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“I see now, don’t worry, I’ll help you guys solve this problem.”

Li Yalin nodded gently after clarifying the cause of the girls’ troubles. He was prepared to ignore it before and planned to let the heat subside over time. But now it seems, he can’t just let things be.

“Really? Can it really be solved?”

Li Yalin’s response made the girls overjoyed. Not to mention the troubled dumb Yui, even MIO’s eyes couldn’t help showing a touch of surprise.

It would be great if everyone’s troubles can be resolved. After all, the reason why they can go all the way to this day, itself is because of their love for music. Being a celebrity and an idol is secondary. They prefer the feeling of playing music together, rather than being watched by others all day.

That feeling really makes it hard for everyone to adapt.

“Yes, but for the specific situation, I guess we’ll have to get Kohinata senpai to help.”

Although Li Yalin intends to do something, the specific operation must be done by people from the Kohinata family. After all, with his contacts in the entertainment industry, want to deal with the media is simply not feasible.

He can not, does not mean that the Kohinata Yukari family can’t solve it. Don’t forget that the Kohinata family already has a lot of power in the district entertainment circle. Even the Tokyo area selection event of the music festival is organized by others, to help solve a media problem should be an easy matter for them.

“I’ll call grandpa now.”

Feeling Li Yalin’s gaze, Kohinata Yukari immediately took out her mobile phone. Not to mention that it was related to dumb Yui and MIO, even if it was just a simple word from Li Yalin, she would definitely do it.

With the Kohinata family’s help, both Eiryou High School and Ousai Academy will be spared a lot of ‘unwarranted trouble’ in the future, at least no more press hounding.

“It’s done.”

After the phone calls, Kohinata Yukari smiled and shook the phone in her hand to everyone. With a simple statement, the trouble that bothered everyone was solved.

Sure enough, it’s different when one has money and power. It’s really easy to control all of this!

“Thank you! Kohinata senpai!”

Needless to say, Kohinata Yukari helped everyone solve such a big problem, naturally also ushered in a few girls’ infinite gratitude. Especially dumb Yui, this girl is hugging Kohinata Yukari and will not let go, and even intimate rubbed her face again and again, just like a kitten.

“Okay, you’re a big star, why are you still acting like a child.”

For dumb Yui’s intimate display, Kohinata Yukari was very helpless and pinched the other’s small cheeks. Although the expression is very helpless, her words are filled with doting.

Like Li Yalin, she also dotes on these girls. She is two years older than them, and whenever she faces these girls, she always subconsciously brings herself into the onee-san role.

And by the looks of her, she seems to be happy with this role.

“Give my gratitude to your grandpa, we are really helped with his help.”

Kohinata Yukari has done everyone a favor, so of course Li Yalin can’t go without a thank you, right?

Especially Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather, the old man seems to be very supportive of his granddaughter’s career and has previously provided a lot of assistance to the two. But unfortunately, they have not been able to meet, so he can only express his gratitude through Kohinata Yukari.

“Thanking grandpa for you? There’s nothing wrong with that, but you should say them in person.”

Li Yalin was grateful to the old man, but when he looked at Kohinata Yukari again, she showed a meaningful smile, and vaguely, her cheeks took on a blush.

“Speak in person?”

Have to say that Kohinata Yukari’s words really took Li Yalin by surprise. What happened? Saying thanks in person means…


Could it be…

“Grandpa would love to meet with you. If you have some free time, he’d like you to come to our house.”


Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather, Li Yalin once talked with him on the phone by chance. From the communication alone, he could tell that the other party was definitely a cheerful old man with a bright smile, and very sociable.

But even so, he was not ready to meet with Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather. After all, a phone call is a phone call, but a real meeting will always give people a feeling of being rushed to meet their parents. Especially when their relationship is still unclear, he has no intention to meet with Kohinata Yukari’s family so soon.

But this time, Kohinata Yukari’s grandfather expressed his desire to meet with him so frankly. If it was mentioned casually in the past, he could have politely excused himself, but now…

“What? You don’t want to meet my grandfather?”

When Li Yalin hesitated, Kohinata Yukari immediately noticed that his mood was not right. What is it? He didn’t want to see her family? Does he have resistance to her family?

“No… I certainly do. As for the time… it’s up to you to arrange it, preferably on a rest day. Usually, I can’t go home too late.”

What should Li Yalin say at times like this?

It will definitely make Kohinata Yukari angry if he refuses. After all, they have been so good to them and helping them with their troubles. It would be too rude if he still refuses.

May as well agree since he can’t refuse. Anyway, he would rather tackle the problem head-on as he would have to meet with her parents sooner or later. It didn’t matter if he meets them now or later, he still can’t avoid them in the end.

“Really? Then how about this Saturday? When can you leave home? I’ll come and pick you up.”

Kohinata Yukari had thought that Li Yalin was resistant to her family, but she was very happy to find out that he agreed so readily.

After all, this was the first time her family met Li Yalin, which made her feel both worried and expectant.

You know… this is the first time she takes a boy home, and she still takes him to see her grandpa. If he can get past her grandfather, there will be no more resistance at home, right?

“No need to go to all that trouble, just give me an address and I’ll go straight there when the time comes.”

Li Yalin didn’t know what Kohinata Yukari is currently thinking. He was now thinking about how he would deal with the old man.

Although the other person on the phone has a good impression of him and has been praising him constantly, what is the specific situation…

Ugh, it’s better to wait until the time comes.

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