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Li Yalin is very assured leaving the company matters to Shizuku Hazuki. Besides her, Toyama Rin and Ahagon Umiko have gradually taken the lead and will become the backbone of EagleJump in the future.

That’s why he felt that after taking care of the company’s business, he could have a leisure life for a while. Because after all, he had solved almost everything that needed to be solved, and he had nothing to do except helping Shiranui Akeno recover her lost memories.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the very next moment he had such a thought, the system as if it couldn’t bear to see him relaxing, actually issued a task for him directly.

What the hell?

Speak of the devil?

Daily task: Save your idle self.
Task content: Develop the game ‘Left 4 Dead’ without the help of the system.
Task reward: Manga ‘Claymore’ script creation (optimized version).
Task tips: Since there is nothing to do, then find something to do for yourself. Special reminder, the second crossing world task will be launched soon. Please improve your strength as soon as possible before then, in case of emergency.

The fuck!

Originally, Li Yalin was tsukoming in his heart, but he didn’t expect that the tasks issued by this system made him unable to stop tsukomi!

Save my idle self?

I’m really sorry for doing nothing!

But despite his tsukomi, Li Yalin did not ignore the important information delivered by this task. Leaving aside the content and rewards for the time being, the task tips contain an important message!

The second crossing world task is about to start!

Since the end of Gakkou Gurashi’s world, Li Yalin has not received the crossing world task for a long time and even made him wonder if the crossing world task was only once and would be difficult to encounter in the future.

It turned out that it was about to appear.

The unknown world represents the fear of the unknown. The most important thing is that this time the system has given a reminder, saying that he has to improve his strength as soon as possible!

What does this mean?

His current strength wasn’t enough in that crossing world task?

Damn it!

It must be taken seriously this time!

The hint that the crossing world task was about to appear rang an alarm bell in Li Yalin’s heart. There have been so many peaceful days that he almost forgot the days that he had spent in the sea of ​​blood.

Of course, before being vigilant, let’s take a look at the content of this task.

Developing a game?

Left 4 Dead?

When it comes to Left 4 Dead, Li Yalin is of course no stranger to the game. When he was a student, he would often open a quadruple seat with his friends in an Internet cafe and play all afternoon.

In all fairness, this is indeed a very good FPS game. But the question is… what good is it for him to make this game?

After the game is made and released, can it also open the lottery content?

If that’s the case… what can he get from the lottery? Could it be the weapons and ammunition in the game?

Come on! Where can’t he get ordinary firearms and weapons? Why he has to draw from Left 4 Dead?

In addition to rewards, the optimized version of manga Claymore’s script, in terms of practicality, is better than Left 4 Dead. But don’t forget that the protagonists in this manga are all Claymore with the flesh and blood of demons. Only then can they use the power and skills that are beyond mortal.

So, if he gets the skills in this manga, how to use them with the absence of demonic energy?

Is it possible to merge the flesh and blood of a demon to become a half-demon?

Such a difficult question, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻​!


Although various problems have arisen, the task is still to be done. After all, Li Yalin also understands that the system cannot deliberately pit himself. Since such a task is released, it must be good for him.

So no matter how entangled he was, this task must be done.


“The Requiem of Crime and Punishment project has to be stopped for a while. I have a new project that may need to be opened in advance.”

To be fair, without a script, Li Yalin didn’t recall much from memory alone, and it would take more time to make such an FPS game.

Apart from other things, the physics engine used to develop the game is a problem. Is there a similar game engine in this world?

Li Yalin, who does not have a deep understanding of the game industry, is very skeptical, which is a headache for him.

The workload of this game… is really big.

“Huh? New project?”

Li Yalin said this sentence inexplicably, Shizuku Hazuki on the side was dumbfounded. Her own boss just announced the project for the second series of Wind Fantasy. Why did he change his mind?

And the new project… what exactly is the new project?

“Yes! It’s a new project and I want to discuss this new project with Miss Umiko!”

Faced with a surprised Shizuku Hazuki, Li Yalin nodded affirmatively. Now that the system issued the task, the next step is to focus on the task objectives first or wait for the Requiem of Crime and Punishment to be completed before going for Left 4 Dead. God knows how long it will take. It is estimated that the crossing world task would have started, isn’t that a waste of the system’s hard work?

However, to make FPS games such as Left 4 Dead, Li Yalin must first go to Ahagon Umiko to discuss. After all, that girl but a survival game master, itself is also very fond of FPS games. If it is her, she can definitely provide him with a lot of advice.

“And you want to talk about it with Umiko?”

Shizuku Hazuki was already puzzled when she heard about the new project. But it turned out that the new project was related to Ahagon Umiko, so she naturally becomes even more puzzled.

What is the new project that needs to discuss in detail with Umiko first?

Although she was baffled, Shizuku Hazuki didn’t mean to oppose Li Yalin. She brought Ahagon Umiko, along with Toyama Rin and Kou Yagami, two of the company’s internal executives, to hold an internal meeting of EagleJump’s executives.

In this meeting, Li Yalin didn’t mean to keep the suspense and announced the suspension of the second series of Wind Fantasy projects as soon as he opened his mouth.

Needless to say, this surprised everyone, just like Shizuku Hazuki.

At this moment, the girls in the conference room are a little confused. Why did the boss change his mind? The good second series project has been discontinued, and he prefers to make a new project.

What project is it that makes BOSS care so much?

That is a stronger project than the Wind Fantasy series games?

Although it wasn’t very clear, everyone was listening patiently at the moment, waiting for Li Yalin to explain all the contents of the new project.

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