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“I think Yalin you should be clear, Setouchi group is a group of reckless people who only know how to do things with brute force. If they fight the enemy head-on, they may not be inferior to any enemy. But they had no use when it’s time to use their brain.”

“Gozaburo is no longer fit to lead the Setouchi group, and he continues to sit in this position today only because he has a group of loyal underlings, and it was a group of loyal underlings with only courage and no brains.”

“There are times when I’m actually glad that Masa is loyal to Gozaburo. Otherwise with Masa’s brains, it would be easy to kick Gozaburo out of his position as boss.”

“We desperately need someone who can take up the mantle of the Setouchi group right now. Gozaburo is not the right person, Masa is not willing to take that position, and I… as a woman, can’t really fill in for Gozaburo, either.”

“Yalin… why don’t you marry Sun and become the true young master of my Setouchi group. Lead everyone to keep going!”

“If it’s you, surely you can do it!!”


Originally, Li Yalin only wanted to remind Seto Ren that it would inevitably cause discord between the couple if they continued in this way. But unexpectedly, after his remark, Seto Ren became more and more agitated, and finally even held his hand tightly, as if she would not let go until he agreed.

What the hell?

Is she trying to tie himself to the Setouchi group’s ship? So he can’t get off?

That won’t do!

Ren aunt, you can’t do this to me!

“Ren aunt… I understand how you feel, and I know how difficult it is for you, but… you want to help people find a decent job and help them support their families, that’s okay. But like you said, this is not the era of solving issues with fighting and killing anymore, I can’t lead the Setouchi group even if you let me.”

He didn’t let her keep holding his hand. As for the refusal, Li Yalin also said without hesitation.

He is not trying to shirk or anything. But just as he said, now is different from the past. Let him lead a group of yakuza mermaids that only know fighting and killing, being a yakuza boss is simply impossible for him!

These days, yakuza also need to keep up with the times, and the old concept to develop yakuza is obviously not feasible.

The most important thing is that Li Yalin has no intention of staying at all, let alone marrying Sun to become the true young master of the Setouchi group!

You are giving me a hard time!

“Ugh… I understand, a good young man like you is indeed not suitable for staying in Setouchi group…”

Li Yalin’s remarks are already rejecting Seto Ren. In fact, she herself knows that with the identity of a super popular idol like Li Yalin, it is indeed impossible to be a yakuza boss.

But… such a fine young man, such a suitable boy for her daughter, can not be found again if she let him slip away!

Is there really no chance?

“Well Ren aunt, we can discuss in detail how to develop the Setouchi group later. The most important thing now is to figure out Yoshino’s group conspiracy. I cannot stay in Tamano city for too long, so we must solve this matter as soon as possible.”

Li Yalin can see the disappointment in Seto Ren’s eyes. But even if he sees it, what can he do? Wouldn’t he really have to stay if he couldn’t bear it?

That is obviously impossible, so now he can only quickly turn back to the topic. The most important thing at the moment is to study how to solve the issue of the Yoshino group.

The task released by the system is not completed, which means that the matter has not been resolved. How to help the Setouchi group defeat the Yoshino group is the problem.

“That’s true, but what can we do with no news?”

Turning back to the topic, Seto Ren also calmed down, and her expression gradually became serious. But with this seriousness, her expression brought a touch of worry, as if she was worried about this issue.

The enemy does not move, this is the most insurmountable problem.

“Maybe… we need to think of another way…”

As Seto Ren fears, if Yoshino’s group doesn’t make a move, they can only choose to procrastinate, and that’s exactly what Li Yalin doesn’t want.

Since Yoshino’s group didn’t make a move, he would have had to do it another way, take the initiative!

“I’m going to make a call.”

After informing Seto Ren, Li Yalin got up and went to a secluded location, took out his cell phone and dialed Kowata Akane’s number.

In this extraordinary period, they can only use some extraordinary means. Perhaps Kowata Akane can help him get through this difficult time this time!

“Yalin? Why did you give me a call? Did you miss me?”

Kowata Akane on the other end of the phone was obviously surprised. During the time he was away from home, Li Yalin of course had to keep in touch with his family all the time. But most of the people he talked to were Cocoa and Chino. While Kowata Akane, the two of them had the least number of calls.

Probably just once or twice more than the silent Black.

That’s why Kowata Akane’s tone couldn’t help but raise a bit in response to Li Yalin’s unsolicited call.

It seems that she is very happy to receive a call from Li Yalin?

“Yeah, I missed Akane-ne.”

Now since he has something to ask her for, of course Li Yalin’s mouth should be sweeter. Otherwise it would be rather rude if he didn’t say something nice while asking others for help.

“Humph! I don’t believe you. Tell me, is there something difficult that personally needs your Akane-ne?”

Kowata Akane knows Li Yalin very well and knows that he is not a sweet-talker at all. But now he is talking so nicely that he is clearly wants something.

Because of this, she snorted slightly, directly poking Li Yalin’s little mind. But after all, there was still a touch of pleasure in her words.

She was very receptive to Li Yalin’s kind words.

“Cough… I did have a little trouble here. Akane-ne, I want to ask you about magecraft… is there any kind of magecraft that can completely control the minds of others? For example, a magecraft that turns people into one’s own puppet completely?”

Kowata Akane’s snort made Li Yalin cough awkwardly. But he also heard that Kowata Akane was in a good mood, so he didn’t hide it and just put his thoughts into words.

Yes, he now needs a magecraft to control others, use this magecraft to control the two brothers of the Yoshino family, and then use those two brothers to achieve his goal.

Only such a proactive move will solve the Yoshino group’s issues once and for all!

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