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“The magecraft that controls the minds of others? What do you want to do Yalin?”

Although Li Yalin expressed his thoughts, on the other end of the call, Kowata Akane’s voice became deep and serious.

Obviously, magecraft that controls other people’s minds is not simple. Maybe it touched some taboos, otherwise she would not be so serious and avoid as taboo.

“It’s like this…”

Since he was asking for Kowata Akane’s help, Li Yalin couldn’t possibly hide anything from her. So he briefly explained to her what had happened, including the identity of the Setouchi group and the Yoshino group mermaid.

Although Mermaid’s secret needs to be kept, Kowata Akane who acts as his elder sister can be regarded as having a relationship with Mermaid, so it can’t be counted as revealing the secret.

“Mermaid? Good grief… you stumbled upon such a hidden race? What kind of luck do you have?”

Kowata Akane suddenly voiced her surprise after hearing Li Yalin’s explanation. The legend of the mermaid is certainly well known to her. After all, the mermaid, like the witch, is passed down in the legend, but at the same time really exists in the world.

It’s just that mermaid has a mermaid circle, and the witch has their own circle. Just as mermaids cannot determine the existence of a witch, many witches have never met mermaids.

Yes, even though there’s many mermaid and witches, but the vast majority of them are dressed as ordinary people, hidden in all corners of the world. Perhaps you walk in the street, will see a lot of mermaids and witches, but without revealing their identity, who can know the truth?

At least Kowata Akane has traveled the world for many years and still hasn’t seen a real mermaid. But Li Yalin just goes out to attend a music festival, but can actually run into mermaid yakuza battle between, and even recognized two mermaids as imouto.

What kind of luck is this?

Is he the protagonist in the legend?

Well, when you think about the fact that he was able to open the otherworld gate and even recruit the otherworld’s guardian Dragon God into his home as a waiter, recognizing two mermaids as imouto doesn’t seem unacceptable.

This guy shouldn’t be viewed with common sense!

“It’s complicated to explain the specific situation on the phone, so I’ll personally go to your side. Be prepared and send me the positioning.”

Although she sighed at Li Yalin’s luck, Kowata Akane also knew that she had to help him with this. So she didn’t talk nonsense and let Li Yalin start magecraft positioning directly.

Tokyo is so far away from Tamano city, of course she can’t come here by transportation. Want to catch up, the witch has the witch’s way. As long as she has the location, with Kowata Akane’s ability, she can travel to any corner of the world.

Coming to Tamano city is just a blink of an eye.

“Ren aunt, let me introduce you to someone.”

Kowata Akane is vigorous and speedy. Since she asked Li Yalin to prepare, it means she will come over now. So after hanging up the phone, Li Yalin also went to inform Seto Ren first to prevent unnecessary misunderstanding when Kowata Akane suddenly appeared.

“Introduce me to someone?”

Suddenly hearing what Li Yalin said, Seto Ren was also a little curious. Because she understood that Li Yalin was going to find a helper.

In such a hurry, can his helper come over so quickly?

“Yalin, what are you…”

Seto Ren was already curious, but when she saw Li Yalin come into the courtyard and start drawing a mysterious magic array on the ground, she felt even weirder.

Did he intend to make somebody come up to a place from nowhere?

Magecraft… can accomplish that?

Yes, Seto Ren thought was right. Li Yalin is about to call someone. With the successful drawing of the magic array, Li Yalin spiritual power is injected into the magic array, which resonates with the magic power of Kowata Akane in Tokyo. Accompanied by the spread of white smoke, and then a closer look, a human figure came out of the smoke!

Someone really showed up?

“Yalin! Onee-san missed you!”

As Seto Ren saw, the figure in the smoke was Kowata Akane, who had just finished contacting Li Yalin. And after using the transfer magic array to reach Tamano city, she went up to Li Yalin and gave him a big hug without caring about the eyes of the people around her.

This Akane-ne… her personality is still so bold…

“Anyway… Akane-ne, let’s get down to business first!”

Haven’t seen each other for three days, and as soon as they met, he was being swept up in Kowata Akane’s broad bosom. Li Yalin was under great pressure.

The key thing is, there is a beautiful madam watching us, can we be a little restrained?

“Oh yes! Business! This person… is she mermaid?”

When Li Yalin talked about business, Kowata Akane finally remembered that she had come here to see the legendary mermaid, and the only one standing next to Li Yalin at this moment was Seto Ren, which naturally attracted her attention.

Hey, Akane-ne, aren’t you too rude?

“Ren aunt, this is an older sister in my family, her name is Kowata Akane, she is a very powerful witch. I brought her here for the purpose of acting as our outside help this time.”

“Akane-ne, this is Ren aunt, imouto’s mother I recognize.”

Although he wanted to reprimand Kowata Akane for being rude, Li Yalin knew that the most important thing was to introduce the two to each other quickly.

But just after he introduced their identity, he was very speechless to find that these two women didn’t listen to his introduction at all.

Kowata Akane is now looking up and down at Seto Ren, who is quite excited to see the mermaid for the first time. While Seto Ren, whose eyes are always on Kowata Akane’s chest, occasionally looks at Li Yalin’s face, with a thoughtful face, as if she has realized something from the actions of the two siblings just now.


That should be enough. Are you guys going to look at each other until the end of time?

To be honest, Li Yalin feel very awkward being sandwiched between these two women. He wanted to say something but felt like it was useless.

Should he wait for them to look relaxed, and then continue to do the introduction?

Well, there’s nothing to be worried about. After looking at each other for a while, Seto Ren has taken the initiative to raise her hand.

“Seto Ren, nice to meet you, the legendary witch.”

“Kowata Akane, it’s also nice to meet you, the legendary mermaid.”

You two… do you still need to add the word legend to call each other?

No need to make it so exaggerated?

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