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After saying goodbye to the Setouchi group’s mermaids, Li Yalin didn’t stop at all and met up with Uomi and the others to board a plane back to Tokyo.

Prior to this, Kowata Akane had already returned home through the transfer magic array. While on Lunar’s side, she also said goodbye to Li Yalin in advance because of her schedule, and when she said goodbye, her nose turns red from crying like a little girl.

But even if it’s hard to say goodbye, the time to leave will come eventually. After getting on the plane, thinking back on everything that happened in the past few days, Li Yalin couldn’t help but let out a sigh of emotion.

It’s just a few days, why does it feel like a long time has passed?

This trip to Tamano city is really colorful, and… a lot of gains!

While on the plane, let’s take this opportunity to organize the harvest this time!

After careful calculations, four tasks have been completed in this music festival. Among them, he got three chances to draw a lottery from the Main task and the Chinese classic songs from the task of appeasing Lunar, which will be put aside for the time being since they are not very important.

What he really cares about is the reward for saving Sun and Setouchi group, two chances to level up!

The two level-ups, one is an option ability level-up and the other is a skill level-up, which means that Li Yalin can now select one of the options and skills and directly raise it by one level.

Obviously, this kind of ability improvement opportunity must be placed on the options and skills of the expert level, otherwise it will be a great waste.

Then expert-level options and skills… the range of options have been drastically reduced.

First of all, there is only one expert-level ability in the options, and that is the Chinese cuisine option, which is thanks to the foodie queen, otherwise it wouldn’t level up so quickly.

So Li Yalin can only choose this option to upgrade, directly raise it from expert level to the master level.

As mentioned before, for both option ability and skills, the special bonus will be activated every time it reaches the adept level, will get exclusive items for free after reaching the expert level, and the system will reward corresponding exclusive talent skills from the achievement of reaching master.

This is also the biggest difference between master’s level and other levels!

How unique are the options and skills’ talent skills?

Li Yalin can’t wait to see what happens!

Level-up complete!

System reward – cooking heart!

Along with the Chinese cuisine option level up, Li Yalin soon got the system reward talent skills. From the name, this skill seems a bit shabby and has some unclear meaning. Cooking heart … does it mean the heart of a chef?

Well, it doesn’t matter what the name is, the effect of this talent skill is the real focus!

Let’s see, the effect of the exclusive talent skill of Chinese cuisine option is – Cooking speed is halved and the deliciousness of the cuisine is +10!

This means that if Li Yalin activated the cooking heart talent, he can reduce the cooking time by half, and the deliciousness of the resulting dish will increase by 10 points.

This effect… is too scary, right?

To be fair, when Li Yalin was making dishes before, his special bonus and the bonus of exclusive items can already increase the deliciousness of the cooked dishes by 8 points. With special recipes and Magical Beast ingredients from the otherworld, it can create a forbidden dish that Red Queen can’t get enough of in no time.

But now, even without the use of special recipes, Li Yalin can use his own ability to produce delicious food that is comparable to or even surpasses the special recipes. Of course, if he added the special recipes, then the effect will be even more exaggerated.

With Li Yalin’s current ability, as long as he puts his best effort into cooking, even if it’s the minimum, the deliciousness will increase by more than 20 points.

The extent of that, probably far beyond the level of drug cuisine. If he let Red Queen eat it, it is estimated that she will go berserk on the spot!

Forget it, let’s not use this talent skill if it’s not necessary.

Just one option skill brought Li Yalin such a reward. So when it was his turn to upgrade his skills, it naturally made him even more excited.

The skill is different from the option ability. Now there are two skills for him to choose from, namely Stealth and Fighting skills, which make him conflicted.

It can be said that these two skills are very practical, no matter which skill is upgraded, his improvement will be very large.

Which should he choose?

After struggling for a long time, Li Yalin finally made his choice!

Sure enough, go for the Stealth skill!

Fighting skills are certainly very good, but Stealth skill for Li Yalin is undoubtedly more helpful. He still remembers that when he was in the world of Gakkou Gurashi, it would be difficult for him to move around the zombies without stealth. This skill more than once provided him with a lot of conveniences.

So there’s no need to dwell on it too much, I choose you!

Stealth skill! Level up!

Stealth skill at adept level gives Li Yalin a special bonus of +3 to concealment, and when this skill reaches the expert level, the system also rewards him with Boots of Concealment, which adds 5 points to his concealment.

What about when the skills are upgraded to master level?

Well, this talent skill is really OP!

Shadow Stealth!

Unlike cooking heart, this talent skill is divided into two attributes: active mode and passive bonus. When it is not activated, just simply using Stealth skills, this talent will passively increase Li Yalin’s concealment by 10 points. And when in active mode, this talent can actually let him enter the invisible state!

Invisible! It makes him invisible!

In other words, once this skill is activated, Li Yalin can go wherever he wants to go in the future and do whatever he wants?


Such amazing skills!

This is an absolutely amazing skill!

Although the activation of talent skills is not without limitations, whether it is cooking heart or Shadow Stealth, Li Yalin’s spiritual power will be consumed after activation. Once the spiritual power is depleted, the skill effect will be lifted. But even with this limitation, Shadow Stealth is definitely an OP skill!

Just imagine, with Li Yalin’s current ability, once he is completely invisible, whether it’s infiltration or assassination, who can stop him?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that he can do whatever he wants!

What’s more, besides infiltration and assassination, this skill has more imaginative functions. It’s just that as a new century young man full of integrity, he will not use this skill for anything underhanded.

Yes, absolutely not!

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