Cafe 454

“These glasses… are amazing!”

Li Yalin has taken care of the recent harassment by reporters through the Kohinata family, but the problem of being a superstar idol and being the center of attention wherever they go has not been resolved.

For everyone, they still want to enjoy life as ordinary female high school students, instead of living under the spotlight and the eyes of others every day.

Since everyone has this idea, Li Yalin can only find a way to solve it for everyone. The best solution at the moment is undoubtedly the appearance of Ordinary Mirror.

These glasses are really an existence comparable to an artifact. As long as one wears it, one can instantly become an ordinary person.

When Li Yalin handed out all the glasses, the four hottest super popular idol girls immediately became four ordinary nerds. If they are braided, they would definitely look like rural girls.

This change is really huge!

Thanks to Li Yalin’s advance preparation, the coffee shop has been doing well recently, and Kowata Akane has acquired a lot of good stuff from the otherworld, so it’s no problem to make these Ordinary Mirrors.

He originally planned to find a chance to give it to everyone in a while, but now… he can only send it out in advance.

After receiving these magical glasses, everyone was naturally surprised. Especially dumb Yui, she was looking left and right in the mirror, as if she no longer recognized herself in the mirror.

With such awesome glasses, they really don’t have to worry about going out anymore!

“Thank you senpai! I really like these glasses!”

The cute and dumb Yui doesn’t think much about it at all. After receiving this pair of magical glasses, her thoughts are still simple, she is very happy at the moment, nothing more.

But just because dumb Yui didn’t think much doesn’t mean the other girls do too. While it makes everyone happy to get such a pair of glasses, the magic of these glasses makes everyone feel very weird as well.

Why does it feels like these glasses… like the magical items that only appear in the novel and anime?

Is there such a thing in the real world?

“Senpai this…”

“You could say that I got these glasses by accident. I can’t really explain to you guys about the specific origins. You only need to know the effect of this thing. Use it when you go out, but also pay attention not to let outsiders know, or there will be trouble.”

After taking out these glasses, Li Yalin knew that he had to come up with an explanation. Not everyone is as cute and stupid as dumb Yui, nor is everyone as considerate as Kohinata Yukari, knowing what to ask and what not to ask.

The most important thing is that Li Yalin has to explain some things to everyone. Although he doesn’t mind giving these magical items to everyone, it is best not to let outsiders know about these things.

Although… it doesn’t matter even if it was exposed, using the witch’s means to eliminate these effects is just a matter of minutes. It’s just that Li Yalin doesn’t want to get into trouble, so it’s better to avoid things that can be avoided as much as possible.

“Eh? Are these glasses precious?”

When Li Yalin spoke, his expression was a little serious, and naturally the girls were also bluffed. Looking at MIO, she subconsciously grabbed the frame in her ear and wanted to take off the glasses and return them to Li Yalin.

And dumb Yui, she is directly jumped up, open her mouth wide in an exaggerated manner.

“I can’t say that it’s precious, it’s just that it’s harder to find and not something that ordinary people can get. Although I’d like to explain it clearly to everyone, I don’t know if I should explain it too much now. So let’s leave it like this for now, and when I have the chance later, I’ll explain everything.”

The existence of the witch is not a big secret. It doesn’t matter if these girls know about it. Li Yalin knows this very well. After all, he has also discussed it with Kowata Akane.

But even so, letting them know too much in a short period of time is not necessarily a good thing. So he also plans to do it step by step, and when the time is right, it is not too late to explain everything to everyone.

At this point, the more mature and calm MIO has already nodded her head, and Ritsu and Kotobuki ojou-sama is also silent, obviously agreeing with Li Yalin’s statement.

Dumb Yui is the only one who hasn’t figured out what happens, her face showed bewilderment.

“Explain? What does senpai want to explain?”

This girl is really invincible in a sense…

Although he really wanted tsukomi in his heart, after the glasses were sent out, this incident was temporarily over. With the support of the Kohinata family and the role of Ordinary Mirror, everyone can return to their old daily life in the next period of time.

As for Li Yalin, his focus is not on the entertainment industry for the time being. So after settling this matter, he left the office and went to EagleJump to check out the company’s game progress.

As for Kohinata Yukari, she also had to go home first to prepare for the day off to entertain Li Yalin, which was a very important moment for her, and doesn’t want any accidents.

With Li Yalin gone and Kohinata Yukari also gone, only four girls were left in the office, and naturally they gathered around and started their usual gossip (black tea) session

“Yalin senpai is really no ordinary person.”

After taking a sip of Kotobuki ojou-sama’s hand-made black tea, Ritsu couldn’t help but look at the sky and sigh.

Regarding Li Yalin’s identity, it is actually a topic that everyone usually likes to talk about. Although they have many contacts, for the few girls, he is undoubtedly still quite mysterious.

Especially after seeing Ordinary Mirror, this sentiment was further expanded in everyone’s mind.

“I heard that this world is not as simple as we imagined. Many things that exist in legends also exist in the real world, but were hidden from ordinary people, without letting the public know about it.”

As an ojou-sama from a wealthy family, Kotobuki Tsumugi undoubtedly knows a little bit more in some respects. Although she only knows a little bit, that doesn’t stop her from talking about it at this time.

After all, when girls talk in private, they can talk about anything.

“For real? That means…. Yalin senpai might be a strong Grand Mage or a super soldier? A mysterious assassin or something?”

Kotobuki ojou-sama opened her mouth, which immediately aroused dumb Yui’s interest. Her thoughts could not help but spread out, and even further reverie was generated.

“How could that be… that’s too much!”

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