Cafe 458

“BOSS, you lied to me!”

Although she subconsciously bounced up, she didn’t hear Ahagon Umiko’s voice after waiting for a moment, she then turned her head and saw that the door was neither pushed open nor a third person appeared. How could Shizuku Hazuki not realize that Li Yalin was lying to her!

The deed failed, it is natural that Shizuku Hazuki full of grievances. Is she so unattractive? Or did the boss… doesn’t like women older than him?

No matter which answers, it’s enough to make her discouraged!

“It’s time for you to calm down and look at where we are. Aren’t you afraid that word will get out and be known by everyone?”

Facing Shizuku Hazuki’s resentful expression, Li Yalin stood up from the sofa with a calm face and sorted out the clothes that had been wrinkled due to physical contact before he opened his mouth helplessly.

Big sister, you do things regardless of time and place, how can I cooperate with you?

Think about what this place is!

“Eh… I’m so sorry, I was impulsive…”

With Li Yalin’s reminder, Shizuku Hazuki finally woke up to the fact that this was a company, with employees working outside the office door. Most importantly, the room was not only poorly soundproofed but the door was also unlocked!

Once someone really came to look for her, opened the door and saw the scene that just happened…

Well, Shizuku Hazuki felt the need to do some self-reflection.

“It’s good that you understand. I don’t want to hear a scandal about us spread in the company tomorrow, so it is better for you to exercise a little restraint during working hours.”

Seeing that Shizuku Hazuki had indeed back to her senses, Li Yalin nodded in satisfaction. But to his surprise, just as he was satisfied with Shizuku Hazuki’s attitude, she came over again when he wasn’t looking.

“BOSS you said that I have to exercise restraint during working hours, but if it’s not during working hours… there is no need to exercise restraint, right?”

Shizuku Hazuki heard the implication of Li Yalin’s words clearly, and it was clear that her boss did not resist her, which meant that there was still a chance for the deed that had not been accomplished to continue.

When she noticed this, she was naturally overwhelmed with joy.

Although she is a little older, his charm still hasn’t faded.

Such a cute boy… This is the first time she has experienced this, so it’s really exciting, isn’t it?

“Cough… I’m here to check on the progress of our work. According to the plan, we have to launch the first series of Wind Fantasy as fast as possible, so don’t let me down.”

Li Yalin didn’t clarify Shizuku Hazuki’s words. It feels like if it continues, there will be some restricted plots that are not good for outsiders.

Although he was looking forward to that kind of scene, he thinks that he should continue to build up his integrity. At least in this company, he wants to maintain his good image and not be easily tempted by Shizuku Hazuki.

So, let’s go back to the topic quickly!

“Of course we will not let the BOSS down.”

Li Yalin is forcibly changing the subject, Shizuku Hazuki can certainly see it. But she is not disappointed because she knows very well that she has many opportunities in the future, and this boss of her is also very indecisive. She can put more effort in the future, and she will certainly be able to push this lovely boss down and eat him.

She was looking forward to that day.

But for now, let’s return to the subject according to our cute little BOSS intention.

“At present, the development progress of Wind Fantasy Magic War has entered the final testing stage. Because BOSS gave very detailed planning, everyone’s work is also very simple. We can then check for bugs, send it to the review department for approval and contact local distributors, and after a lot of publicity, this game will definitely bring us rich returns!”

Whether the game Wind Fantasy is good or not, Shizuku Hazuki who monitors the production of this game is certainly the one who has the most say. For her, this is definitely a phenomenal work that can take the country by storm and even affect the entire world. Especially this unique battle flag game will bring a brand new sensory experience to game players.

So for EagleJump, all they need to do is to contact the distributors and start the maximum PR campaign, spreading a lot of advertisements to win the hearts of gamers.

After all, this game is really well-made. From the inside out is full of sincerity, which is completely different from the shoddy works commonly seen in the industry!

“Distributors and publicity… takes too much time. How about we do it this way, when the game is approved, we will immediately put it on the website for sale, such as SLEEP.”

Shizuku Hazuki’s statement is of course correct, the production process of normal games is like that, but Li Yalin has different opinions on this matter.

Obviously, Shizuku Hazuki’s approach can maximize the benefits of this game, but the problem is that it takes too long. A rough estimate is from the approval to contact the dealer, plus the promotion time. When the game is officially released, at least one or two months will pass.

Li Yalin is not willing to wait that long, knowing that a month or two on the company’s side could have produced Wind Fantasy Part 2 or even Part 3.

What’s more, he has to be suffocated if he has to wait so long to draw the lottery.

It’s really uncomfortable to have the qualifications for the lottery but still have to be patient.

“What? BOSS, you want to sell it online?”

When Li Yalin said this, Shizuku Hazuki’s eyes widened, obviously surprised by his idea.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t online sales a very common sales model? Isn’t it good for us to sell it online directly?”

Shizuku Hazuki’s surprise was also somewhat surprising to Li Yalin, who, although not exactly a game production insider, was well aware that basically every game is chosen to be sold online, and that in a world where piracy is rare, the profits from online sales are equally huge.

Of course, compared with physical sales, the profit earned by online sales is still slightly worse, but not so much that Shizuku Hazuki would be surprised, right?

“Online sales model is indeed very common, but BOSS you can know that the profits of physical sales are very huge, and there are also many players like to collect physical games. If we only rely on online sales, we will therefore lose a rather huge amount of revenue.”

“Have you thought about these issues, BOSS?”

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