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Have to say that dumb Yui has a big imagination that she even fooled the other three girls at first. After all, with Li Yalin’s mystery, that kind of speculation is not impossible, isn’t it?

But when they think about it, that just over the top. Magician? Soldier? Assassin? Did she think this is some kind of role-playing game? Having professions and the like?

So subconsciously, MIO and Ritsu waved their hands, saying that it was better not to bring that kind of unscientific idea into reality.

How could Yalin senpai really have such an exaggerated identity.

What the girls didn’t know was that, in a sense, dumb Yui’s speculation turned out to be quite plausible, only to be completely obliterated by everyone just as soon as the first hint of it had risen.

If they want to discover the truth, they will have to wait until Li Yalin himself speaks up and explains it for them.

Li Yalin, who had left the office long ago, had already arrived at EagleJump in the same building to inspect the progress of the company’s game production.

For him, the music festival is over and the main task of saving Eiryou High School is also completed. So naturally the only thing left for him to focus on was the game he was working on.

One must know that he can draw the lottery once Wind Fantasy is made. He has been coveting the items and skills in Wind Fantasy for a long time!

“Hello BOSS!”

“Good afternoon BOSS!”

“BOSS! You’re here?”

As the boss of EagleJump, it is impossible for the employees in the company not to know him. But Li Yalin somehow feels that everyone is a bit strange today. Although they would take the initiative to greet him in the past, today’s greeting is unexpected… frequent?

Yes, it is too frequent. Since entering the company, people will come to greet him from time to time. It can be seen at a glance that several girls deliberately come to greet him.

What’s more important is that when everyone greets him, they always stare at his face subconsciously, which surprises him quite a bit.

Is there something dirty on his face?

Li Yalin subconsciously touched his face.

There’s nothing there. What the hell is going on?

“Can you tell me what’s going on today? Why does everyone become weird?”

Although he found an abnormality in the company, as the boss, Li Yalin could not take the initiative to ask questions in front of everyone. So he went to Shizuku Hazuki’s office to seek answers to his questions.

In his absence, everything in EagleJump is managed by Shizuku Hazuki, so she must know what’s going on, right?

“Weird? What’s weird? Isn’t everything normal?”

Facing Li Yalin’s question, Shizuku Hazuki didn’t seem to notice any abnormalities. Holding Mozuku’s fat cat in her hands, her tone is very calm.


Why did she keep staring at him too?

What is she looking at?

“Where is normal? It’s weird, okay? Besides, what are you looking at me for? Is there something on my face?”

Shizuku Hazuki’s state is somewhat scary, Li Yalin stepped back subconsciously, then took out his phone and took pictures, but still didn’t notice anything.

There is nothing on his face.

But why…

Could it be that the people in the company are all possessed after he takes a trip?

“Yeah, there is something on your face!”

While Li Yalin was wondering, Shizuku Hazuki nodded with certainty.

“There’s really something? Why didn’t I find it?”

Hearing Shizuku Hazuki says so, Li Yalin hurriedly used his cell phone to look at his face again. Although he is a big man, he didn’t care if there’s something on his face. But as a boss, he still wants to maintain a good image in front of his employees.

But the thing is, no matter how he looked, he didn’t find anything on his face.

Sure enough, there is nothing!

“Let me help you.”

Seeing Li Yalin staring at his phone with a weird face, but completely confused, Shizuku Hazuki sighed helplessly and bent down to put Mozuku on the ground, then came to him with a few steps.

“How could you not notice something so obvious?”

Along with these words, Shizuku Hazuki reached out her hand at the same time. Originally, Li Yalin thought that she really found something on his face and wanted to help him remove it. But unexpectedly, Shizuku Hazuki reached out, not to remove the so-called thing, but directly removed his glasses.


It made Li Yalin dazed for a bit when his glasses were suddenly taken off. But soon, he saw Shizuku Hazuki’s complicated gaze.

“It’s really you, how should I call you? EagleJump’s boss? Mangaka and light novelist Lilin sensei? Or is it the school idol Li Yalin-sama that has swept thousands of girls?”

After Ordinary Mirror was taken off, Li Yalin’s original face was naturally presented in front of Shizuku Hazuki, and this seems to be the first time he took off his glasses in front of Shizuku Hazuki. But looking at Shizuku Hazuki, she is still acting very calm.

“Cough… So you know all about it.”

How could Li Yalin not know what Shizuku Hazuki meant when the matter had come to this point?

No wonder everyone feels weird today. It turned out that the problem was him all along. He thought he wouldn’t be exposed too quickly, but it was found out so early.

How did she know about it? Did she watch the festival live too?

“The Eiryou High School school idol group rose so quickly, and at the same time became an instant success at the music festival, becoming a super popular idol in the district and even the whole empire. Do you think I might not know about it?”

Shizuku Hazuki saw Li Yalin’s awkwardness, but instead of easing up on the awkwardness, she just shot him a blank stare, obviously very unhappy with his concealment.

It’s no wonder that Li Yalin had been hiding it from everyone. If it weren’t for the accidental discovery after the music festival started, coupled with the contact with Minano Matome to confirm the truth, Shizuku Hazuki still wouldn’t have believed that the ordinary-looking, nerd-like boss, was actually Lilin sensei, who is a top mangaka and light novelist, and turn out to be that super popular idol.

The key is… she can’t link the image of a handsome boy who overturns the whole audience with the Li Yalin in her heart!

Even before the moment of removing Li Yalin’s glasses, her mind still had the same doubts. But as the glasses were taken off, all the doubts were blown away, the truth was in front of her.

How does Shizuku Hazuki feel when faced with such a reality?

Honestly, complicated, very complicated!!!

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