Cafe 447

Disappeared? The last clue disappeared?

When he got the news, Li Yalin’s expression was quite odd. It was so unexpected that he was a bit caught off guard.

Originally, his idea was that when the Yoshino brothers took control of the Yoshino group, they could also use it to uncover the mermaid noblemen hiding behind the scenes, not so much to solve those guys, but at least to know them.

It turned out everything went into nothing, and those mermaid nobles disappeared completely.

But because of this, Li Yalin could also see that the mermaid nobles must have a very big plan because through Yoshino Satoshi, he also got another message – as the former boss of Yoshino group, Yoshino Satoshi’s father, he didn’t know the real identity of the mermaid nobles but only know that they belonged to a noble of a certain power, that’s it.

It is surprising that they do not even trust their allies and keep the information blocked to such an extent. Who would believe that this is not a very big plan?

Unfortunately, it’s useless to analyze them now, the clues are all broken, and it is impossible to investigate further. At the moment, they can only wait for the mysterious mermaid nobles to appear again before they can continue to consider solutions.

Before that, it’s futile to think about it, and Li Yalin can’t stay in this Tamano city for a long time.

The rest… the Setouchi group has to fend for themselves.

“Ren aunt, if the situation changes, you must remember to contact me as soon as possible. I will definitely rush over as soon as possible.”

The music festival has ended, the task has been completed, so naturally it’s time to part ways.

He didn’t intend to make things too big, so Li Yalin didn’t let everyone from the Setouchi group go to the airport to see them off. Everything that should be said, can be said at home.

When he came to Seto Ren, he made very serious advice. It was useless to say it to Seto Gozaburo. The Setochi group boss is just a decoration, only Ren aunt would take it to the heart.

And he is also very confident that if something happens to the Setouchi group, he would be able to solve it…. Even if the situation cannot be recovered, at least it will be okay to ensure everyone’s personal safety.

This is the only thing he can do for everyone.

“Yes, I know, be careful on the way. Remember to contact us more often when you get home, and don’t forget, this is your home too.”

Before leaving, to see Li Yalin would still warn her makes Seto Ren very touched. She really likes this child after a few days of getting along. It is inevitable that there will be sadness in her heart when they suddenly have to part away.

And after she spoke, she actually hugged Li Yalin directly in front of everyone’s eyes. It took at least four or five minutes before she finally let go.

This is… it makes him really awkward.

By the way, your husband is still watching! Let’s pay a little attention to the situation on the scene?

“Okay, I won’t take up your time. Sun, I’ll return your onii-chan to you.”

Fortunately, Seto Ren still looks at the occasion. After hugging Li Yalin for a while, she smiled and pushed him to Sun.

Separation is imminent, the brother and sister must also have a lot to say.

Besides… this is also a good opportunity for them to spend time together as brother and sister, isn’t it?


Faced with Li Yalin, Sun’s emotions were a bit indescribable. She called him onii-chan, but the words got stuck in her throat when she wants to say something and couldn’t get them out.

The encounter with this onii-chan was full of surprises. She never expected that she would get an onii-chan, and one that she admired and liked.

Although they have not been siblings for long, Sun feels that she has become very accustomed to spending time with onii-chan, and she even feels that she would like to live with onii-chan like this forever.

It’s a great feeling to have such an onii-chan!

She was really happy!

But… happiness comes and goes quickly. They finally became siblings, but now they have to separate. A depressed mood is filled in her heart, so Sun doesn’t know what kind of expression she should show.

As an imouto, shouldn’t she say goodbye to onii-chan with a smile at this time?

But why… she can’t smile at all?

“I’m leaving, Sun. Take care of yourself when I’m away and don’t forget to call onii-chan if you run into any difficulties.”

Li Yalin can see Sun’s mood. Although this little girl can be an airhead sometimes, she can be quite emotional. That look of reddened eyes with the desire to speak, but really afraid that she will cry later.

Sun’s feelings are very complicated and she can’t say what she has in mind. So in that case, let himself speak for her.

After all… this separation is something that everyone always has to face.


When Li Yalin said those words, he also placed his hand on Sun’s head. In the face of onii-chan’s gentle words and touch, Sun couldn’t help but lower her head and sniffing gently.

Only in the end, she was not able to say anything but nod heavily as an expression of her feelings.

“You brat… although I don’t know what you did, this crisis can be resolved because of you. Thank you.”

As a daughter-con, Seto Gozaburo certainly does not like to see another man touching his daughter’s body, it’s absolutely not allowed even if it just touching the head. Normally, he would have broke out already, pull out a blade to cut down the unclean guy.

But unfortunately, he is now dealing with Li Yalin, the onii-chan of Sun and the benefactor who helped the Setouchi group to overcome the difficult situation, so how can he lose his temper under such circumstances?

Although he has no brain, he’s not an ungrateful guy. So even if he saw this scene with his own eyes, he was hesitant to talk several times, but in the end can only lightly grunt and spoke gruffly.

And at the end, he also said his gratitude, which is really amazing!

That Seto Gozaburo… would even say thank you?

Yes, he said thank you, so the Setouchi group of mermaids were not left behind with him leading the way.

“Thank you Yalin young master!”

Following Seto Gozaburo, Mr. Masa bowed ninety degrees and expressed his sincere gratitude to Li Yalin.

“Thank you Yalin young master!”

“Have a good journey Yalin young master!”

At the Setouchi group courtyard entrance, all Setouchi group mermaids simultaneously bowed in gratitude, which was quite a sight.

Li Yalin, who is the person involved, is also feeling slightly complicated. Gratitude from Setouchi group mermaid? It seems… it’s quite delightful.

“Then everyone! Goodbye!”

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