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Li Yalin, who didn’t understand what new scheme Shizuku Hazuki was planning to play, was looking at her with a dazed face. He didn’t know how to respond when she speaks just now.

To be honest, their so-called fight was initiated by Shizuku Hazuki. In turn, she now feels that the fight is useless, she’s going to end it? What is she trying to say?

“You should know that I like those cute kids in the company, and you… you are a veteran in picking up girls. Your existence will definitely steal my harem, that’s why we’re fighting, right?”

Seeing Li Yalin’s stupified face, Shizuku Hazuki sighed and took the initiative to provoke his memory.

“You’re right…but …”

Shizuku Hazuki said that Li Yalin still didn’t understand what she wanted to express. He understood what she said, but what does it have to do with their disputes?

“So, I like cute kids, but it’s not limited to girls, boys, as long as they’re cute, are also my cup of tea.”

“If you BOSS don’t put on that broken glasses and show your original face at the beginning, do you think there could still be that unnecessary fight between us?”


With Shizuku Hazuki’s words, Li Yalin was even more dumbfounded. He vaguely understood the meaning of the elder sister’s words, but why everything seemed to be his fault again?

Besides, how does it feel like…

“Hehe, I didn’t expect our BOSS to be so handsome and cute… my god, I am losing it!”


It looks like Shizuku Hazuki is becoming more and more dangerous!

“What’s this? Gekokujō? It’s a traditional feature of our district, to have such a handsome and lovely boss underneath you, it’s really exciting to think about…”

Help! There is a pervert here!

Shizuku Hazuki said it so straightforward that Li Yalin would really be stupid if he doesn’t understand what she meant. If nothing else, the appearance of the female pervert shown by this elder sister has given him goosebumps.

It feels like he can’t really leave if he didn’t go now!

No way!

Let’s get out of there!

Subconsciously, Li Yalin wanted to get up and escape from this dangerous area. He was fast, but Shizuku Hazuki’s reaction was even faster. God knows how she managed to overpower Li Yalin’s 20 points of agility and yanked him down first.

“It’s really all BOSS’s fault that I’ve been angry with such a cute kid for so long, and this face, I really can’t get tired of looking at it.”

Pressing Li Yalin under her body, Shizuku Hazuki’s eyes brought an obsessive look. Although he had known that this eldest sister was a face-judger and had no resistance to cute girls. But he didn’t expect that she would eat everything, cute girls are no problem, and cute boys are still her cup of tea!

Rather… she behaves even more dangerous when she faces a cute boy!

“Wait a minute! Let’s have a talk!”

In fact, although Li Yalin likes Shizuku Hazuki this type of onee-san, and even in the dark corners of his mind have the thought of pushing Shizuku Hazuki. But it is just a thought, it does not mean that he would act. The most critical is that, as a man, he does not have the hobby of being pushed down by women!

Even if he doesn’t mind having something with Shizuku Hazuki, but at this time and in this state, as a man, he absolutely can’t stand it!

He would like to be the one to take the initiative, but he got pushed down instead?

What’s more, he can see that the reason why this happened today is completely because of Shizuku Hazuki’s face obsession. He feels uncomfortable if she just wants to use his face to attract women.

You have to look at my inner self, alright? You see me as an enemy when I look ordinary, and you want to push me down when I’m good-looking? What is this? Treating me like a toy?

What a joke!

“What do you want to say, Boss? I’m listening.”

Although Li Yalin tried his best to stop, Shizuku Hazuki didn’t let go. Especially she is still in a very sultry state now, as if she wouldn’t stop until something happened with them.

She’s obviously already in the mood, ordinary means simply can not handle her!

What to do?

Push her away forcibly?

It is possible, but if you really do that, wouldn’t that be too much?

Although Li Yalin could have pushed Shizuku Hazuki away and reprimanded her righteously, as the chief and as the BOSS, he is qualified and has the power to do that, and he can definitely reprimand Shizuku Hazuki not dare to talk back.

But the price of doing that would be to bring their relationship right down to the freezing point, and that’s exactly what Li Yalin doesn’t want.

To be fair, what he cannot accept now is the reverse push from Shizuku Hazuki. If he takes the initiative, perhaps he might half-heartedly go along with it. In the end, he is also a man, the resistance to women is always limited.

It was just a matter of principle as a man that gave him no way to compromise.

Of course, another more important issue is that this is Shizuku Hazuki’s office. Although the door is closed, God knows when the door will be pushed open, and if something really happens, the sound will be spread throughout the company. Li Yalin does not think that Shizuku Hazuki is the type of person who can get things done without saying a word.

If that really happens, what would that be? Put on a live-action drama? Or a show for all employees?

Don’t be ridiculous!

Ultimately, the timing is not right… Damn it!

This woman is really going to give himself trouble. Can’t she do it again at a different time and place?

He kept complaining in his heart, but this matter needed to be resolved immediately. In fact, Li Yalin was really afraid that someone would come in suddenly at this time, and he would not be able to explain clearly.

In this case, he can only take out his trump card!

“Miss Umiko, you’re here?”

After the words out, and looking at Shizuku Hazuki again, she actually shrank her body as if she had been electrocuted, and then she bounced off Li Yalin instantly, her speed is really fast.

“I didn’t do anything! Umiko, don’t get me wrong!”

Ahagon Umiko is really Shizuku Hazuki’s natural enemy. She was this scared by not seeing anyone but just calling her name.

It is indeed the ultimate weapon against Shizuku Hazuki, Ahagon Umiko is amazing!

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