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Li Yalin knows that online sales have disadvantages compared to physical sales and will lose a certain amount of profit, but he has no idea how much it will lose.

But just because Li Yalin has no idea doesn’t mean Shizuku Hazuki doesn’t either. In fact, it is precisely because she is very clear that she will be more exaggerated.

That loss… is estimated to be in the billions, and it’s worth noting that it’s not Japanese currency, but Chinese currency!


What is he thinking?

“Hmm… That’s a problem. How about this, doesn’t our company have a website? How about we open a webpage on the website for the scheduled sale of physical games, and when the game is officially released we can let players order it on the website and then send it by express delivery.”

“This way, we can sell physical games and save a distributor’s agency fee, killing two birds with one stone. What do you think?”

It’s true that Li Yalin hadn’t given it much thought before making this decision. But now that Shizuku Hazuki has raised objections, he naturally has to start thinking about a solution.

The choice to sell the game digitally online was already a given. But since Shizuku Hazuki wasn’t willing to give up physical sales, it was a good idea to sell the game physically on the web as well.

Less intermediate business links, just pay the delivery fee. It’s very cost-effective, isn’t it?

Without an operator, the only loss is the advertisement of the physical store. To gain something, be ready to give up something. Li Yalin is rushing for time, so naturally he has to make some sacrifices.

“Online… sell physical games?”

Although the internet in this world is developing rapidly, it still lacks the foundation. Many new internet models have not yet emerged, such as… the concept of online shopping. This world has not yet given birth to sufficiently mature operating methods.

If Li Yalin has the idea to use funds to establish something like Taobao, it is estimated that he will become the founding father in this world.

That said… this seems to be really possible!

Li Yalin hadn’t thought about this issue before. But as he talked with Shizuku Hazuki, some ideas naturally came to his mind.

Although he does not have a deep concept of money, especially after he has a system, he is not short of money. But don’t forget that he still has the ambition to create a wealthy family and prepare for having a harem in the future!

For him, perhaps this is a perfect opportunity.

“I think… we might have a big go at it!”

While Shizuku Hazuki is still immersed in the concept of selling physical games online, Li Yalin’s mind has already begun to wander.

To open an online shopping platform like Taobao, there are naturally a lot of things that need to be prepared, such as operators, courier companies, opening third-party payment platforms, signing major banks… these are obviously huge workloads.

With the resources and talents he controls in his hands at the moment, it is definitely far from enough.

But luckily, although the resources and talents are not enough, there are many allies he can win over. The first is the influential Kohinata family in Japan’s entertainment industry, followed by Kotobuki ojou-sama and Shichijou ojou-sama.

Although Li Yalin doesn’t know much about Kotobuki’s family and Shichijou’s, they are obviously powerful giants. Once they can start cooperation, they will certainly be able to provide him with considerable assistance.

Of course, it is useless to think too much at the moment. All of this is just a pipe dream. It depends on further development to implement them.

The online sales of Wind Fantasy may be a good start. Once the physical game is successfully sold online, it will bring more capital to Li Yalin.

Well, it’s useless to think too much. Right now it’s better to focus back on the game itself.

After all, the sales of the game are the most important thing for Li Yalin!

“Very good, really good! Everyone really worked hard!”

Now that the game has reached the final testing stage, Li Yalin will of course want to try it out to determine how different the game is from the Wind Fantasy in his mind.

Prior to this, he had basically not participated in the development of the game, so he has no idea how much the finished product can reach. However, after the real trial play, the result has made him quite surprised and pleasantly surprised.

The quality of this game is even better than he expected! Whether the control or playability, it can be said to be the current first-class level. Coupled with the smooth and beautiful graphics, the ups and downs of the exciting plot, he really can’t think of a reason why this game can’t be a big seller.

It’s a real credit to the company’s day and night work, Li Yalin certainly will not be stingy with his compliments.

In a word, well done everyone! It’s really hard everyone!


With Li Yalin’s praise, the staff girls, who were still tense, were immediately relieved and looking around at each other, they could see the joy of their peers.

Yes, the process of rushing to work is painful, but at the moment when everyone works together to make this game and get the approval, it feels like no matter what hard work, it is the most worthwhile!

This mood belongs to the gamers, and only they can experience it!

“Everyone’s salary doubled this month, and after the game is officially sold, there will be more bonuses waiting for everyone!”

Li Yalin has never been stingy with money. Especially for the cute girls in his company, he certainly would be more generous.

Double their salary and give them bonuses in the future. As long as everyone is willing to work hard for him, he will definitely give everyone the most generous return.

“Oh! Long live BOSS!”

“Long live the boss!”

“BOSS I love you!”

Li Yalin’s announcement naturally ushered in countless cheers and leaps of joy from the staff girls. They still work for money after all. It is one thing to like games, but without money, what to talk about a hobby?

Therefore, in a company, raising wages and giving bonuses are undoubtedly the most motivating practices for employees.


“Double their salary at the drop of a hat… what kind of boss are you…”

Li Yalin’s announcement really motivated the employees. Those lovely staff girls even kept chanting “I love you, boss”, which definitely made his reputation in the company soar to the top.

While his reputation is soaring, but it’s costing them money. Doubling the salary… Is it really okay to do this before EagleJump is officially gaining profit?

Subconsciously slapping her own head, Shizuku Hazuki only think Li Yalin is really not suitable for being a boss. Other bosses are squeezing their employees and want to squeeze out the last trace of use value from employees.

But Li Yalin? From the beginning, he’s just spilling money everywhere!

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