlefield can only be maintained within this Tamano city. Otherwise, they will be caught by the Yoshino group’s plan, and the Setouchi group will be trapped!

Regarding this point, Seto Ren couldn’t be more clear. However, it is a pity that her husband has brute force, but his brains are below the level of normal people. The solution he can think of is simply unreliable.

The future of Setouchi group is really at stake with him as the boss…

When she thought of this, Seto Ren could not help but hold her forehead. She deeply understood that relying on her husband’s ability to maintain the status quo of the Setouchi group is already the limit. To further develop the organization is but a pipe dream!

What’s more, she and Seto Gozaburo only have one daughter, Sun. And in some ways, Sun was single-minded like Seto Gozaburo, so it would be the end if she let her daughter inherit the Setouchi group.

In this case, the necessity of a good son-in-law comes to the fore.

In Seto Ren’s eyes, Li Yalin is undoubtedly such a good son-in-law candidate. It is a pity that the mother-in-law is willing, but her favorite son-in-law remains indifferent, and her daughter is a pure white in terms of relationships…

Sigh, it’s so unfair.

“Then… what should we do?”

As a henpecked man who is afraid of his wife, Seto Gozaburo subconsciously shrank his neck after Seto Ren glared at him, completely losing the momentum of his previous attempt to break into Yoshino’s group.

At this moment, he can only carefully wait for his wife, asking for advice with an aggrieved expression.

“There’s me and Yalin here, so just leave us alone. If you had nothing to do, go outside and take a stroll for some fresh air.”

Raising her hand, Seto Ren didn’t intend to answer her husband’s question at all. Not only that, she seemed to feel that her bald husband was a great eyesore here, and wanted to blast him away.

And this is indeed true. Seto Gozaburo doesn’t bring anything to the table, and will only cause trouble. Get him to leave is definitely the correct choice.


Ren aunt, aren’t you too harsh on uncle Gozaburo?

Li Yalin was quite awkward watching from the side by the way Seto Ren and Seto Gozaburo interact with each other. Remembering that in the original episode of anime, Seto Ren generally gave a face to her husband, although she’s still a great woman, but never showed such impatience?

What’s going on?

Is the couple in a relationship crisis?

But in this case, it’s not a good idea to express his opinions. Otherwise if he gets things wrong, the couple might get offended.

So he can only watch the show calmly from the sidelines.


It was a big blow to Seto Gozaburo to be treated like this by his wife. But as a genuine henpecked, he couldn’t make any comments and finally had to exhale in displeasure and turn around and leave the room.

“Ren aunt… Is it really okay for you to treat Gozaburo-san like this?”

After watching Seto Gozaburo leave, Li Yalin was silent for a moment before he finally opened his mouth politely. Though he didn’t say anything in front of uncle Gozaburo, now that they were alone, proper persuasion was necessary.

“The man in my family is so useless…”

Looking at the direction of Seto Gozaburo’s departure, Seto Ren also sighed helplessly. She knew her husband best, perhaps he’s good at solving issues with fighting and killing, she also married him because of his masculinity, but in reality? With the development of the times, the world has gradually undergone a huge change. This is no longer the era when one could survive only by fighting and killing.

Only a smart mind can gain the power to continue to survive. But unfortunately, what her husband lacks most is IQ.

In this case, how can Seto Ren not sigh?

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