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“Few… finally arrived…”

Accepting the baptism of many eyes along the way, Li Yalin who finally arrived at the gymnasium couldn’t help but take a breath. Sweat was already on his forehead now, which showed how sharp the eyes of the guys outside were.

So uncomfortable!

“I saw Hayami sempai, come with me Atsuko!”

Coming to the gymnasium, Takagi Maki quickly found her target, she took Atsuko along and run toward her destination.

In the direction of Maki and Atsuko running, Li Yalin also saw a short-haired girl wearing sportswear. From Maki’s way of calling her plus the other party’s always narrowed her eyes, this Hayami sempai should be a haraguro type.

Well, a five-star trouble level, it is best not to get involved with her.

After confirming Hayami’s identity, Li Yalin immediately made a decision in his mind. He just stood near the entrance of the gymnasium. Anyway, he was accompanied by Haruka so it would be fine.

He just have to wait for Maki and Atsuko to ask for leave, and he can leave this place.

“Haruka come too!”

Li Yalin thought to leave as soon as possible, but the problem was that the worst thing happened.

Maki and Atsuko did go to Hayami to ask for leave. He didn’t know if they get the permission. He only saw Hayami’s eyes that were slightly squinted suddenly opened after she discovered Haruka, as if locking the target!

Hayami opened her eyes!

This is definitely not a good thing!

Although Hayami was looking at Haruka, Li Yalin still had the urge to turn around and immediately flee after seeing this. He felt that the trouble was about to appear.

He just don’t know what will happen.

“Long time no see Hayami sempai.”

Haruka obviously knew Hayami when she came over, she immediately nodded politely.

On the other hand, Hayami rushed forward without any care and grabbed Haruka’s shoulder directly.

Her grab made everyone confused.

“Great Haruka! I was just looking for you!”

Hayami looking for Haruka? What does she want?

“Hayami sempai, do you have any business with me?”

“Haruka! You must help and save our volleyball club!”


Although Haruka’s shoulders were held tightly by Hayami, Haruka’s expression was very calm and there was no slightest confusion which is quite admirable.

However, her calmness can only be maintained for a while. Because after Hayami said the words, her expression immediately filled with doubt.

Save volleyball club?

What’s going on here?

In fact, not only Haruka but Maki and Atsuko also full of question marks.

What’s wrong with volleyball club?

Why save volleyball club?

On this issue, it is a long story.

The educational policy of Eiryou High School is to encourage the development of clubs, support the diversification of after-school activities. Even student council also issued a document to put forward many incentives.

Especially those clubs that have achieved excellent results in Japan district and even national competitions will be given strong support to further stimulate the development of various clubs.

So how do you grow a club?

It’s very simple. First, recruits potential newcomers. Second, focuses on preparing for competitions.

This is the beginning of the school year and the competition is definitely fierce. But as the annual freshman entrance season, the war between the major clubs called ‘snatching new student’ has started!

As the traditional old sports club of Eiryou High School, volleyball club competition in sports is only the basketball club and baseball club.

This time it was the basketball club that used the same venue with the volleyball club.

As for the cause, it is precisely the competition for new students!

The stadium is so big, volleyball club and basketball club will do their activities as usual. But this time in order to recruit new students, both sides want to expand their own venues.

Volleyball club needs more venues for freshmen to experience the fun of volleyball. The same is true for the basketball club. Contradictions appear, and the two sides is in dispute.

It even said that the conflict is still intensifying.

So what should they do in this situation?

Two clubs can’t come to a conclusion so in the end the two side propose a match.

Volleyball club and the basketball club will play two games on volleyball and basketball respectively. If the basketball club wins in the volleyball game, then it goes without saying that volleyball club gives way to the basketball club.

Then if the volleyball club wins in the basketball game, the basketball club can no longer entangle the volleyball club.

As for both sides win in their respective expertise, then choose the third game for their competition.

At that time, it was the real showdown!

“Why didn’t you choose the third game to compete directly from the beginning?”

Regarding the dispute between the volleyball club and the basketball club, Hayami explained the cause and effect in great details. But when she said the last thing, Li Yalin who had been silent at the side couldn’t help but tsukomied.

No way, he is really uncomfortable. Isn’t this something absolutely unnecessary? Still have to waste time playing two games? Why not just play the third game directly?

“Who is this…”

Hayami finally found Li Yalin on the side. It was not that he was inconspicuous, but that Hayami’s attention had been focused on Haruka and had no time to pay attention to the surrounding.

That’s why Li Yalin’s tsukomi surprised her.

Haruka were followed by a schoolboy?

“This is Li Yalin-kun, transferred to our class this semester…”

As a friend, Haruka immediately explained Li Yalin’s identity to Hayami. But after she finished, Hayami showed a profound expression.

“A new transfer student… it seems very interesting.”

Not good… It’s not a good thing to be stared at by Hayami sempai…

“Hayami sempai, you haven’t tell us why not directly play the third game.”

Li Yalin didn’t want to be targeted by Hayami sempai, but before he could divert her attention. Maki on the side couldn’t hold back, asking while frowning.

Her thinking is the same as him, and she feels that the first two games are meaningless.

In a volleyball game, how do the basketball team win?

Similarly, how can a group of volleyball players win those who good at playing basketball in basketball games?

“The reason is simple. Although this is a conflict between our two clubs, it is also to advertise our club. If it works well, maybe we can attract more new students to the club.”

“So we have to play the first two games, and we have to win the game as much as possible!”

“Do you understand?”

Regarding the question that Li Yalin and Maki are very confused about, Hayami quickly gave her answer but it also made everyone dumbfounded.

Didn’t forget to advertise the club even if there was a conflict, aren’t you too dedicated Hayami sempai?

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