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“It’s definitely difficult, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Rather… even if there are problems, we have to overcome them.”

Faced with Li Yalin’s concerned gaze, Kou Yagami’s eyes were slightly hesitant, knowing full well the meaning of Li Yalin’s words, which is why she hesitated.

However, after hesitating, her expression quickly became solemn. Although as a girl, she prefers that beautiful and cute style of drawing, personal preference always can not override the work.

No matter what the problem is, as long as the work requires, they must do their best to overcome it, that is the proper attitude as a gamer!

“Okay, in that case, when I get the settings out, you design team as soon as possible to produce the corresponding character settings and the monster settings.”

“In addition, Toyama, your side should also start the development of the background layout at the same time, the sooner the better.”

Since Kou Yagami said there was no problem, Li Yalin naturally did not say anything more and explained all the tasks, and the meeting was over.

It was clear that the task of the new project was a difficult one for everyone. Although they have already expressed their attitude, Kou Yagami and Toyama Rin both left the meeting room with a worried look, obviously without much confidence.

It’s a bit difficult for these girls to make such a bloody and horrible zombie game.

“It sounds like a promising game, both in terms of gameplay and subject matter. But would this be okay? I feel that it’s too soon to just decide on a new project like this.”

After the two girls, Kou Yagami and Toyama Rin, left, only Li Yalin and Shizuku Hazuki were left in the meeting room, so it was natural that some conversations that only two people can communicate could be spoken.

For Shizuku Hazuki, Li Yalin’s announcement of the new project was too hasty. According to the normal process, from the script to the character design, and then to the project’s real project, at least one month’s review and research are needed to ensure that the game is really profitable before the project will really start.

The result?

When it comes to Li Yalin, he made a decision in a few words. Calling him hasty was being nice, otherwise, he was reckless!

He doesn’t care about anything, so quickly to start a new project, isn’t he afraid of bumping into obstacles?

“As long as the game can be made, all problems are not a problem. Although it is faster, I want it to be fast!”

Of course, Li Yalin understood what Shizuku Hazuki mean, but he also had his own difficulties and couldn’t explain it to Shizuku Hazuki.

Since there is no way to explain it, then simply do not say too much. What he needs now is to simply make the Left 4 Dead game, nothing more.

“Easy for you to say… Are you going to take full charge this time? You’ll be the director and producer?”

Li Yalin didn’t try to explain it clearly, and Shizuku Hazuki kind of saw it. Although she didn’t know why he did this, she could only attribute it to the waywardness of genius.

Although a little helpless, it is useless to dwell too much. So after sighing, Shizuku Hazuki quickly changed the subject.

She knows very well that Li Yalin values ​​this game, so does this mean… he intends to take full responsibility for this game?

“No, I can just name a producer at random. The director would still be you. I don’t have much time and couldn’t come to the company often, so you are still in charge of this time.”

As soon as Shizuku Hazuki’s words left her mouth, Li Yalin immediately shook his head.


Fully responsible for game development?

Stop it, although this is the system task, he doesn’t have time to put all his energy into it.

With so many excellent employees at hand, why would he need to be the boss himself? After the detailed setup, he could just let go of his hands, why should he be in full charge?

“You throw the work to others but do nothing yourself… you are really carefree…”

Li Yalin’s unhesitating shook his head made Shizuku Hazuki’s head full of black lines. Although she knew that her little BOSS was lazy and didn’t care about his own property, and can also postpone an IP as big as Wind Fantasy at his own discretion, the game that is valued by him also remains the same, it really makes her speechless.

This boss is… too comfortable, right?

Can he be so capricious with money?

“I can’t help it, I’m too busy. I definitely can’t focus all my energy on the company.”

For Shizuku Hazuki’s tsukomi, Li Yalin shrugged very innocently. He has to be a student and an idol. He runs a company and writes manga and writes novels. After returning home, he has to take up the job of feeding the foodie queen. He’s so busy every day that he doesn’t even have time to talk about love!

And she still wants to make him work for the company every day?

Is that possible?

“You’re right, but… Forget it, I know you didn’t put your heart on the company, do whatever you want…”

Although she won’t know the whole story, at least Shizuku Hazuki knows that Li Yalin is a student, an idol, a mangaka, and a light novelist, so it’s hard to force him to focus all his energy on his company.

So after a moment of speechlessness, she sighed again.

She doesn’t know if it’s her luck or misfortune to have such a boss…

Well, it’s true that Li Yalin doesn’t intend to interfere too much with the development of Left 4 Dead, but he does care about it.

In the recent period of time, he appeared almost every day in the company. In addition to personally fixed the plot of the game Left 4 Dead and the character settings, he also gave a lot of ideas to further improve the content of the game.

His opinions and ideas are undoubtedly invaluable to the girls in the company. After all, it is a game concept from another world. It was a new concept for the people of this world.

By the way, Ahagon Umiko also brought a big surprise to Li Yalin in terms of developing the game’s physics engine.

Since she has a passion for FPS games, in her spare time, Ahagon Umiko has developed a physics engine with a group of like-minded programmers a long time ago.

Of course, the product they developed is only a semi-finished product, and it has been in an unfinished state due to funding. Now, with Li Yalin’s financial assistance, this physics engine can naturally be continued to be developed, and even with this to recruit a lot of talent.

Unfortunately, although a lot of talents were recruited, most of the programmers were men, and Shizuku Hazuki did not agree to let them join EagleJump and had to set up a new network engineering company.

Is she really planning to turn EagleJump into her own harem?

Li Yalin has been tsukomi in his mind about this.

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