Cafe 449

Li Yalin was overwhelmed by the harvest of his trip to Tamano city. But unfortunately, he could not share his joy with others, and he couldn’t even tell the truth to his imoutos and onee-sans.

That’s something that makes him a bit disappointed.

However, through the performances at the festival, Li Yalin and the girls around him became top idols that the entire district and even the entire empire are paying attention to. This point can still be celebrated with everyone.

After returning to Tokyo, the girls at home took the lead in celebrating without Li Yalin having to say anything. The scene was so lively that even Black, who is usually taciturn, showed a smile at the celebration.

Although… it was only a very short moment, but everyone can see it clearly.

Over time, this Black Dragon God from the otherworld has gradually integrated into this big family, and… her feelings have become more and more humane.

This is undoubtedly very good news!

If and when she can be made to give up communicating with her mind and switch to a real conversation with her mouth, it will surely be a periodic change for her.

Both Li Yalin and the girls in the family are looking forward to that day.


Black has changed in this big family, but the foodie queen’s Red Dragon God is still unable to change her foodie attributes. It’s better to say that during the period when Li Yalin was away from home, she had a very difficult life.

In fact, when Li Yalin opened the otherworld gate again, the very next second, the gate was slammed open, followed by the disoriented figure of Red Queen rushing in front of him.

“Food! Give me food now! I can’t take it anymore!”

What’s going on?

Li Yalin was completely dumbfounded to see the Red Queen, like a drug addict, groping her own body back and forth, with a look of asking to be feed.

As a chef, what he cooks is delicious food that makes people happy, not a poison that makes people addicted!

What the hell!

“I said Queen… Red, how many days have you not eaten? Haven’t I already prepared a full three-day supply of food for you?”

Although he was stunned, it is obvious that he has to satisfy this Queen now. Red seems to have lost her mind, only thinking about food. God knows what she will do if he doesn’t satisfy her.

Luckily, Li Yalin had plenty of backups in his space ring, he quickly took out a portion of dried meat and handed it to the Red Queen, who without saying a word, grabbed it and gobbled it up, as if she hadn’t eaten in years.

Li Yalin was speechless seeing Queen’s miserable appearance.

Is it necessary to be so exaggerated?

“You… you bully!”


Red Queen finally recovered her mind after eating the delicious dried meat. But her first words after coming back to her senses were to accuse Li Yalin of his crimes!

All this… is his fault!

Li Yalin was of course baffled by being accused by Red Queen. It wasn’t until he heard the whole story that he showed a dumbfounded expression.

Is this my fault? What the hell!

So… what happened to Red Queen?

It all starts after he left.

When Li Yalin left Tokyo to attend the music festival, he had already told Queen that he would not open the otherworld gate for the next few days and left enough food for her.

It stands to reason that if these foods are eaten sparingly, they will be enough for at least a week. After all, Li Yalin does not want to starve the Queen.

As it turned out, no one could have imagined that Queen’s willpower was even weaker than expected. On the first day, she ate beautifully, then lay on her mountain of gold coins, staring intently at the delicious food, wondering when she would start her next meal.

The more she thinks about it, the more she wants to eat, then… it doesn’t matter if she eats them a little bit, there are so many anyway.

With this thought in mind, Red Queen once again enjoyed the delicious food. After another meal, she once again lay on the mountain of gold coins looking at the food, with the same thought in her mind.

In this way, it was only half a day, originally enough for her three days share of cooking all into her stomach. It was only then that she finally had a feeling of regret.

What about tomorrow if she eats it all in one day?

Forget it, there are still two days left, it should pass quickly.

As she had already eaten all the food, Red Queen simply broke the jar and began to wait for the time to pass.

In her opinion, as long as the time is up, the otherworld gate will open again, and then she will be able to enjoy the delicious food again.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that the waiting time is far more torturous than imagined. The more she controls herself not to think about those dishes, the more she can’t control herself.

In this way, as time went by, Red Queen became more and more haggard, and even in the end, she had only one thought left!

Come on!

Please show up!

Finally, the door appeared, and then Red Queen broke open the otherworld gate without due thought, and the scene just happened.

Li Yalin is completely speechless after knowing the ins and outs. He can only say that Queen is very good and powerful, and she is the only one who can be a foodie to this level.

“I don’t care! You’re just a bully!”

Li Yalin was dumbfounded at Red Queen’s ‘misery’. But in the Queen’s eyes, she is clearly being bullied.

And the person who bullied her was Li Yalin, no doubt!

That said, Queen is now angry and the consequences are serious!

“Okay, it’s my fault, Queen, what are you going to make me do?”

Faced with such a foodie queen, Li Yalin can only throw up his hands in surrender. It is undoubtedly the most stupid decision to argue with a woman, especially a female foodie. Li Yalin does not intend to get entangled in this issue.

Queen, if you want something, you tell me and I’ll do it!

“I want a delicious meal! A lot of delicious meals!”

For the foodie queen, her demand is nothing other than delicious food, and the reason why she said so much is that she only goes for the delicious food after all.

Of course, Li Yalin couldn’t say no to this. It’s just a meal, not a big deal.


Red Queen is obviously the bravest and strongest Dragon God among otherword Dragon God. When he first saw her, the majestic performance left a deep impression on people.

But with the passage of time, how it feels like this Queen is getting further and further away from her previous image?

This is not the Queen he knows anymore!

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