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On the first day of school, Li Yalin spent all his lunch break with Uomi. And after agreeing to join the student council, the two also had lunch together.

Having said that, it just eating their own bento together. Nothing special.

As for calling Uomi onee-chan. After Li Yalin touched his nose subconsciously, he take it as if he had not heard of it.

This is also impossible. He can’t really call her Uomi onee-chan, right? That’s too low for integrity, and knowing no limit! It is completely unacceptable mentally and physiologically!

Li Yalin didn’t answer the question, and Uomi also didn’t force him. After lunch, she went to student council to deal with works.

Although Uomi invited Li Yalin to visit the student council before they separated, Li Yalin decisively declined her invitation.

He really didn’t have the mind to visit the student council, just wait until tomorrow for him to visit…

“Li-kun, is this… student council application form?”

He didn’t know if she had planned this for a long time. Uomi even took the student council application form with her. Of course this is the form to fill in Li Yalin identity information. Just fill it out and submit it with a seal. It can take effect immediately.

By then, he is the member of student council!

It is for this reason that bringing the application back to the class makes Li Yalin particularly tangled, sitting at his desk and staring at the form on the desk with unnatural expression.

As Li Yalin’s neighbor table, Minami Haruka can see something wrong with him. Followed his eyes, she naturally saw the application form on the table.

This surprised Haruka girl.

“Well, I was invited by Uomi student president.”

Hearing Haruka’s voice, Li Yalin finally recover from his mental struggle. After shrugging a little helplessly, he picked up the ballpoint pen on the table.

Despite being tangled, he need to fill this form.

Being in Eiryou High School student council… will his future be filled with various vulgar jokes?

“It’s amazing you can join the student council.”

For Li Yalin, joining Eiryou High School student council only represents more contacts with Uomi in the future. He can now imagine the scene where Uomi student president saying vulgar jokes after the two became more acquainted.

As for the rest, he didn’t think much at all.

But it’s completely different in Haruka’s eyes. Just arrived as a transfer student at Eiryou High School, Li Yalin was so quickly recognized by the students president and was invited to join the student council is enough to prove his excellent.

Yes, those who can join the student council must be the elite among the students. Even with Uomi student presidents privately having no integrity, she still supported by a considerable number of admirers.

“It just joining the student council, right?”

Haruka’s amazed expression surprised Li Yalin. In his view, this not something to fuss about.

“Li-kun didn’t know? Those who are eligible to join the student council must be the best students at Eiryou High School. Such as Uomi student president, she is the best student president elected by all the students in the school.”

“Can be recognized by Uomi student president, does this mean that Li-kun is equally good?”

Haruka quickly answered Li Yalin’s doubts. In fact, as she said, the moment Li Yalin confirmed to join the student council, the tag of top student was equivalent to being pasted on him.


Haruka’s answer makes Li Yalin stunned. Joining student council was treated as a top student? There such treatment?

He always felt that he was dancing in Uomi student president hand without knowing…

No surprises, after knowing that he was about to join the student council, Takagi Maki and Ono Atsuko showed a surprised look after hearing this news, as if they saw creature from outer space.

“Obviously playing piano as a part-time in a coffee shop but still become a top student joining student council. Are you the legendary genius?”

Takagi Maki’s tsukomi, Li Yalin didn’t even know how to answer.

Girl, if I said it was a misunderstanding, do you believe it?

Well… I guess she won’t believe it.

The high school in Japan district has only two classes in the afternoon. After school, they can choose to participate in club activities or go home. Li Yalin can’t help but sigh about this.

Recalling when he was in high school, and comparing it now… it can make him burst into tears!

This high school is too relaxed!

After his sigh, Haruka, Maki and Atsuko will go to Rabbit House with Li Yalin as agreed in the morning.

But before that, they had to go to volleyball club to help Maki and Atsuko take leave.

It just… the eyes around are a little sting.

On the first day of school, Li Yalin successfully took the Haruka route. Although it was a bit strange to join the girls group as a schoolboy, but he was very successful from a practical point of view.

At least he can really integrate into this class through Haruka, Maki and Atsuko.

Only in this way, he will undoubtedly become the hostile target of some schoolboys in the class. After all, it is the goddess-level girl who is most suitable being a wife. It is also normal for there to be admirers in the class.

So just as he and Haruka leave the classroom together, he felt several scorching eyes, especially the afro head. There was a fire in that guy’s eyes!

What should Li Yalin do in this situation?

Um… let just ignore them.

Ignorance is a bliss!




On the way from the class to the stadium, Li Yalin was giving suggestion to himself, which is also impossible. Because he found that after leaving the classroom, the scorching eyes did not decrease but increased instead.

As Uomi student president said before, Haruka is really famous. Perhaps the freshman who just entered the school is not clear yet, but among the old students in the second and third grades, she has considerable number of admirers.

Haruka will usually only be accompanied by Maki and Atsuko, everyone is also accustomed to this. After all, every schoolboy who wants to date Haruka has been sunk by a good man card, and no one has been able to capture Haruka.

But today is different, Haruka-san who no one can break through was accompanied by a schoolboy by her side, this is definitely the first time to happen!

Who is that guy?

How can he walk with Haruka-san while talking and smiling?

To be honest, Li Yalin is really under pressure now.

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