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Queen has been reduced to a complete foodie, about this point, Li Yalin also does not know whether this is a good or a bad thing. It feels like if one day he suddenly disappeared, there will be no chef who can satisfy Red Queen’s appetite, this Queen will really do something irreparable.

Such as… destroying the world.

Although it sounds very exaggerated, it is not completely impossible. Not to mention, she hasn’t eaten his food for such a short time, but she already this desperate. Wouldn’t she go crazy if she has to wait for a little more?

Looks like he should accept a few apprentices in the otherworld, otherwise if something unexpected happens and the otherworld suffers a disaster because of him, that would be too big a crime, wouldn’t it?

Hmm… at least he has to accept an apprentice who can cook meat. Elf girl Fardania will definitely be out of the question.

Of course, although this idea has arisen, it is still just a thought, and can only wait for the right time to implement them.

After the festival, a peaceful and happy life awaits Li Yalin – like hell it will!

“The school must send additional security guards! Those reporters must be guarded strictly! It must not interfere with the students’ studies!”

After returning to school life, the pleasant and peaceful school days did not come. Whether it was Li Yalin or Kohinata Yukari, their lives and studies were greatly affected.

The fans in the school aside, although they will experience the initial excitement, this enthusiasm will gradually dissipate over time. The admired star will become no longer fresh if you go to school with them every day, right?

Having an idol aura will inevitably increase their distance between ordinary students, and both Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari are prepared for this.

Therefore, the students’ issues are not that of a big problem. Now the real headache for them is those pervasive journalists.

Because Li Yalin intends to slow down in the entertainment industry, the so-called exposure, headlines, and so on are unnecessary. Then the reporter interviews of the TV station and newspapers all can be rejected.

Li Yalin also discussed this matter with everyone. After all, everyone is still a student, and they should focus on their studies. They can’t just give up their studies just because of a little achievement. This proposal is also agreed upon by everyone.

After all, studying is the only thing that matters to everyone. Even though… dumb Yui, who has a rather bad grade, will inevitably complain.

Although everyone’s current attitude is very clear, it does not mean that various media will be willing to give up such big news.

As a rookie idol band that has just debuted for a few months, this is a no-brainer, surprisingly able to win the festival in one fell swoop, beating all kinds of celebrity idols, and even crushed the old idols, gaining unprecedented popularity. It’s the story of nobody beating the stars.

If they don’t report such a juice story and not publish them, then what is the point of being in the major media?

Especially after Cute Sound idol firm repeatedly refused to interview, those reporters are thinking hard to get first-hand news coverage.

After all, what you can’t get is always the best.

That’s why the Eiryou High School student council held an emergency meeting to deal with the journalists whose ‘infiltration’ was beginning to affect the students’ academic performance.

“That’s a good point. I will discuss this point with the chairman of the board. If there are any other questions, please feel free to speak up.”

In addition to all the student council members, representatives from the major clubs of Eiryou High School also sent representatives to attend the meeting. Li Yalin has just raised the key points of the meeting, and Uomi also gave a positive affirmation, so the next step is for each club to speak up.

The theme of the meeting was to address the recent harassment of the school by journalists, but it was also a summing up of the work and the recent developments of the major clubs that also needed to be addressed.

Originally, Li Yalin thought that if he brought up the key points, the rest of the meeting would have nothing to do with him, but it was the next speeches by the club representatives that gave him the biggest headache.

In a short while, Eiryou High School will be celebrating its annual school festival, and the problem lies precisely in the festival!

“It is the unanimous hope of all of us in the volleyball club that Li Yalin-kun will give us some level of support at the school festival, preferably by playing in the intramural volleyball tournament we host.”

“I hope Yalin-sama can serve as a waiter at the coffee shop we host!”

“Li-kun is ours!”

“It’s ours!”

School festival is an annual grand celebration and every student is looking forward to this day, so naturally everyone is thinking hard to attract customers at the school festival.

The biggest selling point of Eiryou High School right now is undoubtedly the super popular idol duo of Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, and once these two are brought to their club, they can attract a large number of customers even if they don’t do anything but act as kanban girl/man.

To fight for the right to own these two, the representatives of the major clubs are naturally fighting over each other.

For this reason, Li Yalin who attended the meeting was under a lot of pressure.

Enough you guys!

I don’t think we’re talking about school festivals, are we? Isn’t their focus in the wrong place?

In addition, I am not your items to attract customers!

“About everyone’s proposal, our student council has recorded it and will consider it according to the situation. Please wait for the news after you go back, meeting adjourned!”

Li Yalin’s proposal was passed unanimously without opposition, but his ownership was not decided, and no one was able to get what they wanted.

It was only when Uomi, the student president, spoke up that the ‘rampage’ of the club representatives was finally brought under control. But even so, Li Yalin could see that they were not going to give up.

Since coming to this school, he’s thankful to know so few friends…

At this moment, Li Yalin cant help sighed in his heart. To be honest, if he is really the kind of person who is good at communicating and socializing very widely, at this moment it will certainly be difficult to refuse the invitation from friends.

But the problem is, he is not the kind of person who has a lot of friends. So even if those club representatives ask for him, he can find reasons to refuse.

It’s great that he has few friends!

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