Cafe 446

According to the system’s task, Li Yalin only had to help the Setouchi group defeat the Yoshino group. But just by defeating the Yoshino group, the existence of the yakuza group would still pose a threat to the Setouchi group.

That’s why Li Yalin plans to use the Yoshino brothers’ identities to take care of their dad and older brother and gain real control of the Yoshino group once and for all.

And only then can the Setouchi group be truly safe!

Of course, before letting the two brothers go back, Li Yalin still has to find out which boss is behind the Yoshino group, so that they dare to attack the Setouchi group like this.

Unfortunately, even Yoshino Satoshi, the intellectual leader of the Yoshino group, is not able to say anything about this point.

The power that stands behind the Yoshino group is too mysterious.

But even so, he can still guess something. According to Yoshino Satoshi, the force behind the Yoshino group is most likely dominated by a nobleman in the mermaid.

Although most of the mermaids are on the path of yakuza, above them, there are also mermaid nobles and royal families as their supervisors. Even if the influence of the mermaid nobles in the mermaid these days is not as great as it once was, but it cannot be underestimated.

That’s why Yoshino Satoshi made this guess, and he can say for sure that it is at least 90% true.

This means that the Setouchi group will be facing not only the Yoshino group but also a mysterious noble force.

Perhaps this is the biggest crisis that the Setouchi group is about to face!

“Mermaid noble… this is really difficult…”

Eventually, the two brothers Yoshino Satoshi and Yoshino Isamu were let go, carrying the highest orders given to them by Li Yalin and embarking on the honorable task of taking control of the Yoshino group.

Yoshino’s brothers are gone, but the atmosphere in the room is a bit depressing. Kowata Akane as an outsider does not know the situation, but Li Yalin and Seto Ren have very solemn expressions.

There is no way, as Li Yalin said, the mermaid nobility is very difficult to deal with. Inherited for thousands of years, accumulated countless generations of mermaid nobility, the other side’s strength is definitely imagined so simple. If they were against such a force…

Although this is somewhat demoralizing, the Setouchi group is really unlikely to have any chance of winning.

“In recent years, I’ve heard that the noble side wants to take back more power, but I’ve never seen them do anything, and thought it was just a market rumor. I didn’t expect this to be true, and in such a way.”

Li Yalin only has a general idea of the mermaid aristocracy and doesn’t know much about it, but for Seto Ren, she has a very intuitive feeling.

As mentioned above, most of the mermaids at the moment are yakuza. The control of the mermaid aristocracy has not been as great as it once was. Many mermaids have gradually downplayed the power of the aristocracy, and gradually no longer put those aristocrats in their eyes.

But even so, nobles are still nobles, and they can never be underestimated. People will be caught unprepared if they moved their hands.

Those nobles… are they really behind this?

At this moment, Seto Ren knitted her brows, as if she couldn’t solve the current situation.

“Perhaps… the situation isn’t as bad as it seems.”

Li Yalin was surprised by the sudden appearance of the mermaid nobles, but after some thought, he breathed out gently and gradually relaxed.

And this also ushered in Seto Ren’s moving gaze.

“What do you mean Yalin? Did you think of something?”

Seeing that the situation may have turned around, Seto Ren’s eyes also flashed a glimmer.

“Ren aunt, think about it. If those mermaid noblemen really dare to strike without any fear, why do they need to use the power of the Yoshino group to attack the Setouchi group? The main reason why they chose to do so is… they are cautious!”

“Although I don’t know what makes them so cautious, at least we understand that they did not dare to show themselves easily. That means that we only need to solve the Yoshino group, there is no need to fear those nobles.”

“Maybe in the future they will do some small moves in the dark, but as long as we don’t reveal any flaws, they can’t do anything about us. Unless they dare to really tear their faces and declare war with our Setouchi group.”

“But… do they dare to do that?”

Yes, as Li Yalin said, if those mermaid nobles dared to make a move, they would have already made a move, so why hide behind the scenes?

Since they don’t dare to come out, there is no need to fear them!

In the current situation, unless the mermaid nobles have full confidence, they will definitely not show up easily. And if they start to show up, it means that they are fully prepared, and the Setouchi group will definitely not be able to resist anyway.

Therefore, it is useless to dwell on those noblemen at the moment, so it is better to focus on the immediate future and get the Yoshino group as soon as possible as the first priority.

“You’re right! Those nobles who are hiding don’t dare to show themselves! Otherwise, they would have come out already, there is no need to let Yoshino’s group do it!”

There a saying that the spectators see the game better than the players. Seto Ren was lost in anxious mood, otherwise with her intelligence, she would have seen through this point long ago.

Now, through Li Yalin’s reminder, she has completely figured out everything and her original worries have naturally dissipated.

“So, we just need to be patient and wait for the Yoshino brothers to bring us good news.”

With a slight smile towards Seto Ren, Li Yalin’s face was full of confidence. In fact, the two brothers Yoshino did not let him down. Under Kowata Akane’s compelling magecraft, they have lost their affection for their father and brother, their attack was a ruthless one!

On the day of their return to the Yoshino group, the two brothers conspired to deal with their father and elder brother, and succeeded in taking control of the Yoshino group. Although they did not personally kill their blood relatives, finally they eliminated a major problem, leaving their father and elder brother powerless.

Maybe… this is the biggest punishment for them? Even if they can’t feel the so-called punishment at all now.

Well, without further ado, as the Yoshino group was controlled by the two Yoshino brothers, the Setouchi group’s crisis was naturally solved, and Li Yalin’s task was successfully completed. But what was more surprising was that when the two Yoshino brothers returned to the Yoshino group and put the yakuza organization under control, they gave him an unexpected message.

The nobleman who secretly provided assistance to the Yoshino group has already withdrawn the support and disappeared!

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