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“First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone. Due to my personal reasons, I have to temporarily terminate the development of Requiem of Crime and Punishment.”

“As for the new game project I’m going to develop next…”

At the meeting, Li Yalin first apologized to everyone as it was his arbitrary change of the original plan. Even if he was the boss and has the right to be so self-willed, but at least he should be concerned about everyone’s emotions.

After apologizing, he followed his own words and wrote Left 4 Dead in big letters on the whiteboard in the conference room.

That’s what he’s going to announce to everyone, the name of the new game project!

“Left 4 Dead? Sounds like a survival-adventure game?”

After seeing the words on the whiteboard, Kou Yagami muttered first. As the leader of the company’s design team, she is exceptionally sensitive to the name of the game, and the name alone has already made a lot of associations in her mind.

“To be precise, this is a first-person shooter game with elements of survival horror!”

Kou Yagami’s whisper was not loud, but there were not many people in the office, so everyone could hear it clearly. Li Yalin also followed her words and took the topic directly.

“First-person shooter?”

As Li Yalin spoke, the biggest reaction was from Ahagon Umiko, who is a survival game enthusiast and a fan of FPS games, so it makes sense that she would be interested in this.

“Presumably everyone knows that there are no outstanding first-person shooter games in the industry right now, and most of these first-person shooter games are also limited to internet matchmaking. I’m not saying that Internet matchmaking is bad, just that such a game mode is too monotonous.”

“My plan is to add character combat, co-op survival and other diverse gameplay elements to Left 4 Dead in order to create even more growth in the FPS genre.”

“Now I will briefly present my ideas to everyone.”

Li Yalin didn’t prepare much for this meeting because it was a temporary decision, so he can only say what comes to his mind and recall the content of Left 4 Dead as much as he can.

First of all, as a survival shooting game, the enemy is essential. Zombies… is the biggest highlight in this game!

Why is the zombie is the highlight? That is because, although there is a concept of zombies in this world, and even monsters like zombies in some games, but zombie shooting games have not yet been born.

For example, in his former world classic – Resident Evil, this type of game has not appeared at all.

In other words, Li Yalin is now definitely the first person to propose the concept of a zombie survival shooter, which naturally attracted the attention of the four girls present at once.

“Very interesting! Really interesting! I swear! This is definitely very good work! Please be sure to start the project of this new game!”

Soon, the game concept about Left 4 Dead was explained by Li Yalin one by one. In fact, the essence of this game is shooting, which is the refreshing feeling of shooting and killing the enemy. The character setting and the plot are secondary, so there is no need to say too clearly.

It is perfectly sufficient just to give the concept to everyone.

In fact, because of this, Ahagon Umiko, who is an avid fan of FPS games, could not calm down. She even stood up excitedly and held Li Yalin’s hand tightly with such force that ordinary people could not bear it at all.

It is also thanks to Li Yalin’s physique that is different from ordinary people, otherwise he would be humiliated under Umiko’s excitement.

“Umiko, just calm down and listen to me.”

Although Umiko’s strength is still within the tolerable range, being held for a long time will certainly be uncomfortable. The most important thing is that under such grip strength, such physical contact is not enjoyment at all, but downright suffering. Li Yalin certainly chooses to quickly let go.

“Although I proposed this project, there are still many problems before us. How to make this game is the focus of our discussion!”

Ahagon Umiko is very excited, Li Yalin can see it clearly, so he now needed to let her calm down as soon as possible before he could continue to discuss the next step.

The problem in front of them is that this game is quite difficult to produce. The human design is fine, but the physics engine… doesn’t know if Umiko’s programming team can handle it.

If it can be done, then everyone will be happy. But if it can’t be done… then this project may be extended indefinitely.

“Please leave it to me, I will do my best to make this game!”

Well, although he won’t know if Umiko really has that confidence or just talking out of excitement. Anyway, she took all of Li Yalin’s worries and said with a pat on her chest that she would definitely do a good job with the game.

In this case, what else can Li Yalin say?

“In that case, then please. Regarding the plot and the character design, I will come up with a detailed setting for you as soon as possible.”

Making an FPS game is not as easy as one might think, at least not for Li Yalin, a layman like him certainly doesn’t understand anything.

So right now, he seems to have no choice but to trust Ahagon Umiko. All he can do is give details of the plot and characters’ design, plus provide sufficient funding.

“Good! I’ll go tell everyone the good news now!”

According to Umiko’s usual character, she is not this breezy and careless. But this time, she is obviously really excited. After getting Li Yalin’s affirmative answer, she immediately slammed the table and got up, with a flush on her face, she rushed out of the door without saying a word.

The meeting is not over yet…

That said… Is this really good news for everyone?

“Yagami, do you think this project is feasible? Is it difficult for your design team to make this kind of horrible zombie setting?”

Ahagon Umiko left in a hurry, and Li Yalin couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at the conference room door that hadn’t been closed.

It can’t be helped since she left. Anyway, there is really nothing more for her to do here.

Turning his head back, he fixed his gaze on Kou Yagami. He was not worried about Ahagon Umiko, but he was concerned about the pressure on the design team.

One must know that except for him, all the other employees in EagleJump are girls. Suddenly propose such a first-person shooter game with horror themes. Whether they can accept it or not is two different matters.

That’s why Li Yalin suspects that Ahagon Umiko’s so-called good news would be a nightmare for most of the girls in the company…

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