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“Well, how should I say, in fact, we just play casually. As a result, I did not expect to play a little big, and suddenly became famous.”

Shizuku Hazuki’s complicated mood, Li Yalin can fully feel it. Put himself in her position, it is estimated that it will be a little unacceptable for a while.

But he didn’t know how to explain it either, so he scratched his cheek subconsciously, and explain it somewhat awkwardly.

Such an explanation… can Shizuku Hazuki accept it?

“Become a super popular idol just by playing around? Genius is really amazing. It’s really enviable to be able to do whatever you want with talent!”

Well, she still can’t accept it.

Hearing Shizuku Hazuki’s seemingly exclamatory but sarcastic words, Li Yalin knew that this onee-san must be in a very unhappy mood. To put it bluntly, she just a little moody and needed coaxing.

Although there is no way to be all huggy and kissy, it should be okay to say some good words?

“I’m sorry, I should have made that clear to you before, it’s my fault.”

Since he is a man, he must have the courage to bear his own mistakes. This is not something to be ashamed of.

But having said that… is it necessary to explain himself to Shizuku Hazuki?

Faced with an obviously angry Shizuku Hazuki, Li Yalin subconsciously apologized. But after apologizing, he immediately realized that he did not seem to have the need to explain himself to this big sister, right?

In terms of status, he is Shizuku Hazuki’s boss and not a close friend in private, but a work partner at best.

Why should he care if she was a little moody or not?

Just because she’s his favorite onee-san type, he can be compliant with her! You know, in every sense, they are still enemies in the harem battle!

“Your fault? No, you are right. After all, you are the boss. I am just a small employee of yours. As long as you, the BOSS, is in a bad mood, you can fire me at any time. Why should you apologize to me? There is no need for your to explain yourself to me.”

Originally, Li Yalin reacted and was ready to say a few words to seize back the opportunity, after all, from the beginning, he felt that he had been taken away from the initiative by Shizuku Hazuki and had been led around by her.

But before he could speak, Shizuku Hazuki suddenly showed a dark look, like a poor girl abandoned by her lover.

How come his role inexplicably becomes like a scumbag?

Director! There is something wrong with this script!

What is this big sister playing at?

“You’re angry?”

Although he really wants to take back the initiative, he got the feeling that he would fall into Shizuku Hazuki’s trap. After all, what he wants to say has been said by the other party, if he goes along with what she said, he will really become a scum?

It is estimated that Shizuku Hazuki will even bring in the abandoned poor female character by that time. There is no way to follow the original plot line and would make things even more awkward.

At least at this moment, Li Yalin didn’t know what he should say, and could only say a word subconsciously.

Yet right after he said this, he immediately regretted it.


This is definitely Shizuku Hazuki’s trap!

“Angry? How do I have that right to be angry? I just feel a little unworthy…”

Sure enough, Shizuku Hazuki showed a sobbing look, confirming her status as a tragic female lead who was abandoned by her lover.

What’s this all about?

Well, at this time Li Yalin felt that besides being at a loss whether to cry or laugh, he seemed to be really unable to do anything. It feels like whatever he said next would be wrong and would fall for Shizuku Hazuki’s trap.

In this case, what should he do?

Cool it!

Since he got no other choice, let’s take a look at the performance of this sad female lead!

A little helpless and a little amused, Li Yalin shook his head slightly, turned around and sat down on the couch in Shizuku Hazuki’s office.

He wanted to see what other tricks this woman could do.

“Aren’t you going to say something?”

Li Yalin does not take up the fight, Shizuku Hazuki’s play can not continue. The male lead is watching the play, can not she still play a solo show alone?

After waiting for a while, seeing that Li Yalin really did not continue to speak, the impatient Shizuku Hazuki finally opened her mouth.

I’ve said it all to this point, but you don’t even stand up and coax me, are you still a man?

“It feels like everything I say would be wrong.”

Looking at Shizuku Hazuki, Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders innocently. What is this move called?

Maintaining the status quo! See what tricks she can play!


Li Yalin showed the appearance of unmoving regardless of being hits with the wind and waves. On the contrary, it makes Shizuku Hazuki somewhat lost. She wanted to say something, but couldn’t let it out.

It took a while before she finally sighed and her expression a little discouraged.

“Sure enough, it’s really not worth it to get angry.”

Shaking her head, Shizuku Hazuki then unexpectedly went straight to Li Yalin and sat down with him on the couch, sitting close together in a way that had never happen before.

What the hell is going on here?

Her trick doesn’t work, so she plans to use a new one?

Li Yalin was rightly wary of Shizuku Hazuki because of the way he had just been set up. But this time, somewhat to his surprise, Shizuku Hazuki, who was sitting next to him, did not take the initiative and just looked at the side of his face for a long time and didn’t speak again.

This is… killing with one’s eyes?

Does she intend to make him flee in defeat with her stare?

Not to mention, being stared at all the time and still being stared at with that rather resentful look, does make him feel scared.

This woman… is really not easy to handle.

Or else… how about a tactical retreat? Let’s evacuate from this place first?

Although Li Yalin has the upper hand in every clash with Shizuku Hazuki, this time he is obviously not the opponent of this onee-san. Everything was out of order and all that, and he needed to sort it out before he could figure out how to deal with her.

However, as Li Yalin was about to leave, Shizuku Hazuki let out another sigh as if she could see through his thoughts.

“What do you think the two of us were fighting for before? After fighting for so long, isn’t it all for nothing?”


What does that mean?

The fight between Li Yalin and Shizuku Hazuki is nothing more than the so-called harem fight. Shizuku Hazuki treats the beautiful girls in EagleJump as her harem and does not allow Li Yalin to get his hands on them, while Li Yalin fights back and has not let the big sister have a good time since he took control of EagleJump.

This kind of fight has become a habit for them, fighting each time they see each other. But suddenly Shizuku Hazuki suddenly said something like this, what does she mean by that?

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