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Although Li Yalin is constantly tsukomi in his heart, in fact, the meeting between Seto Ren and Kowata Akane is quite harmonious. Seto Ren is a gentle and generous beautiful madam, and Kowata Akane is an unpretentious and cheerful witch.

After getting familiar with each other, the two of them quickly found a common language, without Li Yalin to say anything more, they have begun to call each other sister.

Well, the way women communicate with each other was not something men can understand, so let them do as they please.

“It’s these two guys?”

The exchange between Kowata Akane and Seto Ren is not detailed here, and in no time the group arrives at the room where Yoshino Satoshi Yoshino Isamu’s brothers are being held.

As prisoners, the treatment of these two guys obviously can not be described as good. But they are still the young masters of the Yoshino group, so the Setouchi group can’t treat them too badly. At least during the three days of imprisonment, they can still be considered in good condition, just no personal freedom.

After seeing these two guys, Kowata Akane’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of light. How to describe it, it is like a mad scientist’s eyes seeing a perfect test product. Even as a bystander, Li Yalin sees her state also subconsciously took a half step back.

“They are tight-lipped, interrogation for a few days is not effective. I can only trouble you Akane-ne.”

Turning his attention to the two Yoshino brothers, Li Yalin’s eyes have taken on a tinge of pity. Being targeted by Kowata Akane, you two guys have to pray for yourself.

In fact, the main reason why they have no choice but to find Kowata Akane is that these two guys are too tight-lipped. After they are handed over to the Setouchi group for interrogation, they can’t dig up any usable information from them. Especially Yoshino Isamu, who is simply a hard-headed person, so they had no other choice.

If possible, Li Yalin would really like to give them the top ten tortures, give them a taste of what it means to be a living death. But he has given them to the Setouchi group, it will inevitably give rise to a feeling of overstepping the bounds if he does it personally. Not to mention that he doesn’t want the image of a good man he created to be broken.

If he becomes an interrogator demon in the eyes of others… forget it, that will definitely reduce the favorability of others. At least Sun won’t want her onii-chan to be such a demon, right?

So, instead of taking such trouble, why not let Kowata Akane do it. At least it saves time and effort and works well, right?

The only unlucky ones are the two brothers Yoshino Isamu and Yoshino Satoshi.

“Don’t worry, leave everything to onee-san!”

For the two Yoshino brothers, Kowata Akane does not have the compassion that Li Yalin has in his heart, she is still in the state of a mad scientist. These two brothers in her eyes are not so much experiments, but rather two dead fish on the table.

“Although magecraft, which controls the minds of others, is taboo in the witch world and is not allowed to be inflicted on humans. But…. mermaid is not human. If used on the mermaid, it shouldn’t be considered as breaking the taboo, right?”

The corners of Kowata Akane’s mouth lifted. Obviously a very bright smile, but for some reason, it gave a very eerie feeling. Especially for the two brothers involved, Yoshino Satoshi and Yoshino Isamu, this feeling is more intuitive for them.

“You… who are you? What do you want?”

The two Yoshino brothers did not know who Kowata Akane was, but the horrible words they heard from her were clear to Yoshino Satoshi.

Magecraft that controls the mind? Witch world? Could it be… this woman with a broom in hand is the legendary witch?

When did the Setouchi group hook up with the witch?

It’s him?

Yoshino Satoshi refused to speak anyway before because he still has a lot of confidence. He knows very well that the Yoshino group is not inferior to the Setouchi group, not to mention that there was a stronger force standing behind them. Even if the Setouchi group has the upper hand now, it does not prevent them from becoming the ultimate winner.

Even if it doesn’t feel good to be a prisoner, but as long as they wait patiently, will certainly usher in the light!

But he never thought that the Setouchi group was not as simple as he imagined, that there were people behind the Yoshino group, and that there were allies behind the Setouchi group! And even more terrifying and mysterious witch!

Looks like if they don’t cooperate, they will end up as a puppet of others?


That’s no allowed!

“I lost! I’m the one who lost! I’ll tell you everything you want to know! That’s enough, right?”

Yoshino Satoshi in the end is still an intelligent person, in a short time he figured everything out and made a decision on the spot. For him, he would rather give in instead of becoming someone else’s puppet, at least so he can save himself, in exchange for the opportunity to rise again in the future.

It’s just… will Li Yalin give him this chance?

“I’m sorry, the special treatment time has passed. You are not qualified to negotiate terms with us. Obediently become our puppet. You two brothers will be our best help in defeating the Yoshino group!”

In Li Yalin’s eyes, Yoshino Satoshi is a very dangerous guy, or at least his presence will threaten the Setouchi group in the future. Before leaving, he wants to eliminate all hidden dangers in their infancy.

So whether he’s willing to compromise or not, he can’t escape today. He will not be able to escape, and his otouto Yoshino Isamu will also not be able to escape!

“Akane-ne, I’m counting on you.”

How to use magecraft to control the minds of others is not Li Yalin’s area of expertise, so he leaves it up to Kowata Akane.

And indeed, Kowata Akane did not disappoint him. Although it took a long time to prepare and the process was a bit complicated and tedious, the result was a pleasing success.

Yes, after Kowata Akane’s efforts, Yoshino Satoshi and Yoshino Isamu, the two brothers finally became her puppets. Although they did not lose their intelligence, their minds and bodies were all controlled by Kowata Akane.

It can be said that Kowata Akane is their master. No matter what order she gives, the two brothers will faithfully execute it, even if they are told to die! They definitely will not have any complaints!

Such puppets are really convenient, so since they have been turned into puppets, it is naturally their time to play.

This time, Li Yalin did not just intend to use these two brothers as items to solve the Yoshino group, but decided to use them to completely control the Yoshino group in their own hands!

That’s right! He’s going to take this opportunity to take down the Yoshino group once and for all!

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