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What is currently in Kohinata Yukari’s mind, Li Yalin certainly can not know. So he didn’t hesitate to take out a spectacle case from the space ring and handed it to Kohinata Yukari.

“Accept this gift and I’ll take it as a sign of your forgiveness.”

“Eh? This is…”

Kohinata Yukari’s mind was still reeling when she was given a gift of a glasses case. When she subconsciously took the case and opened it, she found a pair of red-rimmed glasses in the case.

This is his gift to her?

Doesn’t look like a confession gift…

While Kohinata Yukari’s thoughts were confused, Li Yalin took the initiative. First, he took off her mask, followed by her glasses and hat for disguise, and then took out the glasses from the case and put them on for her personally.

At the moment when the glasses were placed on the bridge of Kohinata Yukari’s nose, this beautiful girl suddenly became ordinary, as if a magical force had taken away all her charm.

Yes, this is Li Yalin’s Ordinary Mirror for Kohinata Yukari, and it was custom-made for her!

“These glasses…”

Although she could not react at first, Kohinata Yukari soon discovered the magic of this pair of glasses. She took out her own small mirror to look left and right. What was reflected in the mirror was nothing but an ordinary female high school student.

How can there be such amazing glasses?

How is this done?

“I got this from a special channel, so I won’t explain to you, as you see fit.”

Kohinata Yukari did not know the existence of the witch, and Li Yalin did not intend to explain too much to her for the time being. So the origin of this Ordinary Mirror could only be kept secret from her first.

Fortunately, Kohinata Yukari is not the kind of girl who likes to ask questions. After hearing Li Yalin’s words, she knew she shouldn’t ask more questions. So after taking a closer look at herself in the mirror, she quickly put away all her curiosity.


Even if there is no questioning, it was impossible for Kohinata Yukari not to say anything when she received this precious gift.

So at the next moment, very suddenly, she embraced Li Yalin’s arms.

“Kohinata senpai…”

Being ‘suddenly attacked’ by Kohinata Yukari, Li Yalin was caught off guard for a while. Why do girls now like to play this trick, hugging at the drop of a hat?

“Thank you Yalin, I love your gift.”

Luckily, Kohinata Yukari’s hug didn’t last long, and after a quick word of thanks, she quickly left Li Yalin’s arms.

The time is too short to feel the taste, why she let go?

Taken by surprise being hugged so suddenly, and being disappointed for separated so quickly.

Man oh man, the creature called man!

Suddenly, Li Yalin had such a feeling in his heart.

“Finally, I can walk down the street freely!”

After leaving Li Yalin’s embrace, Kohinata Yukari seemed to have unloaded some burden, stretched out her waist without any care. Although her charm was all hidden under the Ordinary Mirror, Li Yalin was unconsciously attracted by this scene.

It felt like even with this Ordinary Mirror, it can’t completely stop the charm of this Kohinata senpai.

“Let’s go, let’s experience the feeling of ordinary people after a long time.”

As Li Yalin stared blankly at the scene in front of him, Kohinata Yukari, who had finished stretching, came to him again and took his hand in a very natural way, as if she had done so countless times before.

As for Li Yalin, he can only allow Kohinata Yukari to hold his hand. The two seem to be the most ordinary couple of high school students, walking on the street casually.

The passers-by could not have imagined that such an ordinary couple would be the hottest idol group nowadays.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Well, for Li Yalin, what he feels more amazing is the attitude of this Kohinata senpai.

It made him feel like… the relationship between them have gone a step further, but he still doesn’t understand which step he has taken.

But overall, it’s still moving in a good direction.

That’s probably it.

“No! No more! I don’t want to be an idol anymore!”

It was indeed a very warm and pleasant feeling to come to the office hand in hand with Kohinata Yukari like a couple. But unfortunately, this feeling was soon broken by dumb Yui’s yelling, making him a bit disappointed.

“Senpai, can I stop being an idol?”

Li Yalin didn’t know exactly what happened to dumb Yui. But with his arrival, this cute little guy rushed in front of him with a pitiful attitude, expressing pitifully that she didn’t want to be an idol anymore. The situation seems to be pretty bad.

What the hell is going on, how come this girl doesn’t want to be an idol anymore?

“Yui-chan, please calm down first. Tell me about what happened.”

As the boss of the firm and as dumb Yui’s senpai, Li Yalin has the responsibility and obligation to help her solve her problems, so he patiently and softly calms dumb Yui’s pitiful expression.

In any case, he must know what is going on before making a decision, right?

“Those journalists… those journalists are so annoying!”

Well, it turns out that the main reason for dumb Yui’s emotional disturbance is the journalists. In fact, not only dumb Yui, including Ritsu and MIO, were also frequently harassed by the journalists. Except for Kotobuki ojou-sama, who was spared by those journalists because they can’t deal with this wealthy ojou-sama.

Unlike Li Yalin and Kohinata Yukari, dumb Yui, MIO, and Ritsu are all from ordinary families. Without any security measures, journalists can naturally find their residences easily.

Under such circumstances, not only do they suffer from harassment while they are in school, but even when they return home after school, they often feel uneasy.

This has seriously affected their lives and the lives of their families!

Not only that, in addition to journalists, overnight fame is also a pressure on everyone. Before they were a group of carefree high school girls, but now they are high-profile star idols wherever they go. Although there have been such experiences before, after the music festival, the situation has become more ridiculous!

Because of this, everyone’s mood has also been affected. Especially dumb Yui, such a huge pressure made her directly unable to bear it and even thought of giving up being an idol.

This problem… really serious!

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