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Although she did not agree with Li Yalin’s behavior of spilling money at the drop of a hat, Shizuku Hazuki could not say anything against it. For one thing, the company is not hers. Even if she wants to help Li Yalin save money, she does not have that qualification. Then again, the atmosphere in the company has reached the top, she would be the butt of public criticism if she poured everyone a cold shower.

Shizuku Hazuki, who likes cute girls, doesn’t want to become a disgusting old witch character. Since everyone is happy, it’s just a happy ending for everyone.

In the end, it’s Li Yalin who spends the money anyway, isn’t it?

Yes, it was indeed Li Yalin who spent the money, but he didn’t care at all. There are only so many employees at EagleJump, even if they doubled everyone’s salary, it would only be 10-20 million Japanese currency.

Is that a lot?

That’s really not much!

What’s more, with the launch of Wind Fantasy, he will soon have a large amount of income. Excluding the dividends with the site and the corresponding tax, the rest seems to be a net income.

Of course, the cost of advertising and PR is a separate matter, which is handled by Shizuku Hazuki, and he doesn’t need to pay much attention to it.

To put it bluntly, even if he is just lazily lying at home, the numbers on his bank card are constantly jumping. So there is really no need to be stingy about money.

Everyone benefits from this.

So… while morale is high, it’s time to give everyone a new assignment!

“Magic War is coming to an end. It is really hard for everyone to work overtime during this period. As the boss, I would like to say thank you to everyone. But after this, there is a second work waiting for everyone.”

“Now I announce that the production project of Requiem of Crime and Punishment, the second installment of Wind Fantasy series, is officially launched! Of course, before this project begins, everyone can take a few days to rest, and then face the work with a full state of mind!”

The production of Magic War has been completed, and the work of cleaning up the bugs can be left to the relevant personnel. Although Li Yalin is not the kind of boss who likes to squeeze the employees, he can’t let everyone stay idle forever, right?

Therefore, after deleting the second work originally scheduled for Wind Fantasy and directly incorporating the Requiem of Crime and Punishment originally belonging to the third series into the second production, this project can also be started.

In fact, EagleJump’s staff girls are also waiting for his announcement.

After all, when making Magic War, everyone’s workload is really not too much. Except for the programming team that needs to develop a new interface and operating system, the rest of the work, such as setting and character drawing, just needs to follow the complete outline of the production. Once their targeted tasks are completed, there is nothing for everyone to do.

This is especially true for the design team.

Without a job, everyone will feel like doing nothing. Now that the second work project is finally launched, everyone will of course feel full of enthusiasm.

Of course, just as everyone is full of energy, there are still people who will raise different opinions.

“Starting the development project for the second game now… will it be too fast?”

For Shizuku Hazuki, the Wind Fantasy series is indeed an epic work with a huge setting and well-made. Not surprisingly, once this work is released, it will definitely win the love of gamers.

But nothing is absolute. In case an unexpected turn of events happens to Magic War after it goes on the market, the project of the second game… will definitely be affected.

Especially Li Yalin intends to abandon a lot of publicity, directly on the internet for online sales, which will further affect sales. Before receiving the first return on investment to continue to develop the next series of works, such an approach is undoubtedly too reckless.

Isn’t he afraid that he will lose all his money?

“Is it fast? No, I actually think it’s too slow.”

In response to Shizuku Hazuki’s question, Li Yalin chuckled and shook his head. He was very clear about the thoughts in this elder sister’s mind, but he also had his own considerations.

For ordinary people, making games for sale is to make money. But the bigger reason for him lies in the role of the work itself. Because only after the real production of the work can it be included in the system’s lottery, which is an important link closely related to his own strength.

It can be said that he’s not using the money for profit, but rather secondary. As long as the game starts to sell and can increase the system’s lottery content, it’s already a big profit for him.

That’s why he felt that this was not fast enough.

If he could, he would love to have the system send him more scripts so that he could produce more works and open more lottery options.

It’s just that, he couldn’t explain this to Shizuku Hazuki.

“You’re pretty confident…”

Li Yalin’s answer is naturally a self-confidence in Shizuku Hazuki’s eyes. Maybe he just thinks that this work will never lose money, and that’s why he has the confidence to produce a follow-up work so soon.

Are the so-called geniuses so self-willed?

“It doesn’t matter if I’m confident or not. In fact, I don’t care even if I lose money from the game. After all, to me, the work itself is much more significant than the money itself.”

“Speaking of which, although we have just hired a group of employees not long ago, it feels like there are not enough employees in the company. Our company will definitely have to be bigger in the future, so please recruit some more employees.”

Since it was not easy for him to explain, Li Yalin simply gave an ambiguous answer, and soon he changed the subject.

As he said, EagleJump has taken shape and is even considered to be a medium-sized high-quality company in the industry. But in fact, he feels that it is far from enough.

Not to mention that the system rewards him with a script to make games, he also has a lot of pre-classic game memory in his head before he transmigrated. Although it is not possible to copy them 100% perfectly, it is still possible to have similar imitations, right?

In this case, the more employees in the company, the better. After all, the more employees, the faster the work speed and the higher the quality.

Anyway, there is no shortage of money now, so might as well take advantage of this opportunity to recruit more available talent.

“Still hiring? You are really self-willed… Okay, I’ll take care of it. What a headache… It’s really not that easy to find a cute kid who is good at making games…”

Li Yalin wants to hire people, so this job will naturally be left to Shizuku Hazuki. After all, in a sense, Shizuku Hazuki and he belonged to the same kind of people, so he can rest assured that she does things.

Only when he said this, it inevitable that she would complain again.

It’s not that easy for Shizuku Hazuki to find the right employees!

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